What Makes Generation Z Entrepreneurs So Great?

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Are you wondering where to invest next? Maybe check out a Gen Z startup!

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Chris Park on Rugby, Why He Likes the Mets, and KISS Mini Golf

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Christopher Park, Senior Affiliate Manager at JEBCommerce, joined me to chat on my podcast, This is Affiliate Marketing with Shawn Collins.

Chris Park

I wanted to learn more about the real Chris, so I asked him a variety of questions I figured he had not been asked in previous interviews.

Topics included…

  • How he ended up in marketing after studying English, economics, and religious studies
  • Riding on a mobile bar
  • Which pro sports teams he likes
  • Playing guitar with a Neil Diamond tribute band
  • Playing rugby in college
  • Serving on the city council

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Smart Power 4 All Review

Smart Power 4 All is a website that sells a very unique product that has risen to the top of the bestsellers list. It’s extremely popular and has tons of reviews from raving fans.

The product itself is simple – you’ll be given plans to build a smart solar box that will save you electricity, reduce your utility bills and serve you well in case of an emergency. It’s like a generator, but on a much smaller scale.

However, it’s just as powerful. In fact, it’s even more convenient. Unlike heavy generators, this is a lightweight device that is easily portable.

The solar box requires zero maintenance, is environment friendly and very versatile. We were so intrigued by it that we decided to take a closer look… and this is what we discovered.

The Good Points:

1) This product is an online bestseller that thousands of people have bought and benefited from. It’s extremely useful and beneficial. The smart solar box that you build will be a godsend during emergencies when there is no electricity.

One simple battery charge will give you up to 20 hours of electricity. You’ll save electricity and money. It’s unbelievable and the kind of item you’d expect MacGyver to make… and yet, you can build one too.

2) It’s legal to build and use a solar box. Isn’t that a relief?

3) It’s relatively inexpensive to build. All the required items to build a smart solar box will not exceed $200. The amount you save on electricity bills will more than recover whatever you spend on building one.

4) The instructions are simple and easy to follow. You do not need technical knowledge to create the solar box. Most people will be able to build one without too much difficulty.

5) Preppers and survivalists will love this product. Whenever there’s a natural disaster or some crisis, very often, the power is the first one to go. Your refrigerator, heating, AC, etc. are all affected. With the smart solar box, you can still power up the essential appliances.

6) The solar box will be able to power several devices such as lamps, toasters, AC units and much more. It’s very versatile. The fact that it’s small and portable is definitely a plus point.

7) The product has a 100% money back guarantee. You have 60 days to build your smart solar box and test it out. If it doesn’t work, you can get your money back. No worries here.

The Bad Points:

1) This is an online download. You’ll need a computer to access it, but you’ll need to print it out for easy reference.

2) You have no choice but to read the guide thoroughly before embarking on the project. Too many people get excited and jump into it without a proper understanding of how it all works. The end result is frustration when they make a mess of things. So, have patience and do it slowly.

Should You Get It?

Of course, you should. This product sounds totally fun! It’s like building a science project for school… that actually works.

Since it’s a bestselling product, it has been proven to work. All the positive reviews are good social proof. You’re also covered by a money back guarantee.

So, there’s no risk here.

The benefits, however, are many. The fact that the solar box will slash your electricity bill alone is enough reason to get it. Over and above that, it’s portable and flexible enough to power a wide range of devices.

In fact, you could even create and sell these to your friends and neighbors and make good money from this little business. This is one of those products that you should definitely try. Get it and you’ll reap returns many times over.

>>> Get “Smart Power 4 All” Now <<<

SEMrush is Great to Stay on Top of Your Search Marketing

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I have been blogging since 2004 or so – I can’t even remember at this point, but I was on Movable Type before I moved over to WordPress.

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I figured if I was writing quality, original content that it was enough. But my arrogance over putting out content blindly has officially ended.

I signed up for SEMrush and I had no idea what I was not doing all this time.

SEMrush is a set of analytics reports, tools, and projects, which are campaigns for your site where you get all the necessary metrics for competitors, keyword rankings, and on-page health.

I really like it for tracking competitors and doing keyword research, as well as comparisons of domains and SEO tools.

Check out the SEMrush free trial.

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Spec Ops Shooting Review

Every now and then, a product shows up in the marketplace that’s so unique it grabs everyone’s attention. Spec Ops Shooting is one of those products. Ever since it burst on the scene a couple of years ago, it has skyrocketed in popularity and become a runaway bestseller… and it’s still as popular!

The recent increase in terrorist attacks, mass shootings, political unrests and other events have made people realize that they need to protect themselves. Owning a gun is useful, but it’s not enough.

You need to be a proficient shooter with good marksmanship skills. This is difficult to learn on your own. Hiring someone to teach you can be costly. Brian Morris, a former green beret, understands this dilemma all too well.

That’s why he created Spec Ops Shooting which is a program designed to help civilians improve their firearms skills and be mentally ready for any possible violence that may come their way.

This product is more than just a shooting guide. It’s a tool to make you develop the mindset, readiness and skills of a soldier, without having to go through military training. We were so in awe of the bold claims that we just had to investigate this product more thoroughly.

This is what we discovered…

The Good Points:

1) Despite the wealth of information and detail, Brian’s information is easy to understand and follow. Everything is explained in a simple way so that most civilians will be able to grasp and apply the concepts and techniques taught.

2) This product is an online bestseller with thousands of copies sold. There are many reviews from satisfied customers. So, the product is high-quality and proven to work.

3) Brian is a trained professional. This is real-world information that you can absolutely count on during emergencies and survival situations. He has imparted a lot of knowledge on:
* Pre-programming movements in your mind so that you react fast
* How to improve your aim
* Tips to figure out your dominant eye
* Shooting techniques that are the most effective
* How terrorists think and act
* What to look out for so that you’re not a soft target
* Immediate actions to take if you encounter an active shooter
* And much more…

4) The package includes 3 very useful bonuses. This adds value to the product and they’ve over-delivered here. These are the bonuses:

* Bonus #1 – Green Beret Home Defense
* Bonus #2 – Front Line First Aid
* Bonus #3 – The DIY Gunsmith’s Handbook

5) Spec Ops Shooting is covered by a 60-day refund policy. If you feel like you’ve not improved your skills despite your best efforts (highly unlikely) you can always get your money back.

6) Considering the value and extensive training provided, the pricing is ridiculously low. This is value for money.

The Bad Points:

1) The only way to get better and more accurate at shooting is to practice shooting. You’ll need to go to the range and train. Read the guide and apply the techniques till they’re second nature to you. This program requires effort and work from you… and it’ll take some time.

2) While Brian has generously shared his knowledge, he’ll not be by your side to guide you. So, that’s one downside to this program. You’ll need to carefully study the techniques and correct yourself till you’re an excellent shooter.

3) Spec Ops Shooting is only available online. You’ll need a computer with a working internet connection to purchase and download it.

Should You Get It?

Yes… this is one of those products that could save your life. It’s affordable, proven to work and if you live in a place where people have access to firearms, this guide is a necessity.

When you’re faced with a threat, it’s your knowledge, skills and instincts that will keep you alive. Spec Ops Shooting will give you all of these if you use the info within wisely. The best time to prepare is now.

Get this guide and start using it as soon as you can. The faster you get ready the better. This book is a must buy. Period.

>>> Get “Spec Ops Shooting” Now <<<

💡 6 Types of Content to Boost Your Social Media Engagement

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This should be FUN – and they’re all easy ways to see fast results. 🙂

My challenge to you for the week: Do each of these 6 easy content ideas to improve your traffic & social media engagement!

Alice Seba posed a question this week on Facebook in one of her groups about free vs paid content, or access to you. My answer to that was 1- it depends on your niche and business model (of course). And 2- The more content I create and the more accessible I am to my audience… the more money I make. 😉

If you want exposure, traffic & sales – creating content is the answer. Even if it’s just on social media (quick & easy!) and even if you don’t yet have anything to offer or sell (use affiliate links!).

It’s just TOO EASY to be making sales online right now for you to NOT be doing it.

Maybe you don’t believe ^ that, or you’re not really sure YOU can easily make sales (or even make a living!) online. But maybe THAT alone is what keeps you from doing the things that will prove that you can. 😉

Also, check out my P.S. below to see what I’m reading today (and why)…

6 Types of Content to Boost Your Social Media Engagement

✅ Create visual content: a quote graphic, tip graphic, infographic, photo illustrating your topic, etc. * Canva is a great free resource with tons of free templates.

✅ Create a video. It could be a short video demonstrating a how-to, a tip video, something inspirational or motivational. Itt could be an “over the shoulder” look at your hands doing something or a product and how to use it. It could be an educational video made in Powerpoint or Keynote (slides) exported to video format. Lots of EASY ideas!

✅ Host a contest or giveaway 🎁

✅ Respond to DM’s (Direct Messages) or follow up with someone that messaged you recently – check in to see how it worked out, or if that worked for them, etc.

✅ Create a Top Tips or How-To post on something very specific. Make it “actionable content” for your readers to experience a sense of achievement.

✅ Ask your audience questions! It encourages responses and interaction. Then respond to those questions and keep the discussion going. (Higher engagement = more social media reach on any platform!)

* Tip: Repurpose that Q&A into blog posts, a short report, a Facebook Live series – or all of the above. 😉

✅ Start an Idea Journal for content ideas as they come to you. If you already have one, revisit it this week: does it need to be organized or updated? Or pick an idea from your list and run with it!

* * * * *

More free ideas & resources for you to make the challenge above EASY and FUN…

📲 Social Media Content Ideas Generator – Grab the Free Brainstorming Tool at the end of this post. ✔

5 Ways To Destroy Your Reputation on Social Media
Be sure to download the “Free Checklist: How To Build a 5-Star Social Media Reputation” while you’re there! 😉

Get out there and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. 💪

Lynn Terry

p.s. Right now I’m reading Endless Instagram Traffic (Even If You Have No Followers) by Debbie Drum. While I’m doing GREAT with my niche Instagram account already, I’m always interested in learning new ways to improve my results – and always curious to see how & what other people are doing to get great results. 😉

Lynn Terry, ClickNewz - Work Hard, Make It Happen!

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Take Surveys for Cash Review

If you’re tired of struggling to make ends meet with the wages that you get from your day job, you’d probably have researched how to make money online.

Very often, most people are tired after a hard day’s work. They just want something easy to do for about an hour or two to earn a few extra dollars.
Survey websites are one easy way to make a few hundred extra dollars without too much struggle. All you’ll need to do is complete a few surveys daily and the payouts will all add up to some extra spending money.

It may all sound too good to be true… and if you pick the wrong survey site, that will be the case. The key to making money with surveys is to pick a reputable site. Here’s the kicker – most survey sites are scams! The chances of you picking one that helps you is slim.

Our research showed that out of the few reputable survey sites available, one was a cut above the rest. Run by Jason White, the platform is call ‘Take Surveys for Cash’, and while the name is not highly imaginative, this is a reliable and trustworthy platform that has stood the test of time.

It has thousands of members and is just as popular. Let’s look at the pros and cons of using Take Surveys for Cash.

The Good Points:

1) There is excellent social proof with Take Surveys for Cash. The official site shows positive reviews from many clients who use it to earn money with surveys. It has also been around for years and stood the test of time whereas many other fly-by-night survey websites has come and gone after a short while.

2) You want the best bang for your buck. In this case, you want the best payout for your efforts. Take Surveys for Cash usually pays much more than scam survey sites that take a huge cut and pay you a miniscule fraction of what you should get. You’ll earn much more from doing surveys on Jason’s site.

3) The product comes with a 100 percent money-back guarantee. This is a relief because most survey sites do not offer this. It’s a sign of trust. Take Surveys for Cash has also been verified as a reputable site.

4) There’s no need to be a tech wizard to use this site. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive. Most people will be easily navigating the site within 30 minutes of using it. It’s simple to use, easy to understand and uncomplicated.

5) You’re spoiled for choice. There are enough surveys for everyone. You can pick your survey based on the payout value, or you can do surveys that interest you. The choice is yours.

The Bad Points:

1) This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. You’ll be able to make a few hundred dollars extra or get coupons, but you’re not going to rake in thousands of dollars. So, just tailor your expectations and understand that while you’ll have some extra spending money, completing surveys is NOT going to replace your day job.

2) Some surveys have requirements based on gender, age and other demographics. This is usually stipulated by the company conducting the survey, and NOT Take Surveys for Cash which is just platform. So, you’ll not be suitable for all the surveys, but there are enough surveys available to keep you busy daily.

3) Of course, you’ll need a computer and an internet connection to complete these surveys. A fast connection will allow you to be more productive.

Should You Get It?

If you’re looking for a way to generate some easy side income, you should give this program a try. It’s flexible, allows you to work on your own time and you can make a few hundred dollars a month without working your butt off.

Completing surveys is easy and fun too. The cash you earn will allow you to settle off bills or buy something that you’ve had your eye on. It gives you that little bit of financial flexibility that goes beyond your daily wages.

Contrary to popular belief, doing surveys for cash is not a scam. It’s just the disreputable survey sites that have tarnished the image of this industry. Take Surveys for Cash has been around for years and is still a hit.

Backed by a 60-day refund policy, you really have nothing to lose. Join it today and give it a try. You’ll not only make a few hundred bucks extra, but it’s fun too.

>>> Join “Take Surveys for Cash” Now <<<

How to Test Your Landing Pages

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No matter what kind of business your starting, it’s important to know what works and what doesn’t. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by setting up different landing pages so you can test elements for higher conversions. Once of the biggest problems I had when starting my business was to find out what works with visitors and how to get conversions rolling. Here’s the thing…at one point creating landing pages was a complete mission because everything would have to be coded, however you have so many tools available that will help you get the job done. For example, two very awesome tools are and Both help you create pages quickly and allow you to test every element quickly providing data on what’s working. You can then tweak going forward increasing your conversions and profits. However, sometimes you have to know how to get things to work and what headlines to add.

funnel-landing-page (1)

Today, I’ll be discussing some of the things I’ve learned about creating the right landing pages and what you should be testing for maximum conversions.

Here are some of the things I’ll be discussing right now…

  • Page size
  • Headlines
  • Text and images
  • Videos
  • Data collection

I’m talking from my experience so it’s important to provide as much feedback as possible. Let’s jump right in a talk about the elements you should be focusing on when testing landings pages for conversions.

Page Size

When building a landing page, it’s important you have the page size width corrected. There is NO point in building a landing page if it won’t be visible to everyone who is landing on your page. It’s equally as important to ensure your landing pages has been optimized for mobile and tablets. To solve this problem, you might want to use fluid layouts which adjust to the size of your screen. You also have the option to adjust size using percentage instead of “px”. For example, when designing your landing page, it’s a great idea to set 100% in the coding or page width slot because the page will adjust to 100% of the screen size going forward. It’s a great way to ensure you get maximum exposure and everyone visiting will be able to view the content. Next,

If you have very little experience with designing pages, then you have another two option to help you tweak this:

First, you can hire a coder to help you out and this is really cheap because you can hire a freelancer from India who will do the work for a fraction of the price. Next, you can design your page using the smallest resolution because anything above will display it correctly. These are just two methods to keep in mind when you sit down to design your page going forward.


I can’t tell you how important this part of designing a landing page is when getting started and going forward. The headlines must be right to the point and capture your visitor’s attention almost immediately. People want to read and gather the value out of the page almost right away which is why I put enormous emphasis on the headline. I like to try 3-4 variations of headlines and keep a close eye on the ones which have been converting better than others. With that said, here are a few tips I like to use to make sure my headlines capture attention and are right to the point at the same time.

First, make sure your headline is visible and is big enough that the reader sees it clearly. This is how you will capture the attention and force them to stay on the page. This is a great way to get the visitor to keep reading the rest of the text present on your page. Secondly, I like to play around with colors because this is a great way or strategy to use to have that part of your page standout. You can use the following which have been known to convert higher than others:

  • Read
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Light blue

However, the color you choose will obviously depend on the universal color on your page. For example, if the rest of your text is black then it will be a good idea to make your headline red.

Third, the headline must represent what you are selling or what you are offering to the reader. If it doesn’t then it’s a great way to lose credibility and lose the reader if they decide to opt-in. Finally, the amount of characters used within your headline is important. You want to make it short and right to the point so all it takes is 3 seconds to get your point across. At the same time, it must make sense so the reader knows what the page is representing. I dislike when headlines are long and I have to sit there and read to gather the value. By then I have probably lost my attention anyway.

Text and Images

A very important aspect of designing the right type of pages because you can relate to more of your visitors as they arrive on your page. These two elements are a quick way to show your visitors what your product is about and can increase the likelihood of a conversion. With that said, you have to be careful when adding images and videos. Here are a few things you should follow when adding either or.

First, it’s important to make sure your images and videos are relevant to your bottom line. No one wants to watch a video and opt-in to find out it was deceiving because this will force you to lose credibility very quickly. Secondly, keep an eye on the time limit because I’ve been on many landing pages that keep rambling on. This has forced me to leave because I didn’t see an end in sight and NO clear call-to-action. Third, if you will be adding a lengthy video because you need the timing to explain your product, then have a clear call-to-action that will allow the visitor to redirect to sales page. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t have to be a sales page, but one which provides insight into the product further. Fourth, I like to provide as much information as possible within the videos because many people visiting will NOT be able to understand written English text. This means I will like to show as much as I can through video, etc.

I’ll admit over the years adding videos and images have become more popular because of the value they provide. Keep your purpose in mind when adding them so you can convert a higher level of visitors who are arriving on your page.

The next section was going to be about videos, however I have discussed this in the above point. You can do a quick search within Google to find out more information on creating videos for landing pages.

DATA Collection

Depending on the tool you are using to build your landing pages, you’ll have a backend way to collect the required data. However, many people are unsure how to run split tests and this can cause them to spend more money than they expected to. For example, there are certain things I like to look for when building landing pages and a specific number of days I will run tests for before I start to narrow down the results. Let’s look at some of the basics I’ve learned about this process so you can do the same.

Google Analytics – this is probably the best way to collect enormous information because it will provide you with complete stats on your visitors. For example, it’s important to know NOT only the conversions but where they are coming from. Using Google Analytics, I am able to find out highest landing page conversion, location and search query (if any). Google Analytics also provides me with a complete understanding of the bounce rate I am dealing with so I can find ways to improve this going forward.

Backend Conversion – I like to keep a close eye on the conversion rate and what pages are getting the highest. For example, with their script will give me a good understanding of the converting pages so I can keep a close eye on the rest. Once you run a test for a certain amount of time, we can start to remove pages. Let’s discuss timing now:

Trial period – I test in intervals of 7 days because this allows me to keep an eye on my budget and make changes as I need to. During the 7 days, I’ll remove pages and keep narrowing them down until I find one which converts better then all others. This is important because my goal is to achieve a conversion rate of higher than 20% which can lead to enormous traffic and conversions.

Final Thoughts

It’s important you know the fundamentals of split testing your landing pages. By having a solid formula in place, you’ll be able to protect yourself from unnecessary expenses going forward. You’ll also find creative ways to convert your visitors which can lead to enormous business growth and profits. It’s time to start at the top and go through each one until you find a combination that works well for you. Then, you can continue to design the best landing pages that NOT only convert but help you build your business the right way.

Get started now and your feedback will be appreciated going forward on the progress you’ve made.

We hope you enjoyed this.

James Martell is a Legend in Affiliate Marketing

This may be of interest to you.

It was an honor to say some words about James Martell as we honored him as an Industry Legend at Affiliate Summit East 2019. Accepting the award were Arlene Martell, Justin Martell, and Kimberly Juchnowski.

James Martell and Shawn Collins

I had a hard time getting the words out that I’d written about James. Here they are for anybody who couldn’t be there…

There are lots of awesome accomplishments and distinctions we can talk about when it comes to James Martell.

He taught tens of thousands of business owners how to effectively market their businesses online through his books, courses, live trainings, webinars, podcasts, and speaking engagements.

He was a true Internet pioneer, thought leader, and influencer who knew how to bring success online.

James had more than twenty years of online business experience, and was successful in online marketing, blogging, podcasting, coaching, outsourcing, and video creation. He authored several business books, and developed twelve popular marketing courses.

He also authored of one of the first and best-selling eBooks on affiliate marketing, and was a host of the longest running affiliate marketing podcast, starting in 2003, with listeners in more than one hundred countries. That is crazy to me – I got into podcasting in 2006 and thought I was breaking new ground – the reality is that James was there and so many other places first.

I think this testimonial I gave to James for his site many years ago does a good job to say what I thought of him…

“James is a one of a kind – an Internet marketing rock star. When he has spoken at Affiliate Summit, his sessions always receive a 10 out of 10. In a space with many imitators and pretenders, James is the real deal.”

But James was more than an awesome business guy – he was a husband, father, grandfather, and so much more.

James had a giant personality and an even bigger heart.

His presence, guidance, and stewardship to so many in affiliate marketing and the in the real world will forever be missed.

James was a big Elvis fan, and I was going to try and pick out an Elvis song and sing a little bit in his honor. I came across a song by the King called Memories, and that choked me up:

“Memories, pressed between the pages of my mind
Memories, sweetened through the ages just like wine
Quiet thoughts come floating down
And settle softly to the ground
Like golden autumn leaves around my feet
I touched them and they burst apart with sweet memories
Sweet memories”

Goodbye, James – you’re a legend.

Thank you to Liz Fogg for recording the award ceremony for James.

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The 3 Week Diet Review

With obesity at epidemic proportions, it’s no wonder that losing weight is the number 1 goal around the world. Despite this, most people who embark on a weight loss program quit within 2 weeks.

Why is this so?

We have all the best workout machines from treadmills with state of the art technology to mechanical stair climbers, elliptical trainers and so much more at our disposal. Yet, most people never succeed at reaching their weight loss goal.

The reason for this is – they do NOT know what to do. They spin their wheels and go nowhere. When you’re struggling day after day and seeing no results, anybody will throw in the towel and quit. Most people want to see at least a few pounds drop within the first week.

This is one reason why, Brian Flatt’s guide, 3 Week Diet has become a runaway bestseller online. The product promises fast weight loss within 3 weeks. In fact, you’ll see weight loss within the first week. NOW you’re motivated to keep losing more. Nobody gives up when things are working!

Brian Flatt is a fitness expert and his system is all about speed and results. By blending in exercise with specialized diet tips and techniques, he’s able to create a situation where the body has no choice but to shed the excess pounds.

We were so intrigued by the success of his program that we decided to take a closer look… and this is what we discovered…

The Good Points:

1) The program focuses more on getting your diet right and just using a little exercise to fire your metabolism up. This is a very effective method of speeding up weight loss because most of it depends on the diet.

The program is laid out well and all you need to do is follow it. It has been an online bestseller for a couple of years now with many positive reviews from past customers. This is solid social proof that the product works.

2) Since Brian has years of experience as a personal trainer, he actually knows what works in the real world. This is not untested theory. He has distilled all the best weight loss techniques and created one powerful protocol that gives fast results.

This will keep you motivated and on track. Most people give up on their weight loss goals because it takes so long to see results. With the 3 Week Diet, you get fast results. The methods and techniques in this guide are excellent.

3) Since this is an online download, you get immediate access upon payment and can immediately start on your weight loss journey. This program is all about speedy results.

4) This program is covered by a 60-day money back guarantee. If you do not lose weight within these 2 months, at least you can get a refund. It’s a zero-risk purchase.

The Bad Points:

1) The 3 Week Diet does recommend some supplements to accelerate the weight loss. They aren’t necessary, but they are helpful. However, people on a tight budget may not be able to purchase these.

That’s NOT a deal breaker. You’ll still lose weight, but it may be less than what you could achieve with the supplements.

2) The sales copy is a little exaggerated. It’s possible to lose 10 to 12 pounds over a period of 21 days… but 20 pounds? That’s really pushing it and not healthy.

Nevertheless, even a 10-pound loss will make a world of difference. So, do give the system a try, but tailor your expectations and don’t aim for a 20-pound loss in 3 weeks.

Should You Get It?

Of course, you should! The product is guaranteed to help you shed the excess pounds in 21 days. That’s great.

If you’re looking to be beach body ready and you don’t have much time, this product is for you. If you’re going to a high school reunion or a wedding and you want to shed the last few pounds quickly, the strategies here will help you.

This is a weight loss program that delivers results. Give it a try and you’ll be amazed.

>>> Get “The 3 Week Diet” Now <<<