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WordPress Amazon S3 Video And Download Protection

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Easy Video Formula

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Hi all!

Steve Benn here with a monster of a video course, produced with another members of my marketing executive. Eddie James.

To keep a long story short – this product is the result of all we have learned from marketing online and offline, from wierd web services, to IM product, to wierd physical niches and beyond.

From a full on HD film shoot with BBC and Manchester TVs Nikki Dean, to no budget shoots that bring in thousands of dollars in hours.

You get to see it all – you also get to see behind the scenes as we make videos. I reveal my best video psychologiacal mind tactics.

We show you:

  • when to use video
  • how to shoot low budget and make it look a million bucks
  • how to do perfect screen cams
  • how to get more optins, sales and increase your “stick rate”
  • how to create video products
  • how the gurus do it

we also show you how to do all the techie Amazon S3 type stuff. Plus you get one years access to where you can create video players, change skins, do s3 management, protect your videos and even distribute your videos to mutiple sites (Easy Video Tools is Eddie James‘ latest invention and included as the BEST BONUS EVER..)

Anyway, on with the sales letter…


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Amazon S3 Plus

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BTW No OTO On This One !


James Renouf HereI am not going to waste your time with a bunch of hype and crazy promises. This is something every Internet Marketer should know.What you are going to receive with this wso is how I use Amazon s3. And how I use it is the easy way. It is not just about storing files. It is so much more than that. Read on. 

You will learn how to get S3 up and running in no time flat and how to use the site quickly and effectively.

This pdf course makes Amazon S3 super easy to understand.

How to use a free firefox plugin for ease of use

How to stop lag on your website

Scale your storage needs as much as you want

Use S3 for free for the first year (Up to 5GB of storage and 15GB of data transfer a month)

Learn the art of expiring urls using S3. Want something available for 24 hours to an email list ? Better check it out quick because that link is only good for tonight ! – Super Easy to set up


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