[FREE WSO] Adsense Purple Cow Report




The Purple Cow Report: Adsense
  • Secret leaked document: The actual guidelines that Google’s manual reviewers use to determine your site’s fate. If your site is displaying Adsense, you will eventually be subject to a manual review. Find out exactly what the reviewers are looking for and how to avoid the dreaded Adsense ban.
  • Google’s new Panda-friendly recommendations for ad placement: One of the most controversial parts of Google’s recent Panda update is that many sites have seen their Google search rankings drop due to the placement of Adsense ads — even when they were following guidelines published by Google. Find out what Google’s new recommendations are for Adsense placement and gain an advantage over your SEO competitors.
  • How to avoid “Smart Pricing:” In certain circumstances, Google may apply “Smart Pricing” to your site, reducing your earnings by up to 90%. But you can avoid this. Find out how.
  • The best free Adsense plugins for WordPress: Rotate ads. Split test them. Substitute ads from different networks. Easily place ads anywhere on your site. Even view your Adsense earnings right from your WordPress admin dashboard. All with free plugins.
  • The best Adsense-compliant privacy policy generator: Adsense requires that publishers display a privacy policy that includes specific information. I’ll show you a simple free WordPress plugin that will set this up for you. Or if you don’t want another plugin, how about a free privacy policy generator that will create the text that you can paste right into a WordPress page.
  • And much more…
Includes a PDF report with Master Resale Rights, and a video you can watch online or download!


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