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Selling Groceries On Amazon FBA

I know, I know…yet another Amazon FBA course?

The truth is, you don’t need another course, another pumped up pipe dream about making millions in your underwear, or from a beach on a Tropical Island.

You need a simple, solid, tangible plan to get you started selling online. You need RESULTS. With results comes CONFIDENCE, and that builds MOMENTUM. Then you finally break free from the cycle of chasing one bright, shiny object after another. Be honest with yourself, have any of those other opportunities panned out?

It’s no wonder why they don’t – they sound great on paper, on the screen and in the videos. The sales pitch draws you in as you imagine yourself having the same success as the product creator. The truth is, you’re not the author. He or she has a vastly different history, family life and skill set as you. Period.

I don’t mean to come across harsh, but I’ve asked myself these questions over and over again. You see, I have been at this game for so many years. I sold my first ebook online in the online stone ages of 1998, and was instantly hooked on the idea of making money while I slept. Who wouldn’t be? It’s an absolute thrill to make money selling electrons over a wire, but I could never sustain it.

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[Rave reviews] WP plugin: The ONLY 2-minute profitable Amazon product finder & poster. Closing soon

Opening Monday

Sneak Peek

[This WSO will go live on Monday, October 29th 2012, at 11:00 AM EST (Eastern Standard Time). This is NOT the Eastern DAYLIGHT time! 🙂 Check out the current EST time. Please be patient. Thanks!]

The End Result That Azon Profit Poster Creates:

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100+ Sold

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AmzShop Builder: Amazon Product Comparison Review page Creator for Facebook, WordPress & bloggers

100+ Sold

Build Your own Amazon Product Comparison and Review Page in 5 Easy Steps. AmzShop Builder Application is developed for Facebook, Wordpress and Blogger users.


  • No Installation
  • No Script Uploading
  • No PHP Scripts Setup
  • No MySql Database
  • No Wordpress Plugins Required


Turn Your Facebook Fanpage or Blog Post into an Amazon Product Comparison Shopping Page.

Screen-shot of a Sample Facebook page

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Learn how to get your books to page 1 on Kindle. :)

100+ Sold

How To Get Every Book You Have Onto The First Page Of Kindle…


“Can You Believe He Was Ranked #1 On Kindle For A SUPER Competitive Term… Within 45 Minutes Of Listing The Book!?!”
(Plus… 100% of Our Testers Got Their Books Onto Page 1 Of Amazon!).

Dear Warrior,

Do you want to learn how to get your Kindle books on Amazon’s first page? If so… I don’t blame you.

See… having a popular book on Kindle means:

  • You enjoy passive sales month in and month out (I’m talking anywhere from $100 – $5000/month per book…)
  • You get PAID to have people read your stuff and want to learn more about you…
  • You get to leverage one of the internet’s most popular sites to hand-deliver you traffic

But an unpopular book on Kindle… definitely not as awesome. And unfortunately…

If you do it wrong… you’ll waste time, effort, and make absolutely no sales. 

It can actually be quite painful.

See, Kindle for most people is a complete gamble (up until recently, me being no exception).

Rankings just seem like a matter of “luck”.

For the books you’re “lucky” on, the ones that “magically” got to the top of Kindle… they bring in sale after sale. You get to love watching the passive income coming in on autopilot

But the “non-lucky” ones? UGH. They sit there and do absolutely nothing. Nada.


Have you had to deal with any of this?
  • Have you struggled to either write or outsource a Kindle book which took you WEEKS to do only to get NO SALES from all that effort and expense?
  • Do your book sales make barely enough money to cover the investment you put into it?
  • Have you given up on the “Make Money From Kindle” dream because you’ve made little to no money?
  • Do you wish that the sales from one of your books would make enough to cover your measly car payment each month?
  • Are you sick of not being able to crack the Kindle “code” to get a flood of traffic to your book listing?

If so… you’re about to be VERY happy. 

See, I recently met a guy named Mario Deal who was able to create a formula to rank on page 1 of Kindle. In fact……

Every Single Person Who Used This Strategy Got To Page #1 In Days.

No kidding — a 100% success rate!

I am thoroughly convinced that this formula = GOLD.

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Amazon Client Formula – Advanced Kindle Training

100+ Sold


WARNING: This is not for newbies. This is for people who already know the Kindle basics, but want to take their profits to a much higher level.

ABOUT ME: I run a website called My core business involves taking on clients and designing and running their book marketing campaigns for them. I am the secret behind many Kindle success stories.

I am very picky about the authors I say YES to. I live in Southern California and I also have a place in Mexico. I LOVE my free time. But when someone’s work inspires me, I drop everything and lift up the banner for them.

FACT: Amazon gets 96 Million unique visitors Per Month. And that’s just in the US. Kindle reaches out everywhere: Smart Phones, PC’s, Tablets, eReaders, Apps, more. You only need to tap into a tiny part of this flow to literally RETIRE.

THE GOAL: To take you step by step and show you how to build a passive money machine. All powered by Amazon and a whole lot more. Consistent payments from your very own personal Brand, month after month and for years to come.

ACF is my Elite Training Course

This is my in-depth multimedia Kindle course. This is ONE MONTH of training: Live Webinars with top Kindle Experts, mindmaps, video transcripts, podcasts, free Kindle guides, and special contests.

I practice what I preach: I open the doors to you and show you everything.

Go Behind The Scenes

I give you the exact formula that I use to launch successful book campaigns for my Kindle clients. The thing I love most is to see my authors succeed and establish a career. I like staying behind the scenes and giving all the glory to the author.


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Lightzone Amazing and FAST Amazon WP Themes

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Colleen Slaters Kindle Treasure Chest

100+ Sold


Fact: “No Matter What Anyone Tells You – People WILL Judge A Book By Its Cover!”

“Create A Kindle Cover In 2 Minutes & 15 Seconds With FREE Software!”
No outsourcing
No Expense
No Waiting
No Fuss

Dear Kindle Publisher,

If you want to increase your chance of Kindle publishing success and want to save a stack of time and money outsourcing your Kindle Covers then this wso is FOR YOU!

You and I both know that the Kindle marketplace is one of the fastest growing markets online right now.

IT‘S OFFICIAL – Kindle Books Are Now OUTSELLING Paperbacks On Amazon.

The Kindle marketplace is exploding and people worldwide are publishing ebooks for the Kindle and building a great passive monthly income online.
To become successful in the Kindle marketplace you need to have the right kind of cover.

See, even though you don’t need a long sales letter to promote your Kindle books you get ONE SHOT at getting the attention of Kindle readers.
Nothing will make you lose sales quicker than a LOW QUALITY Kindle cover.

If your Kindle cover is shoddy they won’t even bother reading what your book is about. They’ll just scroll right past you to the next best eye catching cover.

But With The Kindle Treasure Chest You’ll Be Able To Create Kindle Covers In A Flash With Just A Few Mouse Clicks.

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Amazon Commission Automation

100+ Sold



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Amazon Niche Master




WSO OF THE DAY APRIL, 17, 2012 *


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