7 Tips For Writing Like A 6 Figure Copywriter

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When it comes to copywriting, whether it's emails, articles, or even writing an ad, headlines are the single most important factor when creating great content.


Because headlines determine firstly whether or not your target will invest time in what you've got to say.

And second, how much time and attention they will invest.

Fail to get this right, and the rest of your content might as well be written by a cat playing with your keyboard.

So today, I'm going to share with you 7 simple secrets to writing like an elite copywriter TODAY, by focusing on how to write a killer headline.


Tip 1: KISS

You've probably heard of this before, and it's super important when it comes to writing headlines – Keep It Simple, Stupid.

In other words, simplify the message you're trying to convey, and try to avoid any confusing or superfluous language.

It's all about getting the reader interested, versus showing them something 'creative'. They might think creative is cool, but it usually won't get the click.

The main key when implementing the KISS strategy is this: Focus on ONE big idea.

Don't try to cram 5 different benefits/features into your headline, or it'll just overwhelm the reader.

Simply pick what you think is the most powerful aspect of what you're going to be showing them, and center everything around that.


Tip 2: Benefits

When you buy some new shoes, do you buy them purely because of the materials made to use them?

Do you buy them because you'll be able to get 5000 more steps out of them versus a different brand?

Or do you buy them because they will provide you benefits such as comfort, fashion, and perhaps even social status?

We don't buy things because of their features – we buy because of the benefits, which can be either be either pleasure-related, and/or solves a problem (or helps you run away from a problem…)

Most of the time, running away from pain or solving problems is the most powerful motivator, so try to keep that in mind when writing your headline, and see if you can work it in.


Tip 3: Hooks

I always teach people to use hooks in their headlines wherever possible, as this is the thing that makes people super curious about reading more (or even more curious in the product itself).

It is the 'thing' designed to catch people's attention.

For example:

  • How to Used 'Screwed Up Paper' To Stop Dogs Digging
  • 3 Herbs That Balance Blood-Sugar
  • 3 'Healthy' Foods That Make People Fat

In each of those examples, you can see there's a 'thing' that people can use to solve their problem.

You don't have to give away exactly what that thing is in the headline, but if you do, at least draw curiosity to it (eg. Why would 'screwed up paper' stop dogs digging? Now I need to read more and find out..)


Tip 4: Subheadline

The subheadline should be clear and direct, and strongly reinforce the value of the main headline.

For example:

Headline – How to Used 'Screwed Up Paper' To Stop Dogs Digging
Subheadline – Discover How This Simple Piece Of Paper Can Quickly And Permanently Stop Your Dog Digging In Just Minutes

You don't ALWAYS need a subheadline, but they can be perfect for squeezing in a little bit of extra information that you couldn't fit into the main headline…

… and they're also perfect in bridging the gap from Headline to Content.


Tip 5: Use A 'Style' Of Headline

There are a few different styles of headline which I'll explain below.

If you're stuck for ideas, just pick one of these 4 below to help get the ball rolling:

Ask A Question
What better way to get your readers attention than by asking them a burning question?

It’s a great way to make them sit up and pay attention, while making them feel as though you really understand how they are feeling.

Use Power Words
I've included a list of power words further down this article to help you get started, but I also wanted to mention it here because it's exceptionally effective.

Words such as “Warning, Special, Uncover, Success and Winning” are all positive words that evoke emotion. Sprinkle them throughout your copy and make sure you use at least one power word in your headline and sub-headlines.

Be Controversial (if it suits your audience)
Your job is to elicit a response from your reader. So, if you know your target audience and what makes them tick (and you better), you can get away with using controversy to capture attention.

One example of this I see all the time, which is done in a kind of sneaky way, is when a book/series is advertised on TV, and they say "Available at all good book retailers".

It's not exactly specific on where people can find the book, but it gets them thinking… Who are these good retailers? And who are the bad ones?

If they can't find the book at a particular store, it must be bad… and vice versa.

Cater to the "How-to" Crowd

How To styled headlines work extremely well, especially when they directly target a specific solution to a problem or task.

For example, “How to hit the New York Times bestsellers list with your first book!” targets the new author who is yearning to become a bestseller but doesn’t have a lengthy backlist (or any backlist at all).

Be very direct and targeted with how-to headlines!


Tip 6: The 4 U's Of Copywriting

If you've studied copywriting much in the past, the 4 U's is a term you might've already heard.

For those who haven't, let me explain what it means, and how it'll help you write better copy.

For your headlines to be engaging and effective, they should contain all of the following four points:

  • Your headline should provide a sense of URGENCY.
  • Your headline should be UNIQUE.
  • Your headline should be USEFUL.
  • Your headline should be ULTRA-SPECIFIC (direct).

Urgency persuades people to take immediate action, because they're aware that they'll lose an opportunity of some kind (eg. Cart closes in 24 hours).

Incorporating a sense of urgency into your headlines definitely helps to motivate people, but be careful – You must ensure that your urgency is REAL (at least as far as the reader will ever know), otherwise it could brand you as a dishonest marketer.

Unique is a critical component of a successful headline because it will provide your reader with something fresh and new, instead of the same thing they’ve seen countless times before (and likely become unresponsive to).

Customers are bombarded by sales messages every single day from multiple sources, so you need to work hard to capture their attention with a uniquely crafted headline that your readers haven’t seen before.

Don’t be afraid to be edgy, to take risks and to offer your customers something different. They’ll take notice!

Useful in your headlines gives people a reason to continue reading. This is where you highlight the most important benefit of your product, and persuade them to keep reading to find out more.

This is probably the most important of the 4 U's, and ties in perfectly with the use of Hooks I mentioned earlier.

Ultra-Specific ensures that you are being direct when targeting your market. It guides you so that your headline is effectively communicating your message to your audience and clarifying its benefit.

As I mentioned earlier, it's important to focus on one big idea, otherwise you'll risk losing your readers' focus and attention.


Tip 7: Power Words

To help you get started, here are some power words commonly used in successful headlines and ad copy.

Most high-converting headlines will incorporate at least one of the following words:

Mystery Words: Secrets, Insider, Proven, Expert, Revealing, Unlock, Uncover, Announcing, Rare, Unusual, Explore, Discover, Exclusive, Private.

Excitement Triggers: Savings, Save, Bonus, Instant, Lifetime, Special, Unleash, Ultimate, Maximum, Exceptional, Powerful.

Urgency Words: Rush, Immediately, Instant, Limited-Time, Temporary, Last Minute, Urgent.

Power Words: Boost, Grow, Succeed, Accelerate, Turbo Charge, Guaranteed, Tested, Profitable, Trusted, Amazing, Stunning, Phenomenal, Incredible, Unbelievable, Jaw-Dropping, Sensational.

Simplify Words: Easy, Simple, Fail Proof, Foolproof, Effortless, Child’s Play, Easier, Stress-Free, Easy Going, Laid Back.



Remember, when it comes to writing great copy, practice makes perfect.

But by simply employing even just a few of the tips I've mentioned today, you'll significantly improve your copy skills in no time.

Good luck, and I can't wait to start reading some of your amazing headlines out in the wild as I go about my day 🙂

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YouTube Stats You Need to Watch

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When it comes to “making it” on YouTube, many people tend to zero in on two key metrics. You look at how many subscribers your YouTube channel has, and you look at how many views your YouTube videos get. Unsurprisingly, these are also the kinds of stats that viewers might use to gauge the relative importance or popularity of a YouTuber, just as much as companies might review these stats in considering potential branded content and influencer marketing possibilities.

However, what you’ll quickly come to learn is that subscriber and view counts are largely vanity metrics. They’re nice to look at, but they ultimately don’t mean much if you can’t back them up with the metrics and analytics that actually matter. To that end, here are some key YouTube stats you should really be tracking if you want to “make it” on the video platform.

Total and Average Watch Time

Clickbait might seem like a good idea, both in the context of blogging and on YouTube. That’s how you get those page and video views, right? However, misleading clickbait will ultimately be to your detriment, because readers and viewers will leave unsatisfied. If you have a whole bunch of views, but most people leave after only a few seconds, those views are meaningless.

Far more important than your view count is your watch time. Indeed, as I mentioned while discussing my YouTube re-monetization process, the two benchmarks you need to achieve are 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the past 12 months. YouTube isn’t interested in the number of views and neither should you. Get that total watch time up!

Impressions from YouTube Recommendations

Just like every other social media platform, you’re also at the mercy of YouTube’s algorithm when it comes to reaching your audience, not counting direct views you might get from sharing your video with your followers elsewhere or embedding the video on your website. Even if someone is subscribed to your channel, your newest video may not appear on their YouTube homepage.

If you look under the “Reach viewers” subsection of your YouTube Studio analytics, you’ll see a box that talks about your impressions and how they led to watch time. At the top of this inverted pyramid is an indication of the total number of impressions (in the past 28 days, by default). That’s how many times your video thumbnail was “seen” by YouTube users. Also in that box, you’ll see the percentage of impressions that came from YouTube recommending your content (as opposed to viewers seeking out your content directly, like through search).

If you then hover over the “i” icon in that area, you can see it further broken down by recommendations on a watch page or recommendations on the homepage. Broadly speaking, these percentages give you a sense of how much the YouTube algorithm likes your content. Unless you rely heavily on more direct approaches, you want these recommendation numbers to go up.

Thumbnail Click-Through Rate

On that same “Reach viewers” page, you’ll also see the impressions click-through rate. It’s also displayed in the inverted pyramid discussed above. This is the percentage of users who saw your thumbnail (either on the homepage or on a watch page) and decided to click on the thumbnail to watch your video. This is a VERY important metric to track, because it gives you a much better sense of missed opportunities.

Maybe the video you made would be GREAT for this user, but the thumbnail or video title weren’t enticing enough for whatever reason. To be fair, the CTR will vary based on a number of factors, like the type of content and audience, and you’re also competing against other thumbnails from other users, like in search results and subscription feeds. For context, half of all channels on YouTube have a CTR of 2-10%.

Remember what I said about misleading clickbait above? A clickbait thumbnail or title may temporarily increase your CTR, but if this also leads to lower average view duration, YouTube will recognize you’re not providing content that users actually want to watch and this will hurt your ability to get recommendation impressions.

End Screen and Card Clicks

Two great features that you should definitely be using on every video are YouTube cards and the YouTube end screen. This empowers you to recommend your own content to your viewers directly in the video itself. (Of course, you can put links in the video description too.)

If you switch over to the “Interest viewers” tab of your YouTube Studio Analytics, you’ll be able to see your top videos by end screen, top end screen element types, and top cards. This gives you a better sense of what elements are getting the most engagement, offering insight into how you might better implement them in future videos. For example, I find that I get more end screen clicks on videos I choose manually rather than relying on the “best for viewer” suggestion.

Taken on their own, any one of these key YouTube stats may only make a small impact on your overall performance on the platform. Taken together, along with everything else that goes with having a successful YouTube channel, they could mean the difference between YouTube stardom or YouTube mediocrity.

We hope you enjoyed this.

Quickstart Guide on How to Develop WordPress Themes

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Developing a WordPress theme is surprisingly easy to do. Many people have the impression that theme building is a heavily technical process that requires experience with web development. You’ll be happy to know that isn’t actually the case. 

WordPress is an amazingly flexible platform. Usually, that means things need a lot of tweaking to work properly. While that may be true in advanced cases of speed optimization, it isn’t the case with WordPress themes. 

Just as it’s easy to change themes on a smartphone or a computer, WordPress themes function the same way. So, if you ever felt inclined to make your own theme in Windows, the process is not that far off for WordPress. 

Why Make Your Own Theme

You might be wondering why you’d want to make your own theme when there are so many available. You’d be right to think that, as there are many beautiful and functional WordPress themes on the internet.

One of the most popular reasons, is to have a look and feel that is completely customized to the brand of your site, or how you would like users to engage with content on your site. The good news is that you have two options with this, which are to code a theme from scratch, or to customize a premium theme yourself.

In both scenerios, there are plenty of resources and tools to help you along the way. A great place to start, is at QualityWordpress, as they have loads of choices of themes — but completely customizable and broken down in ‘review’ and ‘list’ style articles.

However, no matter how good they are, they’re not your own. Making something yourself makes it unique. If you have that curiosity, and we’re guessing you do as you are reading this article, then this guide is for you.

Things You Need to Start

Before you can begin creating your own WordPress theme, you need to have two things:

A WordPress website of your own

A Starter Theme. This is something that will help you to create your own theme.

Why You Need a Starter Theme

Think of a starter theme as a blank canvas. You get a fresh, clean slate with all the dimensions and boundaries already set. You only need to begin painting it with the colors you like.

In WordPress terms, you get a blank theme without having to code a theme yourself. It also shows you how all of the parts of a theme work together. Essentially, starting with this does most of the background work for you. 

Make sure that you choose a starter theme as you don’t want this to become a roadblock. Some great ones are Bones or Underscore. 

Underscore in particular is quite popular. Not just because it has all the things you need, but also because it’s made by the famous Automattic company. They have a solid reputation for building safe and efficient web tools. 

Now that we have all the toolswe need, we can begin. 


 Install a Local Development Environment


Don’t be put off by the technical-sounding name. This is merely a server you’ll install on your computer – it’s essentially an offline version of WordPress. This allows you to make any changes to the site on your computer without affecting your online site right away. 

This gives you the opportunity for trial and error while you decide what you like best, without everyone else seeing what you’re up to. 

The software you need for this is called DesktopServer. Compatible with both Mac and PC, it’s user-friendly and safe, but most importantly, it’s free. 

After the installation is done, you can get your starter theme.


Get Your Starter Theme


Go to underscores.me and, just like setting up a Facebook account, the site will ask you a couple of questions like what name you want to give your site. 

It’s best not to go to the advanced options at this point as these options might seem daunting, and you don’t need to know what they mean just yet. 

Finally, click the ‘Generate’ button and download the theme in a zip file. 

Use DesktopServer to install the file, and you now have your starter theme ready for you to customize!


 Some Terms You Need to Know Beforehand 


Template files:

These are the bricks that you’ll use to build your site. These files usually end with a “.php” extension. 

They’re also named according to what goes where. For example, if a template is named “sidebar.php” this will be the sidebar on your site.


These are bits of code added to template files that tell them what to do. 

For example, if you have a code that says to change color when the mouse cursor hovers over the sidebar, then when someone visiting your site hovers their mouse cursor over your sidebar, the hooks will tell the sidebar template to change color.  


 Let the Tinkering Begin


Now that you understand all the basics, it’s time to begin creating your own theme. 

Just like any other inspirational work, look around a little and see which parts of a site you like. Then, make a small sketch of the site you have in mind with that part you like on a piece of paper. 

This is an important step as you might like three different things but once you put them side by side, you’ll see that they don’t work together. You’ll no doubt find this to be true in the first two or three sketches you do. 

You’ll soon realize why some WordPress themes sell for hundreds of dollars. But don’t let that demotivate you. You are only just starting out on your journey, so don’t compare your creation to those that have already finished theirs.

Once you’re done with your final design, apply the changes to the software and save it. Now it’s time to test it and upload it to the internet. 


Testing and Uploading Your Theme 


In order to test if your site, go to Theme Unit Test. This will send your site a set of data that will test if it’s working properly.  

After you’ve completed the tests successfully, it’s time to upload it. If you haven’t altered any of the installation paths when installing DesktopServer, then you should find the themes folder located inside the website folder, in the Documents directory.

Documents>Website>Themes>Test Themes

Make a copy of the Test Themes folder to your desktop or wherever else you prefer. Now, compress this folder using Winrar or 7-Zip

Go to DesktopServer and install this zip file just as you did with the Underscores theme. 

And there you have it, your very own WordPress theme!

We hope by following these steps, you’ll be able to create your desired theme and gain some experience using WordPress. Good luck and have fun!

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📅 2020 Content Marketing Calendar + 100 Social Media Ideas (Free Download)

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Need EASY social media ideas and an organized calendar for ALL of your 2020 content marketing?

2020 Social Media Content IdeasI’ve got you covered. 😉

Smart marketers are already gearing up for 2020 and getting set up for an AMAZING year!

This part always makes me feel totally overwhelmed to be honest.

It’s like my brain freezes up just thinking about it all, especially right at the holidays & year-end!

This year though, I found the PERFECT solution. 🎯

I discovered Angie Gensler, and the 2020 “Done-For-You” Social Media Content Calendar she created. I don’t even know how it first crossed my screen, but I’m SO glad I stopped and checked it out!

If you’re scanning in a hurry, there are 3 points in this note:

1. I scored you 20% off this GREAT content calendar (and it’s already inexpensive!). If you’re in a hurry click here and use code LYNNTERRY for the discount.

2. Her free downloads are FULL of brilliant ideas. You definitely want to grab & use those. Start with this one: Free Social Media Cheat Sheet

Both of those ☝ are great for ANY niche and any business model.

3. Her funnel is SO simple yet so WELL DONE, that I encourage you to analyze it 🔎 and use it as a working model to emulate…

Whether you get her done-for-you 2020 content calendar or one of her handy free downloads, pay attention as you move through the steps.

She does not oversell, but she DOES overdeliver. 😉 It has a super smooth flow, and leaves you with a GREAT impression.

Definitely one to model in your own marketing. It’s a beautiful live example of the kind of experience you want to give YOUR audience.

That alone is incredibly valuable!


The BEST Social Media Content & Marketing Calendar I’ve EVER Seen…

I could tell you all about it but that would probably take several paragraphs.

I will say it’s the best format I’ve ever seen, it’s VERY easy to use and customize, you can share it with your assistant or team if you have one – there is literally NOTHING lacking about this content calendar.

The best thing to do is watch the short video at the top of this page and then scroll down and watch the second short video where she gives you an inside look so you can SEE the content calendar and how it works.

If you LOVE it, don’t forget to use the discount code LYNNTERRY for 20% off. I got MINE for 20% off, so I asked her for a code I could pass on to you too. 🙂


2020 Social Media Planner

I’m pretty confident you’ll be as impressed as I was…

She did an AMAZING job with this calendar! 💕


You will NEVER struggle with “what to post” AGAIN. 😉

While it’s a “social media content calendar” I got TONS of ideas for videos, blog posts, email newsletters – pretty much ALL the content I’ll ever need to create.

And you can plan it all out right there on the calendar, customizing it to the way you run YOUR business.

The editable format is the BEST!

2020 Done-For-You Content Calendar 📲
discount code: LYNNTERRY (20% off)

Note: That discount code expires at the end of the year. It’s good through 12/31 – so use it while you can!


Not ready to commit, but need GREAT social media content ideas?

This is also a great way to analyze how she has her funnel set up, and check out how HER content marketing flows!

📲 Download the FREE Social Media Cheat Sheet


I hope you enjoy both of these resources as much as I’m enjoying them myself. 🙂

It takes entirely too many hours to try to create something like this from scratch!

I love that she has all the holidays & observances plus TONS of post prompts and content ideas (strategically designed to increase engagement) already loaded right into your content calendar – ready to customize and GO. ✅

I’ve bought countless planners and calendars over the years, but this is the FIRST one I’ve actually been inspired to USE. It was so easy, I opened it up and got started straight away. 🙂

Go ahead and download one or both of those resources and have them ready…

I’ll be back with a FUN year-end surprise that will help you build a responsive, buying audience in 2020 that will level-up your online business! *cheers*


p.s. The 20% off discount code EXPIRES next week. ⏰

📲 Download the 2020 Done-For-You Content Calendar
use discount code: LYNNTERRY for 20% off today



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The First Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas was a Little Bumpy

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The first Affiliate Summit West took place on June 13-14, 2005 at the long-gone Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. But we didn’t call it Affiliate Summit West back then because it was our only event that year.

Affiliate Summit West 2005

Before arriving in Las Vegas for this show I’d never been there before, and we were still pretty new to organizing conferences. That plus not a whole lot of money in the bank meant we were handling everything ourselves – the outsourcing of things didn’t happen until later.

So the day before the conference check-in was opening we enlisted the help of a bunch of friends to stuff the bags for the 550 or so attendees. We were in a suite at the Riviera all day with drinks and an assembly line going.

One of my favorite pictures from that conference was Missy laying on the hundreds of bags after we’d finished up.

Missy and the attendee bags at ASW05

After the last bag was stuffed, I went on an odyssey in Las Vegas that included taking a nap on the Strip and various versions of how I ended up back in my room at some late hour. You can hear the gory details in my video recap of the conference.

The check-in process was way more primitive back then, but we had smaller crowds and it worked.

ASW05 check-in

Affiliate Summit West 2005 was the first time we had an exhibit hall, but that may be too generous of a term for what was going on there – we had 15 booths in a room. You can see the “exhibit hall” and other entertaining Affiliate Summit relics in the Affiliate Summit West 2005 program, which was lovingly created in Microsoft Word.

ASW05 exhibit hall

While we were at the Riviera there was also a group of rugby fans, and one of the things many people remember from that conference was that a boozer from the rugby crowd threw up in the pool and it had to be closed.

Towards the end of Affiliate Summit West 2005, there was a big scare after a panel on blogging. One of the panelists, Wayne Porter, collapsed and had to be hospitalized shortly after the panel.

Blogging panel at ASW05

Thankfully, Wayne recovered from that fall and was later anointed as the first Affiliate Summit Legend.

It’s hard to believe Affiliate Summit West 2020 will be the 16th year in a row that Affiliate Summit is in Las Vegas. Looking forward to seeing lots of the old-timers who were there at the start, as well as the youngbloods.

Check out the pictures from Affiliate Summit West 2005.

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SEO Case Study: How To 14x Search Traffic In 8x months

This may be of interest to you.

Learn how we took traffic from 2,732 visitors per month to 38,420 in just 8x months.

I am going to take you behind the scenes and show you everything we did step by step including the complete link building strategy.

You’re going to love it!

SEO Case Study: How To 14x Search Traffic In 8x months was originally published on Matthew Woodward

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Ferrari F8 Tributo At South OC Cars and Coffee

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There were a lot of supercars at this week’s South OC Cars and Coffee, including the new Ferrari F8 Tributo. This is the replacement for the Ferrari 488. Think of it as a civilized Ferrari Pista. Enjoy it, and all the other cars in the video below.

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How to Find Affordable Business Insurance like a Boss

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Are you finding affordable business insurance the old way? Click here to find out the best way to find insurance and save money.

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SEO Case Study: How To 14x Search Traffic In 8x months

This may be of interest to you.

Learn how we took traffic from 2,732 visitors per month to 38,420 in just 8x months.

I am going to take you behind the scenes and show you everything we did step by step including the complete link building strategy.

You’re going to love it!

SEO Case Study: How To 14x Search Traffic In 8x months was originally published on Matthew Woodward

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Happy Carbon Fiber Holiday At South OC Cars and Coffee

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There were a lot of supercars with a lot of carbon fiber at this week’s South OC Cars and Coffee. I checked out a few carbon loaded exotics, including a McLaren 720S Spider with nearly $100K of carbon options. It’s insane! You can spend $100K on carbon fiber or a new Porsche 911. Which would you choose?

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