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Awarded WSO Of The Day 17th December 2013

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SEO Powerpack Oct 12: Screw The EMD-Update and Kill Negative SEO

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SEO .EDU Powerpack – DOFOLLOW!

Supercharge Your SEO, KILL “Negative SEO” & Screw The “EMD-Update”!
(even (especially!) post Panda/Pingu/Google-Poop…)

DoFollow, Contextual Links From Your Own EDU Blogs!

Hey there,

let me cut straight to the chase: 

if you’re doing any form of SEO, you know about the power of having dofollow backlinks from high authority (read: high PR) .EDU domains. 

Especially, when they are *contextual* backlinks, meaning YOU create the content in which you place the keyword – none of that stupid blog-commenting where your backlinks is surrounded by tons of “hey, great post man” comments.


Because every single one of Google’s updates was about IMPROVING QUALITY!

And there’s nothing that screams QUALITY more than HIGHPR .EDU backlinks!

And that’s what I’ve got for you today:

10 Super-High PR, do-follow .EDU sites
 where YOU have full control over the content and where YOU leave a backlink with YOUR chosen keyword to any site you like.

PR9 home domain – US University BLOG .EDU SOLD OUT
PR9 home domain – US University BLOG .EDU SOLD OUT
PR8 home domain – US University BLOG .EDU CURRENTLY SELLING
PR8 home domain – US University BLOG .EDU
PR8 home domain – US University BLOG .EDU
PR8 home domain – US University BLOG .EDU
PR8 home domain – US University 
PR7 home domain – US University 
PR6 home domain – US University 
PR7 home domain – US University WIKI .EDU

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High Page Rank Backlinks–20 Page Rank 8 and Page Rank 9 Backlinks for one low price!

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That’s right!! 20 Page Rank 8 and above High Quality Backlinks to propel your site to the TOP of Google. 

Kick the Panda to the curb, send the Penguin back to the South Pole.

Get the High Quality, Authority Backlinks that Google loves!! And yes, these backlinks still work beautifully. I created a brand new website for a client that was purchased, set up, and optimized (partially with these very links) AFTER both the Panda and the Penguin updates and that website is sitting at Number One in Google right now for a HUGE “Money Keyword“. It’s also on Page One for another related “Money Keyword“. These keywords are worth THOUSANDS of dollars.

All these Backlinks are Do Follow.


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Shoestring Keywords + 100,000 bonus Keyword Pack

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“You’re About To Get 100,000 + Keywords In 10 Hot Buyer Niches, & My Step By Step Guides To Finding Lucrative Low Competition Keywords & Buyer Keywords”

My Step By Step Guide Reveals The Exact Methods I Use To Routinely Draw Out Hot Keywords That Drive Thousands Of Visitors To My Websites, Often With Minimal or Zero Backlinks Required

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Your Own Edu Blog Package 2012

100+ Sold

New – Updated – Relaunched – DOFOLLOW  We’ve discovered brand new edus even better than before!


Get Any Site on First Page Google Fast  and Sky-Rocket Your Income –
On PR 8 and below US/UK/Australia University Domains!
Harness the Incredible Ranking Power of EDU Backlinks From Your Own US University hosted EDU Blogs!


“This is insane! Can I really have access to a blog on a US/UK/Aus University EDU domain, ???”


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Dear Warrior, how are you? My name is Steve. Are you frustrated because you’ve not been able to quit your day job or make enough money online? It’s not your fault! People who really make any money always kept you busy in reading useless stuff & watching junk videos. They call themselves ‘internet marketing gurus’ but more than 90% of those so called ‘gurus’ don’t know what they’re talking about. They use cheap softwares to convert crap presentations into the videos and then sell them to innocent people with false claims. But! Now it’s the time to wake up!

“ Don’t Waste Your Time In Doing Wrong Things! “

Most of the so called ‘gurus’ teach you that you’ll have to spend your life in the following things to make money online: –SEO -Backlinking -Creating Products -Your Email List But I didn’t do any of the above things to make $21,000 in 1 Month. I never put even a minute of my life in SEOing or creating backlinks for my website. I won’t say that creating backlinks or ranking your websites in SEs is a bad idea, but only a few of the people become successful in that.

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7Second Serp Booster

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Why Your Backlinking Strategy is Hurting You… And What to Do About It

Google is cracking down harder than ever, but breakthrough technology will help you raise your search engine rankings, while slipping by Google’s radar undetected, and at lightning speed.

Dear Friend,

Have you ever worried about your backlinking techniques getting your site penalized, or De-indexed entirely?

Do you feel like Google’s new rules are unfair, and seem to punish even legitimate marketers and website owners?

Do you feel like a few greedy spammers have ruined it for everyone?

Have you felt uneasy about using push-button software to spread your backlinks, because it could set off Google’s alarms?

Are you worried about the long term viability of SEO in general?


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Rank Leap – Build Hundreds of High PR Web 2.0 Profile Backlinks Automatically

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FREE Backlinks Galore For the LAZY Marketer

100+ Sold – Comes with money back guarantee


FOR THE LAZY MARKETER: If anybody would have told me that I could be this LAZY and still get ranked by Google for FREE, I would have laughed my lungs out… 

How Would You Like To Get

Over 6,525+ FREE Backlinks 

To Your Websites and Blogs EVERYDAY with just a few
clicks of your mouse…?And yes I said FREE Backlinks and I really mean just a few clicks of your mouse


Dear Warrior,

As you already know, Building Backlinks to your pages is an essential part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for two reasons…

The first reason is that it helps your pages get indexed faster, which is very important because you want the search engines to find them as soon as possible and crawl them regularly…

The second reason is that it helps your pages get higher search engine rankings for the keywords of your choice. The more backlinks you have, the better. Period.


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Onpage Domination



WSO of the DAY 18th Feb 2012
OVER 1,000 Sales in 24 hours
“The Secret To Getting 10x The Power From Your Backlinks..


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