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Mothers Day Treasure Chest by Colleen Slater

100+ Sold


AWARDED WSO OF THE DAY 2/4/2012…..FOR EIGHT MORE DAYS ONLY ON THE WARRIOR FORUM……Your Target – Mothers And Women Worldwide – Promote Year Round For High Commissions

“So, there is this crazy WORLDWIDE holiday coming up…

You may have heard of it… It is the one where people spend an INSANE
amount of dough – over 16.7 BILLION – each year.

(No, I am NOT talking about Christmas.)

This WSO gives you access to 3494 products that are LASER TARGETED
to this holiday and this group of people.

Colleen has done ALL of the hard work here – all that is left for you to do is
OPEN the treasure chest she has left for you, and grab some nice coins for

(You need to act now, though… time is running out!)

Have you GUESSED what holiday and group this is about yet?

I bet you have… and now its YOUR turn to grab your piece of this 16.7B
dollar pie…”Mike Lantz, Warrior Plus


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Social Metrics Pro

100+ Sold


First Page Ranking with Social Signals!
Start Measuring Your Social Signals
The Way Google Sees It!

“Now How’d you know how well you are doing with Social Signals?”

Have you ever wondered why, after doing tons of On-page SEO and building a massive amount of backlinks, you still are not getting the ranking you have always wanted?

Guess what! Since the Panda update, Google has put a lot of effort into tracking Social Signals. In other words, if your site is not visible in the top social networks, you may not get the BEST results out of your current SEO efforts.

So what’s the answer? It’s so simple! Just add some social marketing to the mix and you may be ahead of your competitors! Believe it or not, Social Signals will influence more and more first page rankings. Google is tracking the social signals of your sites, no doubt about that.

It’s time to track and measure how well you are doing with social signals the way you have always wanted!

“Aha! It’s Social Signal!


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Prospecting for Facebook Fanpage Business

$500 per Easy Sale—Offline Marketing—Facebook

…easily find more Facebook fanpage business than you can deal with…

Over 250 Sold!

Hi Warriors!

Interested in making big sales to offline businesses? Want to start your offline career, or ramp up your existing business?

Easy Money

Custom Facebook fanpages are about the easiest thing you can sell to a local business. I routinely sell easy to make, custom Fanpages to local businesses for $400 to $600!

You can, too!

The only question is…how do you find businesses that are ready, willing and able to give you fat checks like the one below? And what’s the best way to approach them so you make the most money in the shortest amount of time?

Anyone Can Do This—Regardless of Experience or Background


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