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Video Assassin Mobile Edition Vol 2 – Bars & Nightclubs

100+ sold in days


Slick videos that don’t come across as “canned”
to take your sales emails to the next levelNEVER Cold Call Again!Turn your prospects into customers with video proof of the value you can provide to their internet presence 

Video Assassin Mobile Edition – Volume 2 — Bars & Nightclubs
Includes a sales email and a video targeted to Bars & Nightclubs

• Post the video on your website and YouTube
• Edit the email to personalize it with your info,
• Cut and paste into your email client
• Include the video or a link to your website

Use this video with the included email for a SURGE of offline customers!


Bars & NIghtclubs everywhere in danger of closing their doors are being saved by mobile every day – The Opportunity Here for Everyone is Tremendous!

Three simple steps to new business! In the Hottest area of Local Marketing — MOBILE MARKETING!!

  • Upload the video to your YouTube account
  • Make a page on your website for each industry:
    ie: & post the video with your sales copy
  • Send the professionally written sales email for a surge of offline customers!

You’ll Receive:

  • One Custom, Professional Video for Attracting Bars & Nightclubs Wanting Mobile Marketing
  • Professionally written sales copy from Brian Anderson (LiquidSEO)
    that is industry specific
     to use for your emails including an extra page of mobile statistics you can use!
  • Bars & Nightclubs


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