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“Discover How to Convert Low-Ranking YouTube Videos into High-Ranking Google Hangouts”

All with the click of a (few) button(s)!

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Google Takedown

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Celebrity Panda Cash!

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Google+ For Business – Full Sales Funnel PLR

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WSO of the Day for April 18, 2012!!!! 


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GP Tracker – Google Places

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G Detonator Version 2.0

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After What You Can Say To Be The “BIGGEST & CRAZIEST Drama” Ever on A WSO Thread, We Became

WSO OF THE DAY for March 7, 2012

“… this is seriously the weirdest WSO thread I have ever seen on the forum


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Social Metrics Pro

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First Page Ranking with Social Signals!
Start Measuring Your Social Signals
The Way Google Sees It!

“Now How’d you know how well you are doing with Social Signals?”

Have you ever wondered why, after doing tons of On-page SEO and building a massive amount of backlinks, you still are not getting the ranking you have always wanted?

Guess what! Since the Panda update, Google has put a lot of effort into tracking Social Signals. In other words, if your site is not visible in the top social networks, you may not get the BEST results out of your current SEO efforts.

So what’s the answer? It’s so simple! Just add some social marketing to the mix and you may be ahead of your competitors! Believe it or not, Social Signals will influence more and more first page rankings. Google is tracking the social signals of your sites, no doubt about that.

It’s time to track and measure how well you are doing with social signals the way you have always wanted!

“Aha! It’s Social Signal!


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GPlus Super Circles

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My name is Jeremy Kennedy coming to you from the beautiful city of Bend, Oregon. You may have seen my previous WSO for my ebook Google+ Marketing Strategies.

I’m pleased to announce our new automatic, automagic social media network building software, GPlus Super Circles. This hot new release features powerful tools for growing your target audience and and managing your marketing campaigns on the fastest growing social media network on the planet, Google Plus.

The current feature set includes:

  • Automatic people following – Add tons of users to your circles on autopilot.
  • Keyword relevant lists – Search and add users based on your niche keywords.
  • Super simple circle management – Organize added followers into your selected circles and build multiple lists within each account.
  • Support for unlimited Google+ accounts – Manage all of your accounts in one place.
  • Blazin’ fast – Add up to 500 people per day per account.
  • Follower quality control – Keep high quality updated lists with follower management. Select the follow back time tolerance to automatically remove users who haven’t circled you back within a specified time frame.

How will our software benefit your marketing efforts?


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