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[FICTION PLOTS] New Set of 10 Romance Plots That You Can Turn Into Cash Machines for 2014!

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Cash In On The Romance Publishing Business!

My name is Charity, and most people around here know me as a ghostwriter and best selling author (fiction and non-fiction) under a variety of pen names. When I started publishing on Kindle back in August of 2012, I had NO IDEA that I would do so well and be able to focus my attention on writing full-time. I had never read fiction, and I certainly had no idea how to write it. But, I quickly learned and developed a fan base, and now you can piggyback off my “school of hard knocks” education!

Once again, my writers and I have created a set of 10 fiction plots for you! These plots are in the ROMANCE genre, so they would be suitable for authors who want to publish in the romance niches including contemporary.

If you’ve purchased my plots in the past, you know that they are popular because they are COMPLETE and easy to use. These plots are no different!

Each one is written almost as a short story so you can get the flow of the storyline. They also have character sketches and chapter breakdowns.

Each plot is about 3-5 pages in length (2000-3000 words on average).

So what do you do with these plots?

* Create short stories
* Create novellas
* Create full blown novels
* Create a series
* Serialize and release them once every couple of weeks (a BIG money maker!)

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[WSO of the DAY! 700+ Sold!] 97% Off Value – Speed Read Copy — Speed Prospects to Your Buy Button

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Hey, fellow Warrior!

Ever wondered what’s the MOST important part of copy?

What REALLY makes prospects ZOOM down your sales page and BUY? 

Some experts say 
— the headline
— others say the headline and lead 
— others say the offer…

ALL have their points…

Better Conversions…Through Speed…

Here’s the main thing, though — 

The LONGER it takes the reader to get to your buy button… 

The GREATER the chance that they won’t make it to your BUY button… 

And no, this isn’t an argument for using “short copy”… 

It is, however, how to make your copy slippery so your prospect discovers themselves at the buy button, ready to buy, before they know it. 

And when you discover just a few simple tricks… 

You’ll be amazed at not only how much better your conversions are, but how much easier it is to write the copy in the first place!

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