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Lazy Link Building: If You Can FollowSimple Directions, Here’s How To BuildUnlimited Authority Links In Your Spare Time – And Enjoy Doing It

Looking around various internet marketing discussion forums and blogs over the last few weeks you’d think the world was coming to an end. First Google publicly outed Authority Link Network, then promptly deindexed most of the Build My Rank network. Shortly after closing their doors thanks to their business going up in smoke High PR Society followed suit. And so on. This is war – and Google will win.

The tried and tested “golden goose” of blog networks to rank niche websites and blogs has finally been slain. Marketers left, right and center are seeing their links getting discounted, their sites getting penalized and theirrankings dropping through the floor. I have personally spoken to several people whose income has literallydried up overnight – from a comfortable lifestyle and thousands of dollars of passive income each month to a trickle of visitors and next to no sales.

For many people the sky is falling.

Our community is struggling right now to deal with the situation. What should we do now? What comes next? How do we maintain our search engine rankings – or even push them yet higher in the face of the “new Google”?

Essential Information For All
Former Blog Network Customers

If you’ve used any kind of blog network in the past to market your site then this is your wake up call. Whether that’s BMR, ALN, High PR Society or any of the other competing networks the writing really is on the wall now. They’re simply not a realistic link building solution any more – and there may be negative results pending for sites that have used them. Even worse if you’ve outsourced any of your link building there is a risk that blog networks may have been used on your site in some way without you even knowing it. If so, then your traffic – and income – is at risk right now.


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