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TrafficZion Review

TrafficZion Review – Can this software ‘switch on’ Targeted Traffic on demand? 



Name: TrafficZion 

Product Owner: D-papa AKA Demetris Papadopoulos & Alek Krulik 

Website: Click Here 

Price: $47 



In a nutshell, what is TrafficZion? 

This is a groundbreaking software, battle-tested for over a year, so that virtually anyone can start getting consistent free traffic on complete autopilot to their affiliate offers, products, services etc. I’m not a fan of supporting any kind of “push button” system, but I’m telling you right now…this is as close as you’ll ever get! 

Who is TrafficZion for? 

TrafficZion is very simple to use, so from that point of view, it is newbie-friendly. However, it assumes you’ve already started an online business of some sort (or at least know which type of online business you want to get into, and you have a plan). From that point of view, it is aimed at slightly above newbie-level and beyond. Basically, anyone who needs traffic coming in to their products, services or affiliate offers, but find paid traffic extremely expensive, can benefit from TrafficZion: 

    • Affiliate marketers 
    • Online product owners 
    • Email marketers 
    • Offline businesses 
    • Social media marketers 
    • Local marketers 


3 things I love about TrafficZion: 

  1. I like that the guys behind this software have really done their homework, and have tested this software like crazy before releasing it, with beta tester experiencing results almost immediately after turning on the software. Some of these beta tester have been using this software for over one year, so the creators are really making sure that this isn’t some ‘fly by night’ software that works today, but is defunct just a few short weeks later. 
  2. The software dashboard is one of the easiest, newbie-friendly ones I’ve ever seen. I’m not the most technical person, and some dashboards have left me feeling like I’m operating a space shuttle! TrafficZion is fantastic because it’s so simple – just search for your niche by using your tags and keywords, press start, and watch traffic start hitting your sites, products and offers. 
  3. The traffic is completely free from an untapped reputable source, which makes it ideal for new affiliate marketers and online marketers who have little or no budget. 


What will I get inside TrafficZion? 

You get the full, intuitive TrafficZion software platform, which includes: 

  • One click install onto any WordPress site 
  • Choose tags and keywords to target your perfect niche (this is important as many free traffic sources are untargeted and therefore useless). This function allows you to only get traffic from people who would be interested in your specific offers and products 
  • Autopilot function which eliminates user management. This is a comprehensive system that can auto-generates a steady stream of traffic, without your involvement, after initial set up. 


Any drawbacks to TrafficZion? 

The main drawback is that this is not newbie friendly. It is, however, beginner friendly. Let me explain! A newbie is someone who is looking into making money online, maybe has an idea of which business model to follow, but needs a ‘start from scratch’ course showing them what to do. TrafficZion does not do this. It assumes that you’re either already in business, or are about to start an online business, and you need what all online businesses need – targeted traffic.  However, TrafficZion is beginner friendly in that, even if you’re not normally a fan of software because you find them complicated, you’ll be able to install and set up TrafficZion with no issues  


Do I get any bonuses with TrafficZion 

Yes, you get 3 bonuses: 

  1. Bonus Library – get hundreds of products to download and offer as bonuses in your promotions – perfect for affiliate marketers 
  2. Link Supercharger Software – a powerful solution to generate more traffic, brand your domains & maximize your commissions 
  3. WordPress SEO – everything you need to start getting massive traffic to your WordPress website 


Final thoughts on TrafficZion: 

It doesn’t matter what offers or services you’re promoting… if you aren’t seeing the results you want, chances are, you’re not getting enough targeted traffic to your offers. And lack of targeted traffic is the number one reason why businesses fail. Right now, at least 9 out 10 marketers are struggling to get traffic these days. But now, with TrafficZion, there is plenty of room for all of us to generate autopilot, super-targeted traffic back to our websites, blogs and offers… which translates into profits!


5 Effective Branding and Marketing Tips for Instagram Success in 2019

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Whether you’re running a brick-and-mortar business or looking to make your ecommerce a huge success, you need to work on your social media presence. These days, so many people are looking online first before making a decision about where to buy products and services. Even for something as simple as getting an iPhone fixed, potential customers are going to thoroughly study online reviews and check out your Facebook and Instagram pages to learn about what sales you might have going on. If you’re just starting a new business, then you definitely need to up your online presence: that’s where new customers are going to find you.

One of the most important ways to improve your online presence is by mastering Instagram. By using these following tips, you’ll get lots of followers, which means that you’ll eventually get sales by engaging with them.

1 – Post Great Content Consistently

Let’s say you have a great idea for what your Instagram’s going to look like. You’ve done your research; you know what your competitors are doing and what kind of content your ideal customers will enjoy and engage with. But that isn’t enough. Posting consistently is hugely important because that allows your followers to expect posts from you at certain times during the week. If you’re only posting when you’ve got a huge sale or just after you’ve started your business, you’re going to lose followers, which means losing potential sales.

According to research by Sprout Social, the best times to post on Instagram are Wednesday at 11 am and Friday at 10-11am, with the safest times to post being Tuesday through Friday, 10am-3pm. If it seems challenging to do this (especially the early mornings!) use a scheduling app to make your life a little easier.

2 – Use Geo-Targeting and Location-Based Ads

One of the easiest ways to boost engagement on Instagram is by geotagging anytime you post. If you’re someone who travels a lot–you’re a digital nomad or in a touring band–then geotag whenever you can. That will get local followers from wherever you’re currently posting, which helps cut through a lot of the work it takes to get their attention otherwise.

So how can a local business take advantage of Instagram targeting options? Think of something like this.

Most local services have something to offer, and are commonly purchased when a home owner or person is in need of something urgent. This can be anything from home services, home care, pest control, etc…

Take Moxie Services, for example, who wants to increase visibility for pest services in Chantilly. Since they already have an active following on Instagram, they can start targeting their followers (and non-followers) through the use of the Facebook Ads (Instagram) platform. Organic reach and followings are always great, but once you start putting some paid advertising dollars behind your campaigns, then you will start to see some real results.

Just like all options with Facebook Ads, the same can be done for Instagram as well. Moxie can then start targeting audiences within their designated town, city, zip code or other local radiuses. It would also prove useful to them to create a wide range of ad copies and split test what works best.

Considering that more than 40 billion photos have been shared on Instagram, this is a great way for yours to stand out among the crowd, while also making sure your ads are only being seen by potential customers in your area.

3 – Increase Your Follower Account Daily

Getting organic Instagram followers is all well and good, especially if you’ve already got some traction on Instagram. But if you’ve just started a new business or just don’t have many followers, using a service to buy Instagram followers can be very helpful. After all, once you’ve got enough of a following, other users will be interested in you because you’re already popular. 

However, the one thing to remember when buying followers on any social platform, is that they usually aren’t as active as ‘real and organic’ followers. That is why we often recommend using a tool like this one, which automates the engagement process and allows for a more natural flow of new subscribers and followers to your Instagram account.

With more than a billion users on Instagram, it’s not that hard to built a following once you have the right content and tools in place. Over 60 percent of users log into Instagram daily, so use that opportunity to use the right tools to get their attention!

4 – Mix Up Your Content with Images and Video

Instagram’s all about posting cool pictures, right? Wrong!

This is especially true with the rising popularity of features such as Instagram Stories, you should use video as much as you can. In addition to this feature, you should post simple videos or even GIFs to engage with your audience. Using live videos is also exciting because it gives your brand a kind of authenticity that’s necessary in today’s curated online world.

There’s a reason why there were 400 million daily active users of Instagram Stories as of September 17, 2018, and that’s because it’s a great way to engage with users.

5 – Make Sure Your Bio Looks Awesome

According to Verma Farms, “Your logo, including the colors and fonts you choose, all have an impact on how your brand is viewed and how recognizable it is. It only takes 10 seconds for a customer to form a first impression of a brand’s logo, so it’s important to do all you can to make your brand visually memorable.

In the same way, your bio needs to stand out. So spruce up your profile photo (which, by the way, can be your logo, if that works for you), and create content in your bio that’s relatable and told in your voice. There are opportunities to play around with emojis and fonts, though check before doing this that it’s something your audience will be receptive to!

Take a look at any of the top accounts and influencers on Instagram and you will quickly find that many of them share the same basic traits — which are commonly a great looking bio photo, a short bio that delivers a message, content that is high-quality and looks great, and a nice mixture of video and image content. You will also find a custom url to their main website or a landing page, depending on the objections of the Instagram account user.

These are some of the best strategies you can use to have success on Instagram.

Whether you’re an aspiring Instagram influencer or working to make your business stand out online, these tips will get you the followers you need!

With mobile usage on the rise and Instagram continuing to reach more audiences and users daily, it’s no longer a question of if or when you should start using the social platform as a branding and marketing tool — but how.

Start implementing these tips and winning methods into your business today, and start seeing the ROI almost immediately.

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How to Select an OPM Agency That’s Right for My Affiliate Program

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So you’ve made the decision to outsource the management of your affiliate program to an OPM agency. There are a variety of reasons why this may happen. It may be that you need help to effectively run the program, or you realize it’s a full-time job, or you want to …

How to Select an OPM Agency That’s Right for My Affiliate Program Read More »

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How to Make the Most of Social Video as Demand Continues to Boom

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At some point around the turn of the millennium, the internet started to completely change the way people consume content and information. More recently, the rise of mobile and social media have changed the way websites, businesses and brands create content to engage with new audiences.

There is no doubt about it – video is now in demand more than ever before, and we can thank YouTube, Facebook and Instagram for most of this demand.

Getting involved with video for social media can be extremely effective as a way to promote products, as a way to deliver information products themselves and as a way to add value by diversifying the services you offer your clients.

With billions of social updates going live daily, it’s hard enough to find something worth stopping for when scrolling through your newsfeed. However, when comparing regular text, images and video updates, video blows the other media formats away.

Consider these stats recently compiled by Oberlo:

  • 85% of all internet users in the United States watched online video content monthly on any of their devices (Statista, 2018)
  • Studies show that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support (HubSpot, 2018).
  • A 2019 report shows that 87% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool (Wyzowl, 2019).

Knowing all of this, it’s now not just a matter of deciding if you want to start using online video to grow your business and brand, it’s simply a question of how.

Let’s take a look at some of the options available for creating, marketing, and tracking video performance on social media.

Creating Video Ads and Content for Social Media

One of the most common reasons why content creators, businesses and brands shy away from using online video, is that they don’t know where to get started. If that isn’t the main concern, it’s also often a concern about the upfront costs of hiring a production team, writing staff and actors for the video.

This may have been the case years ago, but most of this concern is now gone. Content creation on the internet is now easier than ever before. Just like web design and coding are history (for the average site owner), advanced content creation with videos and visual have followed that same path as well.

The concept of creating video content and ads is nothing new. The problem is that many of the options out there are loaded with the same video templates and stock footage – which means your video content likely will look like other brands, and it will probably not be that great.

However, there are some solutions out there that are doing a better job at this than others. A perfect example of a solution that is changing the ways individuals and businesses can create video content in minutes, is Yala.

Another challenge associated with video content creation for social media is that the videos need to be short. If they are too long, then you will quickly lose the attention of your audience. Yala focuses on providing their users with short videos in the seven-second range, which are ideal for grabbing their interest and getting audiences to act.

Through this video content creation platform, users also have the ability to create unlimited 1080p HD videos with text animations, to upload their own logo, to download the videos as GIFs and MP4s, and to schedule videos across different social platforms. However, what makes Yala really different than other video content creation platforms, is its ability to use AI to publish your best content to audiences when they are online and ready to act.

With three membership plans available (ranging from free to $39 per month), they have a content creation platform and strategy in place that works for everyone. The option is also always there to bring in a team to create original video for in-house work and company videos, but for everything else relating to social video and online ads, there are often better alternatives out there.

Reaching Your Target Audience Through Social Media

Once you’ve put in the time and effort to understand why and how to start creating video content for your social media audiences, you then need to start focusing on how to reach your target audience and make sure your ads are being seen by the right people.

There are several ways to accomplish this, such as:

  • Posting your video content as a general update to your social profile
  • Sharing your best video content to your Facebook Page and Instagram accounts
  • Using an automation and scheduling tool like Hootsuite to continually share your content over time
  • Taking advantage of Yala’s AI-driven scheduling to set and track video delivery at peak times
  • Running paid ad campaigns on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

With there being so many different options out there for targeting your audience, it’s also important to understand WHO your audience is and where to find them. Hootsuite has a nice reference guide on this, and they simply break it down into the following seven steps.

  1. Compile data on your current customers
  2. Look to website and social media analytics
  3. Check out the competition
  4. Be clear about the value of your product or service
  5. Create a target market statement
  6. Test social ads on your target market
  7. Revisit your audience research as needed

Each of these methods and solutions will work effectively, but if you are going to be playing around with each of these options, you will also want to make sure you are individually tracking their performance and conversions as well.

Tracking the Performance of Video on Social Media

Depending on the methods and ad serving or scheduling platform you will be using for social media, you may find yourself in a whirlwind of confusion when it comes to tracking conversions and results.

Unlike tracking URLs and landing pages, videos can make their way around the internet and get seen by millions of people – while also never delivering any stats on who saw, where they were seen, or if they resulted in a new click, customers, or ROI for the company.

Some of the best performance tracking solutions out there are often built right within the social media ad platform itself.

For example, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads are booked using the most powerful self-serve advertising platform to ever hit the market. With both social platforms being owned by the same company, they offer an amazing amount of information, demographic targeting and performance stats for their advertisers. They also work perfectly when creating ads for desktop and mobile users, while also offering advanced targeting options for both.

This can all be broken down into views, clicks, conversions, engagement and much more.

With this in mind, businesses and brands of all sizes will want to have a wide range of videos to play around and test with. Not just different ad copy and footage, but also different run times and targeting as well.

The more you can split test and tweak your ad campaigns, the better the performance you will see over time. This is also why it’s important to have a reliable video content creation strategy, as you will want to keep creating new videos and seeing what version works best.

Video Engagement Marketing Is Here to Stay

Video content is here to stay, and the demand for it is just going to keep increasing over time. Attention spans are shorter than ever before, and your competition is getting fierce.

The next time you are browsing through your favorite social network feed and updates, I want you to look at a couple different things. Not just how much of the content is video, but also what type of content is grabbing your interest the most.

With many social platforms using video for both organic and paid reach, it’s important to see what videos are being shown the most and why or how they grab your interest. Then, apply these same methods into your own video creation and marketing efforts, both for your own brand and your clients’ brands.

As we pointed at the beginning of this article… it’s not a matter of if and when you should be using video, but simply how.

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Learn to Fail Fast and Often

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Generally speaking, you set out on any sort of new venture or activity at least with the hope (if not the outright expectation) of success. If you figured that you were going to fail all along, you probably wouldn’t have gotten started in the first place. If you didn’t think you had at least a chance at “making it,” you wouldn’t have put in the effort. That just makes logical sense.

After all, most people have a natural aversion to failure. They gravitate toward winning and they shy away from losing. As a result, they also tend to shy away from situations, circumstances and opportunities where they probably have a high probability of losing. And that’s why most people aren’t as successful as they probably could be.

Failure Is Inevitable

The hard truth about making money online, just as much as it is true about making money offline, is that you’re probably going to fail. A lot. Your first blog post might not be read by anyone but your mother. Your first set of YouTube videos could get single-digit views. Your first affiliate campaign might not get any conversions at all.

This can be disheartening, to be sure, but you should not be deterred. We all want to win, of course. At the same time, we can’t all win all the time. That’s just a logical and probable impossibility. You will fail, so you need to learn from your losses. Reflect on what went wrong (and what went right), and then apply that newfound knowledge in your next venture.

Billions and Billions of Dollars

Perhaps one of the most incredible examples of this mentality, from a corporate perspective and not just an individual, is Google. We can all agree that Google is a remarkably successful company. Parent company Alphabet is literally worth hundreds of billions of dollars and is well on its way of becoming one of the first companies to hit a trillion dollars in market cap, alongside Apple, Amazon and Microsoft.

We look at properties like Gmail, Android, and YouTube, and it’s undeniable that Google has been very successful. AdSense and AdWords are no joke. But you also have to remember that Google has more than its share of failures too. Remember Google Buzz? Remember how they shut down Google+ too? What about Google Wave?

On some level, it pays to be stubborn when you’re in business for yourself, sticking with something when everyone says that you’re wasting your time. On another level, you need to appreciate when it’s the right time to pull the plug on a project if you’re going to keep chasing risky endeavors, just like how Google has. They’re tough choices, to be sure, but if you’re going to fail anyways, you may as well fail fast. And fail often.

Within every failure contains a lesson. Without every stumble contains an insight.

Useless Machines

And you can even use failure to your advantage.

Some time ago, I highlighted a YouTuber named Simon Giertz as part of the Sunday Snippet series on Beyond the Rhetoric. In short, she’s a self-taught inventor and what she makes are robots that are largely intended to fail. She does them for comedic effect and to learn more about robotics and electronics.

She’s wildly entertaining and her YouTube channel has done very well. In effect, she has turned her failures into a resounding success. “With my setup, it would be nearly impossible to fail,” she once said. “And that was that instead of trying to succeed, I was going to try to build things that would fail.” Simone used to suffer from terrible performance anxiety, but this YouTube venture allowed her to simply enjoy herself and have a good time. And learn a lot along the way too.

Failure Can Be Good

So, go ahead and fail. Do it often. Do it quickly. And then move on to the next thing. Failure is not your enemy. It is your ally, so long as you know how to play the game.

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💡 6 Types of Content to Boost Your Social Media Engagement

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This should be FUN – and they’re all easy ways to see fast results. 🙂

My challenge to you for the week: Do each of these 6 easy content ideas to improve your traffic & social media engagement!

Alice Seba posed a question this week on Facebook in one of her groups about free vs paid content, or access to you. My answer to that was 1- it depends on your niche and business model (of course). And 2- The more content I create and the more accessible I am to my audience… the more money I make. 😉

If you want exposure, traffic & sales – creating content is the answer. Even if it’s just on social media (quick & easy!) and even if you don’t yet have anything to offer or sell (use affiliate links!).

It’s just TOO EASY to be making sales online right now for you to NOT be doing it.

Maybe you don’t believe ^ that, or you’re not really sure YOU can easily make sales (or even make a living!) online. But maybe THAT alone is what keeps you from doing the things that will prove that you can. 😉

Also, check out my P.S. below to see what I’m reading today (and why)…

6 Types of Content to Boost Your Social Media Engagement

✅ Create visual content: a quote graphic, tip graphic, infographic, photo illustrating your topic, etc. * Canva is a great free resource with tons of free templates.

✅ Create a video. It could be a short video demonstrating a how-to, a tip video, something inspirational or motivational. Itt could be an “over the shoulder” look at your hands doing something or a product and how to use it. It could be an educational video made in Powerpoint or Keynote (slides) exported to video format. Lots of EASY ideas!

✅ Host a contest or giveaway 🎁

✅ Respond to DM’s (Direct Messages) or follow up with someone that messaged you recently – check in to see how it worked out, or if that worked for them, etc.

✅ Create a Top Tips or How-To post on something very specific. Make it “actionable content” for your readers to experience a sense of achievement.

✅ Ask your audience questions! It encourages responses and interaction. Then respond to those questions and keep the discussion going. (Higher engagement = more social media reach on any platform!)

* Tip: Repurpose that Q&A into blog posts, a short report, a Facebook Live series – or all of the above. 😉

✅ Start an Idea Journal for content ideas as they come to you. If you already have one, revisit it this week: does it need to be organized or updated? Or pick an idea from your list and run with it!

* * * * *

More free ideas & resources for you to make the challenge above EASY and FUN…

📲 Social Media Content Ideas Generator – Grab the Free Brainstorming Tool at the end of this post. ✔

5 Ways To Destroy Your Reputation on Social Media
Be sure to download the “Free Checklist: How To Build a 5-Star Social Media Reputation” while you’re there! 😉

Get out there and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. 💪

Lynn Terry

p.s. Right now I’m reading Endless Instagram Traffic (Even If You Have No Followers) by Debbie Drum. While I’m doing GREAT with my niche Instagram account already, I’m always interested in learning new ways to improve my results – and always curious to see how & what other people are doing to get great results. 😉

Lynn Terry, ClickNewz - Work Hard, Make It Happen!

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30 Minute Money Methods Review

Product Description:

Every single day, thousands of people go on the internet and try their hand at making money online. The hard truth is that over 95% of them quit and never see a cent. In fact, many of them lose money in the process, buying programs and eBooks that are just untested theory and hype.

The key to succeeding online is to get a reputable program from someone who knows what they’re doing. 30 Minute Money Methods, which was created by Shelly West, has become an online bestseller and has sold thousands of copies. There are positive reviews from people who have bought the product.
Despite the fact that the sales copy on the page is exaggerated and almost ‘hypey’, the methods in the guide are proven to work and people are actually making money with them.

Will you make $500 in 30 minutes like the sales copy claims? Probably not. To get to this stage will take time and effort. However, you will be able to make an extra $500 to a couple of thousand a month.

Most people just want to supplement their income with a bit extra so that they have room in their finances to breathe a little. It’ll be easier to pay the bills and splurge on little luxuries if you’re making an extra 1k or 2k online. 30 Minute Money Methods will help you get there.

The Good Points:

1) The training is comprehensive with over 30 videos to guide you. There’s also a support desk where you can ask questions and get help if you need it. All the methods are based online. You will not need to make cold calls, approach people, etc.

This is a very suitable course for beginners because it’s all laid out step-by-step and easy to follow.

2) Shelly’s 30 Minute Money Methods is an online bestseller and has been around for quite a while. With thousands of customers, this is a reputable product that you can trust. While the sales copy hypes things up by saying that Shelly makes 35 thousand, the fact of the matter is that you can make money… but it’s not going to be this much. Not in the beginning anyway. So, you must be aware of that.

3) The methods in this program are not complex and do not require specialized technical skills. You’re providing services that people need. Without giving away too much information, the methods revolve around stock photography, voice overs, freelancing and even making money by playing online games.

None of these methods are rocket science. Most people will be able to do them… and there are people out there making good money. So, this is not untested theory. The product will work if you work it.

4) You have 4 methods to choose from… and 2 extra bonus methods. There’s something for everybody here.

5) You have 60 days to test this product out. If you can’t make a cent by then (highly unlikely), can always ask for a refund.

The Bad Points:

1) While the methods do work, there is a learning curve involved, and it’s not as easy as they make it seem. It will take you time and effort to reach a stage where you make $500 in 30 minutes – it’s possible, but there is some work involved. If you’re expecting easy riches, this program is not it.

2) You will need a computer and an internet connection to use the methods in this program. These are NOT offline methods.

3) The sales page uses blind copy. You can’t really tell what you’re getting into or what the methods are about until you purchase them.

Should You Get It?

If you wish to make money online, this program is as good as any to get you started. The methods are easy and while you’re not going to be making thousands overnight, these are legitimate methods of making money online.

Providing voice overs, stock photography, freelancing, etc. are all solid methods of earning a living online. They’ll require you to develop some skills, but that can be achieved with a bit of practice.

If you tailor your expectations and follow the program, you’ll be able to earn a few thousand a month. It will take you a while before you get to Shelly’s level, but with consistency, you’ll get there.

>>> Get “30 Minute Money Methods” Now <<<

Understanding Affiliate Marketing Lingo (Glossary of Terms)

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I receive a great deal of newer, more aspiring affiliates around the Sugarrae website and when you have never achieved affiliate advertising before, each one the terms may find somewhat confusing. I made this record of affiliate advertising conditions to assist newer bloggers and affiliates know that the language used within the business. Over the Fold The […]
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Anabolic Running Review

Whenever people think of exercising to lose weight, one of the first things they think about is running. That’s why you’ll see that most of the people at the gym are usually on the treadmills.

Here’s what most people do not know – running is NOT the most efficient way to lose weight if you go about it the wrong way. This is what usually happens: you run for 45 minutes or an hour until you’re a sweaty heap of exhaustion.

After your workout is over and you’ve showered, you suddenly feel extremely hungry because of all the exercise you just did. So, you double your food servings and end up consuming more calories than you expended.

This is a MAJOR mistake that most people make. Joe LoGalbo understands this problem all too well. That’s why he wrote the book “Anabolic Running” and his guide has taken the fitness world by storm.

You’ll discover how you can burn more fat by running less. You’ll also be burning fat for fuel instead of carbs. Once you get to this stage, your fat has no choice but to melt off your body.

Joe’s training methods are based on anabolic science. Forget the traditional cardio or the high intensity interval training that most people do wrongly anyway. Anabolic Running only requires you to spend about 15 to 20 minutes a week to put your body in fat burning mode.

We were so impressed by the bold claims that we decided to take a closer look at this product. This is what we found…

The Good Points:

1) Joe’s methods will boost your testosterone levels and make you reach your lactic threshold much sooner. This is important for accelerated fat burning. Exercising without achieving this state will mean that you’re not optimizing your workouts. Anabolic Running will give you the best results for your efforts.

2) These techniques only require a few minutes of training per week to yield results. You’ll not end up spending more time on the track than Usain Bolt.

3) The methods shown in Anabolic Running are proven to work. This product has sold thousands of copies and is an online bestseller. Reviews from satisfied customers is social proof that it delivers results. One reason for this is because the methods are based on solid science and not untested theory.

4) There are 3 useful bonuses that accompany the main product. Many men will find these bonuses very useful because the methods shown will raise their libido and improve their health.

* Bonus #1: Shock and Awe Strength
* Bonus #2: Testosterone Hacker Handbook
* Bonus #3: 17 Foods to Boost Libido

5) Joe’s methods will boost your metabolism and make you burn calories at an accelerate rate round the clock. That’s what makes this guide so powerful. Your fat burning does not stop.

With most training methods, the fat burning effects taper off and end within a couple of hours. With Anabolic Running, your fat has no choice but to melt off because the body’s metabolic rate is high.

6) The techniques will help to increase your HGH levels naturally. This is fantastic. Many people make the mistake of using drugs and other methods such as injection to increase the growth hormone in their bodies. This is dangerous. With Anabolic Running, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of HGH naturally without risking your health.

7) This product has a 60-day money back guarantee. So, you can always get your money back if you’re not satisfied.

8) Considering the amount of value and information it provides, the pricing is ridiculously low. This is definitely value for money.

The Bad Points:

1) If you have knee problems and you can’t run, this guide is not for you. Anabolic Running was created for men between the ages of 30 to 60. So, your age and gender may restrict you too.

2) The techniques will only work if you work. It goes without saying that implementation is crucial, and you’ll only see results if you’re consistent.

3) Anabolic Running is only available online. You’ll need a computer with a working internet connection to purchase and download it.

Should You Get It?

Definitely yes. This is one of the most unique fitness guides we’ve come across. The techniques mentioned in Anabolic Running truly work. It doesn’t require much time and it’s very affordable.

If you’re looking to accelerate your fat loss, this product will work wonders for you. Get it and implement the techniques in your runs. Within 2 to 3 weeks, you’ll notice the difference. It’s that good.

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When It’s Time to Monetize Your Blog

This may be of interest to you.

Once your blog is big enough it’s important you know how to monetize. In the end, there is NO point in blogging full time if you’re NOT making an income, right? The next question is with so many ways to monetize, what’s the best way to get started? We are lucky because we live in a time where you have so much information available for free. If you do a quick search online, you’ll find so many creative ways to make money. You just have to find out what will work on your blog with your visitors. Over the years when working with several clients I was able to learn about cool ways to monetize my blogs. I actually helped several clients at the same time by implementing awesome strategies which helped bring thousands of dollars each year. With that said, today we’ll be exploring the following:

When it’s time to monetize your blog, how do you know what to implement. I’ll also go over some of the best money makers online in terms of products, services and advertising opportunities. Let’s get started and your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Know Your Audience

Before you can start to monetize your blog, it’s important you know your audience. If you DON’T know them, then you won’t know what to offer them going forward. However, this should not be a problem because you have two options available to you. First, if you have been blogging for some time then look over your stats to find out more about your audience. For example, you should have Google Analytics installed on your blog. This simple tool will be able to give you a breakdown of the following:

  • Landing pages
  • Audience
  • Referrals
  • Bounce rate
  • Average time on site

By looking at the landing pages, you’ll determine what type of content resonates with your readers. You can then start to promote products or add advertisements to these pages to optimize profits. Next, your competition will tell you a lot about your audience. Many of your competitors have been in the business longer so skimming through their site, you can gather a lot of information. I like to visit them to find out what topics they continuously write about, and what type of comments people are writing. It’s important at the same time to focus on social activity because what they share can be huge for what you can write about. After,

You can start to understand your audience or simply just get a better idea into their thinking pattern. Once you have this data, you can start to implement some monetization strategies. Here are the best ones from my experience.

Before I continue, I encourage all of you to gather email addresses to build your subscription lists. Why does this matter? Much of your money will be in the list because with a huge count, you can market to a lot of people at one time. This will just make things much easier when going forward. These days to implement an email marketing form, you simply need to sign up for aweber, Constant Contact, etc. All are reputable and provide an all in one solution. Once your setup, you can start to market to them to increase profit gains meeting your bottom-line.

Affiliate Programs

These programs have been the backbone for earners because you can definitely make enormous money. What are affiliate programs? Simple.

Imagine starting a product and wanting to increase sales? You can enlist the help of other bloggers and give them a cut of the action when sales are generated through them. It’s a great incentive because if bloggers have a huge audience they can earn enormous money very quickly. However, there is a specific formula I like to follow when choosing the right affiliate program. Let’s take a look at my formula.

Highest Paying Jobs in the Country

Relevant – before choosing an affiliate program, you have to make sure it’s relevant. The reason is very simple, it’s because one will buy a product which they feel has nothing to do with their preference. Imagine having a blog on SEO, and you’re selling a product on automotive cushions. This doesn’t make sense right?

Credible – one of the best ways to ensure people buy a product is to endorse it yourself. However, this route can be tricky if NOT done correctly. Never promote and product which you haven’t used because this is an easy way to lose loyalty. If you market products for the sake of money, you’ll lose readership quickly.

Price matters – That’s right! Many of the people following your blog are fresh newbies so won’t have a lot to invest. It’s important to ensure you keep an eye on your price, and provide people something they can afford. Maybe contact the product developer asking to have a free trial offer for your readers.

Value – people are on your blog to find value in everything so this means it’s important to ensure your product or affiliate program does the same. In the end, whatever product you are promoting should help with their bottom line, right?

Jobs Section has done a great job utilizing this strategy. Once you are big enough, you can start charging for people to post on your site. Darren Rowse charges $30/month for people to post jobs on their site, and this ends up being enormous money because 2000 people post monthly. It’s also a great way to get industry jobs out in the market because this is exactly what people are looking for to earn some income. Think about it. What was the first thing you probably did online? If you’re like me, then you started with writing content, right? This was a great way for me to meet people in the industry and make some money on the side. However, how you plan to add a jobs section on your blog matters too. For example, here are some awesome tips to help you get started.

Price – In order for you to get people to post in your job section, it’s important the price makes sense for everyone. Too high of a price means less people will take advantage of the option.

Relevance – The more relevant your blog to what people are looking for the better for you. People want to be on a blog where they fell they’ll find people in the same nice. Which brings me to my next point:

Traffic – Not point in having a job section if the demand isn’t there. For example, you can have people list on your site, but if they are not converting because of lack of traffic then it’s NOT going to do you any good.

Banner Ads

One of the best ways to generate enormous money from your blog. As a matter of fact, it was the first method which exploded making people thousands of dollars each month. No matter what blog you visit, you’ll find banner ads which are probably paying 5,000-10,000 per month. This brings in a lot of money for each blogger which is why they continue to incorporate ads to their blogs. Many of the new blog WordPress designs have been based on the right side-bar layout so ads can be implemented by blog owners. Let’s explore some of the fundamentals of advertising:

First, in order for you to be successful, it’s important you drive enough traffic to your blog. The value of your blog goes up as you increase the amount of traffic visiting your site. For example, no one will pay thousands of dollars if their ad won’t be seen by people. Secondly, it’s important the traffic which is coming to your site is definitely relevant. With relevance, you have increase the chance of the advertiser getting conversions. This just adds value to your bottom line, and you can negotiate something better going forward. Third, price does matter, but not as much simply because advertisers are willing to pay when the traffic is there.

Blog advertising is huge for business and can generate enormous income for you every single month. However, you have to make sure its constant and is stable while increasing each month. That’s the only downfall because if the traffic goes down, then the value of your blog will suffer with it.

Your Own Product

As you become a giant in the industry, you can start to promote your own product. Many of the top bloggers are doing this, and it has worked for them incredibly. As a top blogger, you have leverage on the type of products you decide to advertise, and the sale of each is complete profits within your pocket. Your email list will be your best friend since one blast can generate thousands in sales netting you millions of dollars. Visit the top bloggers and you’ll get a good idea into their profits from OWN product sales.

Final Thoughts

When your blog is big enough, you can utilize many strategies to build profit momentum. However, from my experience all of the ones mentioned above are a great alternative to the typical. You have to make sure they are implemented correctly and tested before going any further. With that said, start by going through the list implementing each one, and over time you’ll learn what works well with your readers and what doesn’t.

We hope you enjoyed this.