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Wiki Backlink Crusher

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Paulie Ciaras Millionaire Backlink Builder

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10 Steps To Link Wheel Success

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Dear Warriors,

Are you failing miserably when it comes to building back links that make any real difference in your search engine ranking?

Have you tried virtually every link building strategy, only to see your site is stuck and can’t advance higher in the listings?…

I’m here today to tell you that there is a difference between building back links, and building super charged back links…

A back link refers to any link to your site from a third party source..

However a supercharged back link is an entirely different animal, that can have a dramatic impact on your position in the SERPS… 

The Supercharged Backlink


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Backlink Skyrocket (Software)

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Free Backlink System

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Stealth Backlink Sniper

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SEO Outsourcer

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Hey Warriors,

Jamie “GoGetta” Garside here and today I am about to change the way you outsource SEO FOREVER!

Big claim I know, but, let me get straight to the point……

We all know how monotonous SEO is when it comes to backlinking, but without it, our online marketing campaigns go nowhere. It is the same for local SEO too, without backlinking client websites, you do not get the results…..FACT!

So, what are your CHOICES?

Well, you could of course go out there and build Backlink after Backlink and spend hours, days, even weeks of your time working on just one SEO campaign, hoping to see results.

You could also enter the world of outsourcing, and put all of your trust and hope on an offshore outsourcing company, just hoping they pull through with the results they promise.

Well, today, you do not have to imagine this, as I am about to hand you the opportunity to do exactly that…..

Let me introduce…..

So, What Exactly Is SEO OUTSOURCER?

As far as my online and offline business goes, I have not built a manual backlink for SEO purposes for around 2 years!

This is because I have built a team of trusted, tested and reliable off shore SEO service providers and employees. This team of service providers and employees has allowed me to outsource every single backlinking campaign I have ever needed to do when it comes to either my online campaigns, or my local clients.


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Secret Backlink Source NO ONE is Using

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“Instant Dofollow High REAL Page PR Backlinks No One Knows About! Different IP’s, Platform’s and Sources. Be The First To Use These POWERLINKS!”


  • Do you want Higher Rankings?
  • Tired off those spammed backlink pages?
  • Want to stop using those Expensive Tools?
  • Want to stop spending money on Outsourcing and expensive PR Networks?
  • Looking for a PERFECT solution?

Then you FINALLY found the CHEAP solution to your NEEDS!

We all know that we need quality backlinks to rank our sites.
The problem is that almost all of them are either spammed to death or became nofollow.
These days it’s very hard to find great backlinks that will help you to rise in the SERP’s


The Backlink Secret:

  1. I’m going to Reveal backlinks that are not used by others
  2. Have High PageRank
  3. Have Page PageRank and not Domain PageRank which has FAR less value
  4. Are Dofollow
  5. Have less than 50 outgoing links and will always have less than 50 outgoing links
  6. Will give you TOP priority on the PageRank Pages
  7. Do not need ANY content
  8. Will mixup your backlink anchor text to please Google
  9. Almost unlimited


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