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Dear Warriors,
a number of people have been asking me for the product reviews and website graphics that go along with the first version of Amazon Video Profits. You ask, I deliver. The first two niches are here, “Pilates Equipment” and “Heart Rate Monitors”…

Making money online is difficult, in fact it can be almost impossible to make a good income online unless you know what you are doing. Designing graphics, writing blog posts and articles and doing keyword research are some of the key ingredients to building a successful business. But who has time for all of that?

Whether You’re An Amazon Affiliate Or Just Need Content For Your Blogs and Websites This Is For You.


In this Amazon PLR Super Package I’ve focused on 2 key niches. Let’s have a look at these niches right now and see what kind of search volume they generate…



As you can see, just those few keywords in the Heart Rate Monitor niche generate over 700,000 searches per month. If you think that’s good have a look at the other niche below, Pilates Equipment



Millions of searches each month and many of these people are desperate to find the products that you will be selling. Pilates is a growing niche and people are always desperate to lose weight and look hot. People are more and more concerned about getting into shape and staying healthy. Now you can point them in the right direction with these articles, videos and wonderfully designed website graphics.

So What’s Included In The Amazon PLR Super Pack?


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