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WSO Of The Day 23rd of May 2012

Dear Warriors,

Every Internet marketer knows that the money is in the list, yet why is it that so few marketers have the ability to earn a full time living from their list?

There is a virus infecting the Internet Marketing community and it is wiping out the profitability of email marketing.

Open rates are down, conversion rates are falling, and even some of the BIG NAMES that once scoffed at the ‘Warrior Forum’ are returning in their droves desperate to add more subscribers to their waning lists.

Why is this happening? Well there are several reasons:

  • List Burn – Many marketers hit their lists several times a day with promotion after promotion. Eventually these people get fed up and unsubscribe

  • Lack of Specificity – Most marketers build ‘general’ niche lists, and send out general offers. Their offers are not laser targeted thus conversion rates plummet

  • Sophisticated Spam Filters – Google HATES Internet Marketers, and are waging a war on their email marketing campaigns. Their Spam filters, Filters and now ‘Priority Inbox’ are making it impossible to get mail through to your subscribers

  • Shiny Object Syndrome – Your subscribers are ‘Magpies’ that jump on every shiny object to hit their inbox. They have no loyalty to you, only to the subject line preaching the next big thing.

  • Trash Traffic – Many marketers are wasting their time mining sources of junk traffic. A responsive subscriber needs to be of a certain mindset, and most of the sources marketers use are actually killing their lists responsiveness

  • Affiliate Fraud – Many marketers are wasting their time promoting products using insecure affiliate link. Their subscribers are dropping in their own Clickbank IDs and stealing all their commissions.

Friends, the truth is that this is only the tip of the iceberg. It’s a scary thought but I think the Pareto principle’s 80 /20 rule applies as much to IM as it does to anything else. 20% of the Marketers are controlling 80% of the subscribers. 


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