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Fiverr Groupon Auction Ecommerce Themes For Wordpess

I will be renewing this listing. You can see this here for now.

Up for auction are themes that you can use with Wordpress to make a dedicated site in various niches. These themes are optimized to work in these specific niches.

I have bought a developers license to be able to offer these to the public. They are 100% genuine and you will be able to get updates from me for them as long as their company is in business.

Now I need to pay for my developers license and you can get a great deal.

I am offering your choice of these themes for $25 each including basic installation. I need to sell at least 10 of these.

The themes include:

Lemon Theme v1.0 (Latest release: 19 June 2010 ) – single license -no developer
Sitemile Theme Framework v1.2.3 (Latest release: 02 May 2012 )
WordPress Classified Ads Theme v6.2.2.5 (Latest release: 15 July 2012 )
WordPress Auction Theme v4.5.3 (Latest release: 23 October 2012 )
StorePress WordPress Ecommerce v2.0.3 (Latest release: 10 November 2011 )
WordPress AutoPost Plugin v1.9.1 (Latest release: 15 January 2011 )
WordPress Auctions Plugin v2.0.2 (Latest release: 12 June 2012 )
WordPress Project Bidding Theme v1.3.6 (Latest release: 15 October 2012 )
DealPress Group Buying Theme v1.2.0.1 (Latest release: 7 February 2012 )
WordPress Pricerr Theme v1.3.5 (Latest release: 31 August 2012 ) – I have my own site at  Jobber Ads .com
WordPress Penny Auction Theme v1.1.1 (Latest release: 3 July 2012 )

Business Directory Theme v1.0.0.1 (Latest release: 17 March 2012 )

You can see demos of these Here . I will have my own demos going before long.

I am not selling these as individual themes. You must have at the least a domain name which you will also pay for and is not included. If you already have a domain name then it can be installed there. I are required to make these into a website for my clients.

Fell free to contact me for more information.
Please be patient as it can take a couple of days to set up a site. Maybe longer if a bunch of people buy sites at once.

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SPUTNIK WordPress Theme

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You Can Now Have a Wildy Expensive Looking Wordpress Site that Looks like Flash Animation, Except the Search Engines can Actually Read it

It looks too good to be true, a jaw dropping beautiful Wordpress site in just minutes.

Now you have the chance to get your hands on a theme that looks like it has taken months to build and cost thousands while only taking a few minutes to set up – all at a crazy low price

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WSO of the Day 10/27/2012

How I Ranked Dozens of Videos on Page #1
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Right now Google is a Pain in the A**.
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You’ve got former SEO Guru’s not sure what to do…

Everyone confused scratching their head wondering what‘s next…

Don’t worry.

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