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SENuke Tutorial: Done For You Traffic Service

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SENuke X: How To Use This
Search Engine Ranking Software 

Dear Warrior:

Do you want to get higher search engine rankings? 

If so, SENuke is an EXCELLENT tool… 

Except for the fact that there’s a HUGE learning curve.

Who Wants To Spend Hours Trying To Figure This Out? 

I know I didn’t… and I’m sure you don’t either.

So to spare YOU the pain, I’ve decided to create a report teaching you how to create a basic campaign. 

This is a 40 page report that outlines everything you’ll need to know for a basic report. 

I’ll Give You A Complete Basic Blueprint
(Most people can’t get this far… SENuke is COMPLICATED.) 

This guide will show you:

  • What “project linking” means to the success of your campaign…
  • How to come up with EXCELLENT keywords to target…
  • What the article directory can do for your rankings, and how to maximize it…
  • How to get the most from the RSS projects…
  • What SENuke tools work the BEST….
  • …and a LOT more, including best practices I use for optimal success.

Now you might be wondering…

“Why would you teach me how to do this if you’re selling a done-for-you service?” 


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