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$1000 In 30 Days Or Less? Easy Done…


How Would You Like To

Make $1000 In Less Than 30

Days From Now?

And Then Keep Making It Month After


Dear Fellow Warrior,

How long have you been bent over your keyboard working on your business only to still be seeing zero profits?

If you are like 95% of people out there, the answer is probably too bloody long!

Wouldn’t it be great if in the next thirty days you actually had money rolling into your paypal account on a consistent basis?

The truth is that it is not hard at all to see a great income like that rolling in

You just need a solid plan of attack to help get you there

One that is easy to implement, and produces awesome results on a monthly basis

Well today you are in luck because that is exactly what i have here for you:

1K Per Month Writing Simple Articles

Here is what you will learn in this short pdf and video:

* How To Make Money TODAY
* Where The Best Places Are To Gain Paid Work
* A Solid Plan To Get You To At Least 1K Per Month
* Step By Step Details On How To Leverage Your Efforts For Massive Paydays
* And Much More…

So my question to you is this:

Do you want a quick and easy way to get to an income of at least $1000 per month or

Do you want to keep doing what you are doing and getting nowhere?

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200 Visitors Per Day In 30 Days Or Less


How Would You Like 200 Visitors Per Day In
The Next 30 Days or Less?

I bet you could seriously increase your income with traffic like that!

How long have you been trying to build your blog up to a point that it makes you easy money on a consistent basis?

If you are like thousands of other people out there, the answer is probably too bloody long!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if in the next thirty days you could have tons of traffic hitting your blog making you a nice steady stream of income?

The truth is that it is not hard at all to see traffic like this on a daily basis

You just need a solid plan of attack

One that is easy to implement and produces Awesome Results without sending you broke in the process

Well today you are in luck because that is exactly what i have here for you:

200 Visitors Per Day In 30 Days Or Less

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Offline Well Session Feb 9th

50+ Sold


Revealed: Offline marketing coaches and professionals answer any question, demonstrate any process, and train you to be an Offline Superstar, all for PENNIES on the dollar…

“Wouldn’t Offline Marketing Be Easier With Professional Guidance On EXACTLY What You Want, EXACTLY When You Need It?”

Don’t waste your time searching out WSO after WSO to solve one little problem. Instead, come to us and get your problems solved personally on a regular basis. This is your invitation, but if you want to be less productive, spend more money, and make less progress, this definitely isn’t for you. Myself and other offline professionals, coaches and trainers are divulging ALL our offline knowledge, and this is your chance to soak some up.


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IBook Insider



How to Double, Even Triple the Sales You Make with your Createspace, Kindle and Pubit Books!


$$$ Increase Your Book Royalties 
By 100% or More Like I Did……$$$

The big thing right now is publishing books on Kindle, Createspace and Pubit. The other day I got what seemed to be 100 emails on a new Kindle product by James Jones.





So here’s the deal. I am really busy publishing books. I am crushing it on book sales on a daily basis. I am a student of Jay Boyer and John S. Rhodes so I am rocking it with book publishing right now!

But I wanted to create this simple report to share with you a special step that I am taking in my book publishing that is increasing the money I make on the same books that I publish to Createspace, Kindle and Pubit.

I want to be upfront and straight forward with you right now…..
Because I am so busy with my book business, I don’t have 800 bonuses to give you, nor do I have an insane amount of video tutorials to take up space on your hard drive. I am just going to show you in a simple report how to increase the money you make every day by doing not much more extra work!!

You will simply be taking work you’ve already done and turning it into more CASH!! Does that sound fair?


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Offline Video Explosion

100+ Sold


Sold so many of these bad boys so fast, we melted down HostGator’s servers…for real…read the comments! 

Don’t Take It From Me and AJ, Read These Killer Reviews!


I just got done going through the manual and the material and I have to say that this is pure genius!

The videos are of exceptional quality and for those of you wondering if this can work for you all I can say is that if you can follow some very simple and well laid out instructions then this will work for you.

I have bought other products from Lee in the past and I think that this is his best one yet. Lee also gives you great support and when you sign up on his list he actually has you sign up gives you updates and support for the products that he sells as opposed to bombarding you with other WSO‘s on a daily basis like some other marketers on this forum do.

I’m going back in to get the OTO now. If you don’t buy this you may just find me taking over your city with my videos. I will be uploading all weekend.

This product ROCKS!

Thanks Lee,


Well! Maybe I’m the first one to get everything to download! YEAH for me!
Anyway, I’ve already read you OTO report! OMGosh!!! Wow! This will blow things over the top…(Wait… I should shut up… don’t really want a million others doing this.. it’s way to good!)

Never mind everyone… you won’t like it… it’s not worth the money.. save it for the next WSO… (hehehehe)

I appreciate that you gave those 2 great bonuses.. but I’d already purchased them … Oh well… if I’d only waited!

But I got to say they are both also really good. Been waiting for a chance to start my new offline business.. (reason I bought both of them!) and I’m finally doing it.. and this comes along to really give me a hugh BOOST!

But really… please don’t sell or give away alot of the OTO report… the videos ok… but PLEASE NOT the report!

Thanks guys, you’ve given me just what I really need to get things up and running… no more excuses…

CJ Lang

Hi Warriors!

Lee and AJ, again.

Question: What’s the single best way to go from zero to a 6-figure income with Internet marketing?

Answer: Offline marketing to bricks and mortar businesses!

Question: What holds virtually everyone back from doing this?

Answer: Getting clients!

Your #1 Offline Marketing Problem Solved!

There are actually two issues most folks have when trying to sell their services to businesses.


Problem 1: They don’t know what businesses to contact

Problem 2: They don’t know how to sell their services

We’ve solved both these problems with our new, video-based, passive marketing system…Offline Video Explosion!

In Offline Video Explosion, we show you, step-by-step, our proven method for getting business owners to pick up the phone and call you!


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