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Oddball Niches

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Plain ‘Ole Average Joes are Quietly Making
Thousands of Dollars a Month in Oddball

Niches with Little to No Competition!
(like, seriously… high school dropouts could do this)

Making money online is about matching the right buyer with the right product… period. Game over. Thanks for playing.

Yet 98% of people trying to make money online CAN’T do it. But why? It’s just simple math. You need both parts of the equation to be able to achieve the desired result.


So where’s the disconnect?

Well, from what I can tell, it’s that little plus sign in the middle of the equation above. That little plus sign represents you (or where you need to be).

All transactions that take place online happen because someone became the middle man in the equation and connected the buyer with the product… resulting in a sale.

Look at any big box store that does business online (or offline for that matter). Their business model looks like this…

Sell Anything We Can –> To Anyone Buying


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