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Set of 10 Christian/Inspirational Fiction Plots – BRAND NEW & Very In Depth Plot Outlines


Get Into The Christian/Inspirational Fiction
Niche With These In Depth Plot Outlines

If you’ve been wanting to publish in the Christian/inspirational fiction niche but didn’t know where to start, this brand-new set of plots will really help you out!

If you’ve purchased any of my plot packages in the past, you know how in depth and detailed they are. These are not plots that just give you a couple of points and make you do all the work. Instead, these plots are several pages in length and broken down. Written like short stories, you will really get a feel for the action and the characters. The character sketches alone will be very helpful in your writing!

That being said, anytime you purchase prewritten plots, you are going to want to change up a lot of information so that your story differs from every other story out there. You want to change names, places and events in order to make your store unique.

This set of plots is very in depth and emotion packed. You will be able to create some awesome stories out of these in various genres including Christian, inspirational and even just straight drama.

Each plot is about 3-5 pages in length (2000-3000 words on average).

So what do you do with these plots?

* Create short stories
* Create novellas
* Create full blown novels
* Create a series
* Serialize and release them once every couple of weeks (a BIG money maker!)

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