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Do you remember the excitement you once felt when you went to publish your first book on Amazon?

Do you remember how gleeful you were that all of your hard work writing was about to pay off in a big way?

How long did it take for the shine to start to wear away?

It is like a shot to the gut when your book goes live, and you have to go buy a copy for yourself to confirm that Amazon’s sales reporting system is working the way it is supposed to work.

Then you ask a friend to buy a copy of your book, just so that you can be confident that Amazon isn’t cheating you out of sales?

It finally hits you square between the eyes that no one is buying your book, and the unease starts to set in, when you begin to doubt why you ever thought that you could write books that people would want to read.

Some people will make a small investment of cash into Facebook ads, hoping those ads might turn around sales, all the time ignoring the obnoxious sound of a flushing toilet as that money leaves their wallets for the last time.

It is at this point where many new authors make their biggest mistake…

Inexperienced authors will often assume that the problem is their book…


Let me be clear…

If people have not yet read your book, and no one has reviewed your book, the problem is NOT your book…

The Problem Is That
No One Has Seen Your Book


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