Paint-By-Numbers System Reveals More Than Teaching People How To Setup WordPress In Under 24 Hours

Here is another hidden jewel that everyone seems to be passing over. If you are new to WordPress and would like to cut through a bunch of the bull and get your website up the information here will help. There is even a one-time-offer where they will install everything for you and even provide content.

I know that with the economy the way it is $27 seems like a lot. But if you had to hire someone to coach you through this it would be a lot more.

I will be doing a review of this as soon as I can get it downloaded so be sure and check back for it.


WordPress Expert Reveals:

“How Even A Blind Guy Can Set Up A Fully Optimized Website In 60 Minutes With An Easy System…”Stop Your Frustration! Instead Use An Easy Paint By Numbers System Guaranteed To Work…

From the mile high desk of Jason Baker
To any warrior struggling with the “tech” side of a business
Date: Dec 15th,2011

Fellow Warrior,

I am going to keep this short and sweet as I am on the way to see family for Christmas and New Years…

Why you need WordPress For Beginners

Its simple really… Because I am providing you a shortcut to success in getting your sites up and running in a fraction of the time it would take a typical designer to do. The choice is yours either grab this and stop banging your head against the wall and start making some cash or you can be sucked dry of your time, money and patience while a designer drags their feet to complete the site you needed up yesterday!I can but rarely do charge up to $3k per site per client at any given time.

Who am I?

I am Jason Baker, the “blind guy” (well, actually I am visually impaired  ). Thats me in the pic above with my guide dog Trish. I have over five years experience dealing with clients and creating websites for authors, chefs, construction companies and even a gamers guild. So I know the quickest and easiest way to get you up and running with your own site!I can but rarely do charge up to $3k per site per client at any given time.


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