Paulie Ciaras Millionaire Backlink Builder

I have been fortunate enough to get a review copy of  ‘Paulie Ciaras Millionaire Backlink Builder‘ and been able to read through it today.

This is an in depth ebook about starting your own $5000 a year website. Most of the information is about starting micro sites but this seems to be where the most money is to be made for those that are just starting out, especially if you are promoting affiliate offers. If you make more than one website the income increases $5000 each time.

There is a lot of information here and it is a road map to success if you follow this plan. It covers everything you need to know to get started in a profitable business as this can be applied to any niche. There is even information about selecting a niche that will make you money and he tells you how to do the research.

The information I got was a pdf of 55 pages loaded with information.

Here is the email version of the WSO:

‘This might sound kind of nuts, but it’s true – You are about to

learn how to build a completely set-and-forget $5,000 per-year
website in just 48 hours.
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This is an e-mail you are going to be VERY glad you read. Here are
a few things you are about to learn:
– How to turn 32 visitors per day into a $10,000 per year website.
– How to leap-frog directly to the top of Google WITHOUT having to
battle through competition.
– Where to find hundreds of high quality backlinks from TRUE
authority sources, without paying for them.
– How to build an autopilot 5K-per-year website in only 2 Days.
– How to turn 180 visitors per day into a completely set-andforget $50,000 year.
– How to smile at the little guys who are struggling with
something called the “traffic problem.”
– The secret location of a steam-powered fire-hydrant of .gov and
.edu links.
– How to completely sidestep your SERP competition and cut
directly to the top of Google
If you want to learn how to do this but aren’t willing to work
more than 20 minutes per day (2 hours per week), you will most
definitely want to check this out right now’

You can can check the offer out here.

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