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[AMAZON] Easy Keywords + Simple Content Anyone Can Write – and FUN! No Other Investment Needed!

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Zero % Rejection: Offline Prospecting For Churches



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Crack the OFFLINER code to SUPER HIGH closing rates without COLD CALLING OR EMAILING!
What if there was a fool-proof system that gave ANYONE the ability to land EACH and EVERY client 100% of the time?


Well, I DID IT!


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Hi Warriors!

Lee & AJ here.

V2!..What Is It?

It’s the culmination of months of one-on-one coaching, webinars, skype groups…all helping others build long-term, real offline businesses.

V2!…is composed of 5 step-by-step modules that you execute, one after the other, while you build a REAL offline business…the type of wildly profitable, fulfilling, and fun business that AJ and I both operate.

V2!…is more than a strategy…more than a planit’s an all encompassing system, that anyone can use, regardless of age, technical know-how, or experience to finally start to make real money with the Internet.

V2!…some might even refer to it as the final word, the perfect offline business building system.

V2!…It’s what AJ and I do in our own businesses, day in, day out.

V2!…your ticket to freedom…success…personal fulfillment.

Our V2! system is broken down into 5 field-tested modules.


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FB University

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As of Wed, Feb. 29th, Facebook has started rolling out Timeline for Pages. It is optional right now but all pages will revert to this format come March 30th. We will be putting out a new guide on how to take advantage of these changes. Anyone who purchases FB University will receive this new guide once it’s complete (as well as anyone who has already purchased FB U)



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Keyword SEO WordPress Plugin GOLD Unlimited License

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Possibly the Most Powerful Contextual Backlinking
“Wizard” on the market, dedicated to landing “money” keywords on your WP/Auto blogs & RSS Feeds’ content!
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Imagine having the Aladdin’s lamp into your hands and be able to turn hundreds and even thousands of keywords into contextual links, uplifting your Google rankings like never before…

For the Pro Bloggers, Wordpress Fans, SEO Specialists, Money Hungry online Marketers and in-fact anyone wanting MORE online;

My name is Walter Bayliss and I am a full-time internet and online marketer. A year or so ago, from the creation of a site that went viral, called InstantBlogSubscribers, I started tapping into the incredible power of wordpress and the revelation that over 25% of all websites created online today are blogs! 

Now – fast forwarding a year or 18 months, I have personally setup over 300 Wordpress blog sites and use them to promote affiliate offers, blast SEO results through the roof and every element of online marketing that you can imagine (read that sentence as…. “Ways to Make Money!”)


How would it feel like to suck an 800 word keyword list STRAIGHT outta Google, upload it – and instantly have 800 powerful, contextual hyperlink words lined up and ready to go… scoring for youhigher rankingsmore clicks, and more revenue?…

This is a dream come true for pro bloggers and super affiliates who cannot wait to squeeze the maximum out of their blogs and search engine positions…


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Max Your Holiday Profits Dec Edition

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NOTE! The Clock is Ticking…December 1st is only moments away! How much would *you* pay for a complete, 25 Day Step by Step guide to maxing out *your*holiday profits?

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Hi Barbara,


I’ve seen you online now since 1998 and you’re only getting better and better! I really love your straight forward, very honest approach. 
‘Max Your Holiday Profits’ really zeros in on easy and simple steps anyone can take to slant their final earnings in their favor. 

I especially liked how you covered advanced topics like headline writing and video marketing and yet made them easy even for beginners to use. 
This is an excellent book and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn an excellent path to marketing online for the holidays. 

Willie Crawford


Wish hungry buyers were spending their 2011 holiday dollars on YOUR products?

Make YOUR wish reality today by just following the simple, step-by-step instructions laid out in this easy-to-follow blueprint for holiday marketing success…steps *you* can use to charge 100s if not 1,000s of dollars for your services or use for your own products!

It’s a fact – billions of dollars are spent during the holidays!


So why on earth shouldn’t they spend that money and buy yourproducts?


Hey there, this is Barbara Ling, covert under-the-radar 14+ year Internet marketer. As you can see from my contributions in the Warrior Forum, I’ve written 35+ books/ebooks since 1997, taught thousands of people various aspects regarding to Internet marketing and more…

(heck, you can check out my credentials over at me flagship site here).



Sit back, close your eyes, then open them again so you can read the following.

Imagine how terrific it would be to see the 2011 holiday season send$100s…if not $1,000s of dollars into your bank account.

My gosh, it’s what you truly deserve, right?

After all, you’re providing super quality products and fantastic services that any sane individual would want to give their loved ones for the holidays, true?

But here’s the challenge more agonizingly painful than being hit with a flaming snowball in the eye.

“How the heck do you systematically lay out a plan that builds upon the 25 days of December….so that it becomes a no-brainer that your clients’ niche visitors clamor to buy from them?”

I hear you, I’ve been there! And if there’s one thing I’ve discovered, it’s this.

You can exploit the entire month of December to build up and up and up your valuable presence to your future customers … so when the time comes for buying that perfect gift, *YOUR* products are what they clamor for.


And you don’t even have to think about what to do….when you download Max Your Holiday Profits, you’ll have an entire blueprint of 25 days and 25 action steps and more!


This glorious 118 page PDF blueprint:

  • Tells you very day, what to do….thus making sure there’s no questions left unanswered. You can even customize this to your clients if you specialize in offline and astound them with your niche savvy!
  • Gives you the reasons behind the steps…so you can actually see how they fit into the overall plan. You will have all the answers to questions your clients might ask…at your fingertips.
  • Provides you with compelling sample tweets….that takes you by the hand and shows you *exactly what* to do. We’re talking expert status here if you apply this offline as well!


  • Offers you great suggestions regarding reader-pulling headlines…making your marketing that much easier.

Admit it – wouldn’t having such a covert weapon in your marketing arsenal really skyrocket your final 2011 profits?


But not only that.

Have you…ever heard of Facebook Fan Pages and video marketing and the like?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you had access at your fingertips just how to come up to speed with those social media marketing techniques….thus making your client’s holiday profits even larger?


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