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[WP PLUGIN] Atatari YouTube Player

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100+ sold in 24hrs! Professional Rebrander of YouTube Videos

Dear Fellow Warrior,

We all know that online videos are fantastic marketing tools. They’re easy to watch and allow
customers to get to know you. Reports have indicated that over 60% of all new content on the
internet is video. With sites like Youtube, it’s no wonder. People WANT to watch videos.
And that’s why video marketing is so very effective.

There’s a problem, though. Videos are usually heavy in terms of traffic, and if you’re getting
some good number of views, many web hosts will charge you an additional fee for the increased
bandwidth and server space demands you put on their servers when you host your own video.
Even if they don’t have the fees, they may limit the bandwidth and space you are allowed for
large files like video.

YouTube may sound like a solution: put your video onto YouTube, and you can have it on your
WordPress site in no time and with no cost incurred. But there’s a major drawback – YouTube drives
traffic away from your website! When you embed YouTube videos the usual way, people can click
on the video and be redirected to YouTube. And since everyone can recognize the embedded
YouTube player, the perceived value of your video message will decrease.


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1 Years Unlimited Online Backup

100+ Sold


Hi Warriors,

I was going to ‘big’ this up, no need as it speaks for itself… 

What I’m offering in this WSO is 1 Years Unlimited Online Backup that can be used to back up all your PC‘s and Laptops.

imited Online Backup 

Are you looking for an easy to use, hassle free, secure and cheap online backup solution?

Confused by external storage, bandwidth and capacity limits, schedules and security?

Good news – you’ve just found Plan B’s Unlimited Livedrive Backup!


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