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FB Like Viral WordPress Plugin Single Domain License

100+ Sold


August 2011 – NEW RELEASE: Version 1.2 
Viral FB and +1 Wordpress Plugin: Flood your Blog with an Avalanche of Viral Traffic From Facebook, Twitter and Google

The most advanced Viral Plugin Featuring
– Facebook Like,
– Facebook Share,
– Facebook Send,
– Twitter and
– Google +1




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499 Available .Com Domains For Offline Market

100+ Sold


Hello Warriors,

I recently stumbled upon a great way to make money… domains! 
More specifically selling domains to offline businesses for BIG BUCKS!

Most brick and mortar businesses know very little about internet marketing, getting traffic, building sites and all that jazz. Many do not even have websites…

This is where you come in! You don’t even have to make sales calls! Just send simple emails. The clients see the value instantly in most cases.

Here is what I am offering…

A list containing 499 available .COM domains that you can register today and flip for massive profits, develop into adsense sites or use to build websites for offline businesses.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time trying to sell you on this… If you are a domain freak you already know the value in this list.

The price is set to increase every five sales so get in while it’s cheap.

I will pull the offer after 300 sales so get it while you can!


Discover A Well Hidden Secret To Massive Profits By Selling Domains In The Offline Niche


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The Newbies Guide For Creating Online Wealth



Dear Fellow Warriors,

Are you a new to online marketing or someone who has been trying to make this “Internet Marketing thing” work for years without success?

Are you sick and tired of reading about how others are making a lot of money, while you continue to struggle and fail with Internet Marketing?

Do you get frustrated at your lack of “positive forward-progress”?

Once upon a time we were no different than you are today…

We tried new things, failed and beat our heads against the wall… (I have the scars on my head to prove it…)

One thing that separates us from those who went back to their boring and unfulfilled lives as employees is that we don’t understand the word, “QUIT”… It simply is not in our vocabulary.

In fact, we replaced the word QUIT in our spell-check software with the word, OVERCOME!!!


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Quick Product Creation

25+ Sold


“I Guarantee I Can Show You How to Create a High Quality Info Product in Less Than 48 minutes”

Inside you will get:

Part 1: Product Creation Overview. Creating Your Product (and outsourcing product creation)

Part 2: Where and How To Sell It (secret *hotspot*)

Part 3: 1 Minute Copy Class (More money) and supercharging your success

This is a simple step-by-step product creation series. That is delivered in a drip fed email format.

Part 1 delivered immediately to your inbox. Teaching you exact steps for product creation and how to outsource the process. Part 2 will be delivered the day after. Once you have actually created your product. This is a specially designed course to get you maximum results AND ensure you take action.


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Product Creation Crusher

25+ Sold


Get Master Resell Rights To This Entire High Converting Product Funnel


BOOM! Instantly Explode Your Product Creation Profits And ‘Crush It‘ By Creating Killer Products Faster AndEasier Than Ever Before”


Reach ‘Guru Status’ and Rake In $4,938+ Monthly!

Hey There,

Struggling to bring in more traffic and profits? ..then you’re about to be twirling for joy by what you read on this very page

Before you make the easy decision to invest in this today, let me ask you some quick questions, I’d like you to answer honestly:

1 Do you wish getting more traffic and sales wasn’t time consuming and boring?
2 Is a lack of respect and authority stopping you from reaching your online income potential?
3 Are you frustrated with ‘magic money software’ and ‘traffic loopholes’ that just don’t work?

If you answered YES to any of those questions then you’ll want to make sure you read as much of this page as possible right now…


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Write Your Own Paycheck




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Fast Attack RENT

100+ Sold


How Are SO Many Warriors “Getting Rich” All Around You While You’re STILL Struggling?


HINT: The Answer Is NOT “AdSense” or “Amazon” or “Clickbank”…
“We Reveal The EXACT Method We Use To Create Amazing Income ThatANYONE Can Copy And UseOver And Over Without Risky Upfront Costs!”
This Is Our Step-By-Step Blueprint To Generate Enormous Income Quickly Without Having To Be A Master Copywriter Or Killer Salesman On Your Pages. And It’s The Single Best Way To Create Recurring Income That Can Last For YEARS With Little To No Maintenance Or Extra Work!


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New Years Blowout Special



This Offer Ends 01-06-12 @ Midnight

Howdy Fellow Warriors!

It’s that special time of the year…Time for family…Time for friends…Time to return those ugly socks your daughter bought you and that hideous sweater that your mother-in-law gave you!

But fear not! There is football to take your mind off of the disaster of another Christmas with the in-laws!

Santa of course wasn’t as fortunate as you!!

He got so pissed at Rob and Sam last week over Santa’s Big Package Offer that he started smacking around the reindeer, and they filed assault charges against him!!

Now, Santa is sitting in the pokey, wondering who will accept his one phone call…

Help Us Bail Out Santa!!


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CTR MAX- Unlimited Domains

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Bring In 2012 With A BANG!



1.) This WSO is for warriors who want to build their list FAST before 2012 starts (and even afterwards). After all, the bigger your list is…the more money you can make!

And it’s….

Woot! We’re talking it’s something your Aunt Bertha could understand,something that will make you slap your forehead and say“Jeepers! So *that’s* how it works!” …. I deliver to you a creative method for beefing up your list in preparation for 2012.

NOTE! While newbies can easily understand it, if you have not yet implemented building lists…alas, I’d recommend you bypass this offer*unless* you want insights into how experienced marketers can make money within 3 days.

2.) This WSO is for warriors who want the facts and ‘jes the fax, ma’am.

Sorry, you won’t find hype here. I don’t do hype.

I do what works. Which is why folks always buy my products.

3.) This WSO is for warriors who realize 2012 is fast approaching, and want to profit from that. We’re talking “Read, say “Jeepers, that makes sense!” and then go and *do*.

Action, folks. This WSO gives you ideas you can start doing this instant.

If you are taking off until New Years arrives….do NOT buy this WSO. Isntead, promote it! (I offer 100% front end commission!)
(Click here to learn more…)

4.) This WSO is for people who like things quickly spelled out for them, step by step. Clocking in at less than 21 pages, the goodness you’re about to buy talks to you like a trusted friend that make understanding the whole process….a given.

With that out of the way, let’s talk right now of how you will profit from Start 2012 With A BANG!


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