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Amazon PLR Video Domination



Back Due To Popular Demand!

This is our second video package with 20 brand new PLR Videos for 20 high converting niches on Amazon. You can find the first batch of videos here.

After we create the first batch of videos I’ve been receiving lots of emails from people saying that they are making good sales with the videos and that we should create more of these videos for them to use.

The reason these videos convert well is because they are professionally done with voice overs and everything.

Video is also really effective to use on your sites because…


  • Video pre sells the visitor much better than text. You’ll see higher conversion rates.
  • People prefer watching videos over text.
  • Video also forces visitors to stay on your site longer which helps with your search engine ranking because Google likes it when people stay on your site for a longer period. Video shows that your site was relevant to the search result and you’ll get a push in search engine rankings.

In the last WSO I did not include a marketing guide showing you how to make money with these videos but I have since created a detailed video showing you how to cash in with these awesome videos.

I am also showing you 155 places where you could submit these videos for great back links to your site and also great sales for your Amazon account.

Here is an example of one of the videos in this package.


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Ultimate Mobile Challenge

1000+ sold in 24 hours



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Amazon PLR Super Pack

50+ sold in days



Dear Warriors,
a number of people have been asking me for the product reviews and website graphics that go along with the first version of Amazon Video Profits. You ask, I deliver. The first two niches are here, “Pilates Equipment” and “Heart Rate Monitors”…

Making money online is difficult, in fact it can be almost impossible to make a good income online unless you know what you are doing. Designing graphics, writing blog posts and articles and doing keyword research are some of the key ingredients to building a successful business. But who has time for all of that?

Whether You’re An Amazon Affiliate Or Just Need Content For Your Blogs and Websites This Is For You.


In this Amazon PLR Super Package I’ve focused on 2 key niches. Let’s have a look at these niches right now and see what kind of search volume they generate…



As you can see, just those few keywords in the Heart Rate Monitor niche generate over 700,000 searches per month. If you think that’s good have a look at the other niche below, Pilates Equipment



Millions of searches each month and many of these people are desperate to find the products that you will be selling. Pilates is a growing niche and people are always desperate to lose weight and look hot. People are more and more concerned about getting into shape and staying healthy. Now you can point them in the right direction with these articles, videos and wonderfully designed website graphics.

So What’s Included In The Amazon PLR Super Pack?


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The Grabapple Guide to E-commerce

100+ sold in days


This isn’t like most WSOs…. It’s not even a product from an internet marketer, or at least not one like you’re used to seeing…

(NOTE: please forgive the lack of screaming graphics and unbelievable income screenshots – not my style)

I am a professional salesman, with over 22 years experience – I’ve been selling both industrial equipment and consumer products since 1988 – and I put up my first website in 1996! I’ve sold literally millions of dollars worth of product online, and I’m at the point where I can take a lot of time off.

So this summer I did just that, and wrote this book – and built a website that illustrates my principles. As you move through the book, you can duplicate this site with free software, and when you’re finished, you’ll have your own e-commerce website – and know exactly how to customize it to your satisfaction.

The Grabapple Guide to E-Commerce is over 200 pages of real world experience from my over 15 years online…All of it battle tested and used on real e-commerce websites. In a minute we’ll take a look at what you get, but first I’ll tell you why you care…

The Grabapple Guide to E-Commerce

  • Start out on the right foot, with a legitimate site full of great information and products for your visitors – and the search engines!
  • Get going with almost no investment.
  • If you can afford $10.00 per month for hosting, you can have an e-commerce website.
  • More than just a “site-building” tutorial – the Guide is full of detailed info to lead you through the day to day operation of your own e-commerce business.
  • Build a simple e-commerce site using Wordpress and free plugins.
  • Learn how to leverage your product info to create tons of relevant original content for free.
  • Put together a low-overhead e-commerce business and run it properly.
  • Benefit from my 15 years of experience online and avoid the mistakes your competition will be making.
  • Avoid fraudulent orders.
  • Understand dropshippers, distributors, shipping and customer service.

What’s in the box?

Book 1 covers starting and running an e-commerce business:

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Business Structure
Chapter 3: Business Operations
Chapter 4: Product
Chapter 5: Pricing
Chapter 6: Suppliers
Chapter 7: Shipping
Chapter 8: Customers
Chapter 9: Competition

Book 2 takes us from creating content through building a complete
website with a shopping cart, to initial promotion and SEO.

Chapter 10: Content Creation
Chapter 11: Domains and Hosting
Chapter 12: Website Tutorial
Chapter 13: Marketing and SEO


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Watch me SPILL the BEANS on 8 SECRET NICHES that earn me well over $10,000 PER MONTH! (Poor 2 Paid)

100+ sold in days


8 SECRET niches and 1 AWESOME formula banks

me WELL over $10,000 EVERY MONTH! No gimmicks,

No lies, No upsells, No OTO‘s, Just a PURE MONEY




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Midnight Assault Positioning

100+ sold in days


**********WSO of the Day…TODAY!************


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Video Prospector

100+ sold in days


FACT: Offline Marketing is EXTREMELY lucrative!

FACT: Businesses will pay you TOP DOLLAR for your services!


FACT:Most people FAIL because they can’t get the CUSTOMERS!

FACTOFFLINE AND ONLINE our software works for anything!


Video Prospecting brings you HOT prospects READY TO BUY!

See how Video Prospector can help you

Let’s talk about offline first…

Offline marketing is extremely HOT right now. Why is that? It’s because small businesses know almost nothing about marketing themselves online. In fact, most of them don’t even have a website OR their website looks really bad. They’re just out there waiting for you to make a killing.

So why aren’t you retired and living on a boat off the coast of some tropical island right now?

It’s because finding those small businesses is HARD WORK and takes a LOT OF TIME and EFFORT!!

Hi, my name is Mark Helton and I’ve been making a good living with offline clients. I’ve tried different methods of finding clients and believe me, it’s hard. Cold calling is effective, but brutal and it’s very easy to burn out making hundreds of calls a day, dealing with constant rejection. I don’t want to do that and I’m sure you don’t either. Direct mailing works also if you have $500 or more to spend on every mailing, hoping that you got the message right. Do it wrong and you make NOTHING.

And then it HIT ME…

One day I stumbled across a method of getting clients that was simple and easy to do and best of all, really effective. Want to know what it is? It’s video prospecting, sending custom videos to prospects that do all the selling for you. Once a prospect sees a video created just for them, they WANT to click on it! Once they see it, they’re hooked! I ran a very successful WSO on this method and people are making money with it. But, there’s a catch as you will see below.

Video Prospecting gets CLIENTS calling YOU. YOU are the EXPERT and THEY are coming to YOU FOR HELP! Best of all, it’s simple, easy to do, and no special expertise is necessary!


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Video Assassin Mobile Edition Vol 2 – Bars & Nightclubs

100+ sold in days


Slick videos that don’t come across as “canned”
to take your sales emails to the next levelNEVER Cold Call Again!Turn your prospects into customers with video proof of the value you can provide to their internet presence 

Video Assassin Mobile Edition – Volume 2 — Bars & Nightclubs
Includes a sales email and a video targeted to Bars & Nightclubs

• Post the video on your website and YouTube
• Edit the email to personalize it with your info,
• Cut and paste into your email client
• Include the video or a link to your website

Use this video with the included email for a SURGE of offline customers!


Bars & NIghtclubs everywhere in danger of closing their doors are being saved by mobile every day – The Opportunity Here for Everyone is Tremendous!

Three simple steps to new business! In the Hottest area of Local Marketing — MOBILE MARKETING!!

  • Upload the video to your YouTube account
  • Make a page on your website for each industry:
    ie: & post the video with your sales copy
  • Send the professionally written sales email for a surge of offline customers!

You’ll Receive:

  • One Custom, Professional Video for Attracting Bars & Nightclubs Wanting Mobile Marketing
  • Professionally written sales copy from Brian Anderson (LiquidSEO)
    that is industry specific
     to use for your emails including an extra page of mobile statistics you can use!
  • Bars & Nightclubs


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The Ultimate Backend Builder

100+ sold in days


Getting A List And Making Money Has Never Been So Simple

No OTO !

James and Steve here. We have been working non stop for the last few months to bring to you this amazing offer on “Black Friday” and November 25th is James birthday. In America this is a day of amazing deals. Well we have waited until this day so that we can give you the biggest opportunity you have seen in a while.
Where do we start ? To use a cliche the money is in the list. We believe this saying should be changed. The money is in the buyers list. We are going to show you not only how to get a buyers list like crazy (for free) but we take it much much farther. Even though you are going to find out the secret to gaining this massive list it is also imperative to cultivate this relationship the right way.

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