There Is No Plan B

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Even though I have no intention or any ambitions of ever “making it” in Hollywood, I’ve always looked up to Matt Damon. Truthfully, I’ll watch almost any movie that he’s in. With rare exception — I’m looking at you, Suburbicon — I’ve almost never been disappointed. From Good Will Hunting and Saving Private Ryan to The Martian and the Bourne series, he’s done very well for himself. Okay, so Downsizing was pretty weird too.

I recently came across an episode of Off Camera with Sam Jones where he had Matt Damon on as his guest. They talked about his career and how he’s had the great fortune of working with so many incredible directors, from Martin Scorsese to Steven Soderbergh. Naturally, the conversation also drifted to the “overnight success” of Good Will Hunting and Matt’s “pre-success” years coming up with Ben Affleck.


Now, I perfectly understand that this blog is about professional blogging and running an online business, but there were at least three key messages that we can take away from Matt Damon’s approach to his profession. And they’re actually a lot harder to internalize than you might think.

Only One Way to Go

As early as his freshman year of high school, and maybe even before that, a young Matt Damon had his heart set on “making it” as an actor. He may not have known exactly what that meant at the time, but he made the steadfast decision that this was what he wanted to do with his life. Sam Jones asked if he had any sort of backup plan, or if he had a “if this acting thing doesn’t work out after eight or nine years” kind of idea in mind.

For Matt, there was never a plan B. He was going to make this work, no matter how long it took or how hard it was to get there. Part of this kind of mindset is understandably delusional, of course, but you can say the same kind of thing about trying to carve out your own living on the Internet too.

This isn’t what “normal” people do, because “normal” people take on a more conventional path, seeing how they can be a good employee. But being a good employee isn’t necessarily what will make you a good entrepreneur, just as it isn’t necessarily what will make you a big Hollywood actor.

Instead of applying the traditional 80/20 ratio of the Pareto principle, Matt Damon applied the 100/0 rule. This was all or nothing, and nothing wasn’t an option. He was going to make it. And he did.

No Overnight Success

If you dream of becoming a Hollywood superstar, understand that almost no one is an “overnight success,” even if the media may present them in this fashion. When Good Will Hunting came out, everyone called Matt Damon and Ben Affleck an “overnight success,” but both of them had been hard at work for years already at that point.

They were already a part of the union for several years. This was just the project that propelled them into the spotlight, allowing them to break the surface.

damon s

Even though Good Will Hunting may have put them on the map, they had already been around for a very long time, working hard on their craft. Professional blogging or running any sort of online business is much the same way. If you’re trying to “get rich quick,” this is not the path to take. Online success is not a spontaneous experience. It doesn’t happen overnight.

You may have heard of a concept called the ramp. Basically, your growth may not look like much for some time. And then, one day, something hits big — a YouTube video, an Instagram post, it could be anything — and everything “seemingly” changes overnight. Of course, you know it didn’t. You’ve been at it for some time already.

Just Don’t Do It

During his conversation with Sam Jones, Matt Damon said (at least) one other thing that really surprised me, at least initially. He said that when someone asks him if they should go into acting, he basically always says, “No.” He tells people that they should not pursue a career in Hollywood. No, it’s not to deter competition. And no, it’s not because he doesn’t love the work that he does; he really does enjoy his acting life.

Instead, what he said is that if someone chooses not to pursue acting just because one person told them it’s a bad idea, then that person will never make it anyway. Acting, much like blogging or entrepreneurship, is not an easy gig. It’s a rough life, filled with disappointments and failures.

On the flip side, if the person hears someone say “no,” if the person has several people in their life who try to deter them, and yet they continue to persevere and fight through the adversity, then they’ll have a much greater shot of actually making it. Anyone can do it, but not everyone is willing to actually do it. Are you?

good entrepreneur

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Watch Netflix with Friends Using Netflix Party

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Since everybody is cooped up and unable to socialize outside of things like Zoom and FaceTime, there is a fun option called Netflix Party to watch shows or movies with friends.

Netflix Party

With this Chrome extension, you can watch in sync with people and chat while you are streaming together.

Criticism of Netflix

It’s a quick and easy installation when you are in the Chrome browser.

e - commerce

After all, Tiger King is more fun to watch with people.

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Francesca Delbanco

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Leptitox Review

Obesity has become disturbingly widespread according to World Health Organization, affecting people from all walks of life. People are trying to lose weight using various ways and methods but are sadly becoming disappointed because of very minimal results if not none. If you are also struggling losing weight despite trying every way you know how, Leptitox may just be the solution you need!

What is Leptitox?

It is an all-natural dietary supplement made from the purest and highest quality extracts and nutrients from 22 plants that helps fight the true perpetrator of your weight gain, which is leptin resistance.

If you have been wondering why every possible way to lose weight is not working for you, including strenuous exercises and expensive diets, then you haven’t heard of Leptin Resistance. It is not your fault why you are not losing weight despite your efforts for years. Your body may be experiencing leptin resistance which women experience more than men especially when you reach 40 years old and above, when this happens, the body feels hungrier and hungrier due to the resisted leptins responsible to send signal to your brain that you are already full.

By now, you should learn to avoid unhealthy diet pills and slimming capsules that may cause harmful side effects. Weight loss products have been prevalent in the market, but you should be smart enough to protect yourself from suspicious products that offer too good to be true results containing ingredients that can cause adverse effects on the body.

Choose a safe way to start your weight loss journey. With Leptitox, just by taking one capsule per day for at least 90 days for best results, you can say goodbye to overeating and say hello to a new and better you without the hard work.

How to Take Leptitox?

Just like most supplements, take one capsule with water daily. As advised, for best results or to ensure that you achieve your weight goal, take the capsule once daily for 90 days especially when you are over 40 years old and more than 10 lbs. overweight as it needs enough time to work throughout your entire body.

Who created Leptitox?

Morgan Hurst, a firefighter, was able to create this safe supplement and all-natural weight buster with the help of a dedicated independent medical researcher with experience for over 29 years namely, Sonya Rhodes. Morgan was no doctor, but he is a loving husband who only wants to save his wife from depression and possible death due to her incessant weight gain.

Hurst, seeing his wife in pain and discouraged tried everything to change that, although it felt hopeless with him almost giving up, he spent hours and hours of research to find out the best solution for his wife when everything they know failed for years, including a doctor’s recommendation. He believed there must be something more and he succeeded finding it.

He was fortunate enough to meet with a Malaysian who shared to him various plants responsible for him and his people not to be overweight and be full of life and energy. Using the plants and the plants added by Rhodes to enhance its effect, they were able to create Leptitox which changed his wife’s life and the lives of more than a hundred thousand people.


Supplement is plant-based, natural and totally safe, so there will be no side effects.

– Each capsule is standardized as it is made in the USA in FDA approved and GMP facilities.

– It helps you lose weight without addictive and dangerous substances.

– It extinguishes food cravings and boosts energy levels.

– It does not only target belly fats but also body parts where fats are usually stored, like thighs and arms.

– It supports heart health and increases sex drive.

– Supports weight loss without giving up your favorite food or spending any gym membership.

– It promotes self-confidence and vitality.

– It has changed the lives of over 100,000 men and women worldwide.

– 60 days money back guarantee.

– Bulk Orders come with FREE Colon Cleanse.

– It offers value deals with FREE Shipping.


– It can only be purchased online.

– Should be taken for at least 90 days to ensure you reach your desired weight.

– Results vary from person to person.


The weight loss industry is a billion-dollar industry that is marred with lies. Despite the existence of many weight loss products, the rate of obese and overweight people is still increasing at an alarming rate. If you are or someone you know is trying everything to lose that belly fat but ends up disappointed with the lack or unnoticeable results, Leptitox is for you!

It is the easiest, fastest and safest way to lose weight without the risk of having harmful side effects and it does more than transform you into a more confident and fit person, it generally makes you healthy and full of life. This product is a risk-free investment and is a must try because many people have tried it and are able to transform their lives. You too can take control and transform yours.

20 Affiliate Types and How They Can Grow or Harm Your Program

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Have you reached an impasse in your affiliate recruitment efforts or you have yet to see results despite onboarding all the major affiliate types? I like to think of affiliate programs as boxes of chocolates. I prefer boxes that contain various types of chocolate (white, dark, milk) with various fillings, …

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How to Make Money with the NutriProfits Affiliate Program

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The health and beauty industry is thriving at present. Today the global beauty industry is a $532 billion business, and this only looks set to increase over the next decade.

You could say society has become highly engaged with how they appear, and many businesses are leveraging this trend to help health and beauty seekers meet their needs.

NutriProfits has leveraged the power of health and beauty brands that use quality ingredients and naturally help people look and feel their best. Additionally, they have also launched an affiliate program to share the sales of their products with influencers, bloggers, vloggers, and beauty content creators.

Therefore, in today’s post, we’ll look at the NutriProfit Affiliate Program. You’ll find background information, tools, and guidelines, benefits, and considerations that will help you become a successful affiliate for NutriProfits.

Let’s get started by looking at what the program is about.

affiliate marketing products

What is the NutriProfits Affiliates Program all about?

If you’ve ever used an affiliate service, and in the early stages, you may find that you don’t fully grasp every detail of the product. So, it’s a great idea to get in-depth knowledge of the affiliate service so that you can desirable create content. When you’re passionate and knowledgeable about a product, your audience can sense that and lean into it more.

That said, let me give you some of the critical factors that are a must-know for you:

  • NutriProfits is an affiliate program created in 2013 by people who used to be Affiliates before.
  • The program allows you to register and review their catalog of beauty products and promote them.
  • If you sell any of the products via your affiliate links, you can earn a commission from the sale.
  • They have a broad range of health and beauty products.
  • You will also receive a commission of up to 40% for being an intermediary in the sale.

How does NutriProfits work?

Often it’s great to know all about the affiliate program, and you know you can sell the products, but when you do not understand the details about the product, it becomes slightly more challenging to create content for it. Therefore it’s vital to find as much detail as possible about how the program works, and this will make you feel more confident when promoting it. 

Here’s a step by step guide of how it works:

  • You would need to join as a starting point, and this will allow you to have access to the catalog of products
  • Once done, you then need to get your affiliate links and discover the different products that you can promote either through a blog, your social media like Instagram or YouTube channel.
  • The good news is that most content can be created to give your audience the reasons why the product can benefit them.
  • It’s also a fact that your audience is more likely to take your recommendation due to the trust you have built up with them.
  • Once your audience decides to buy the product by clicking the affiliate link you include in your content, you would have made a sale.
  • NutriProfits will then receive all transactions and will allocate the sale to your account. When finalized, you will be credited with up to 40% of the sale to your affiliate account.
  • The withdrawal of funds is made once a month around the 21st and will accrue from the last month
  • Also, once you can withdraw funds, you can use a bank transfer, ePayments, or Paxum.

Benefits to Promoting NutriProfits Campaigns

  • High commission rate up to 40% and will also give you commissions on returning customers
  • It offers high-quality products that are popular and easy for people to choose from.
  • Easy to promote on your website, social media or videos
  • Educational tools that are sent to get you started, including tips and guides that will ensure you promote the products appropriately
  • A wide range of products offers a photograph of each product, technical data, and ingredients that will help support the product.
  • The tracking system (which helps recognize the sale came from you) will work on all devices like laptops, mobile, and tablets.
  • Fast and timely payment with minimal hassle.
  • Offers lifetime cookies, which means that if a customer clicks on your link and returns later to buy the product, you will still get the commission.
  • Products can be promoted in over 100 countries, and all links are geo-targeted, meaning it will always link to the country-specific store based on the user’s location.
  • The program is free to join and participate.

Examples of NutriProfits Products for Promotion

To give you a clear idea about the available products, please review some of the products that are available for you to promote.

bank transfer

The full range of products also gives you a wide variety of niches to choose from as follows:

  • Weight loss – Often, these products can be great sellers seeing as many people are hoping to lose weight using an effective solution. These are often the best sellers, and they draw in many potential customers for the benefits offered.
  • Bodybuilding – The bodybuilding industry has a substantial audience who is passionate about the products they buy, and they tend to be loyal customers who are often returning buyers.
  • Hair loss & anti-aging – As people age, they do see some changes, and the beauty products offer solutions to a problem that can be difficult to find a solution to. The customer base is available and ready to take up a new product that can fix a pain point they have experienced.
  • Sleep aid – Stress is becoming more commonplace these days, and work is playing a role in this. People are seeking out solutions to help them sleep better. These types of beneficial products that are proven to work are challenging to find. When you bring this to your audience, it will create a valuable experience for them.

You can also check the FAQ page for further details.

High-Quality Ingredients explained

One example of the most popular product is a coffee booster that also helps you lose weight. The coffee itself is made from the highest quality ingredients, attracting many health & beauty buyers who tend to have discerning tastes. Their focus tends to be on quality first and price later.

The key benefits of this product include:

  • It’s a coffee that tastes great but also is infused with slimming properties meaning you can sip on the go and stay trim.
  • It’s known as “bulletproof coffee” because it pushes your metabolism up and enhances the fat burning process
  • This can lead to improved cognitive functions and better learning capability.

beauty conscious buyer

For example, if you had to promote Cappucino MCT as per above and decide to create a blog post, let’s consider what happens. If browsers find your post enjoyable and decide to click on the link and make a purchase, you will see a 30% commission. It will equal $31.20(it’s an average pay-out value, so that could change) to be paid to you by the 21st of the next month. Additionally, if the customer returns, you will also earn a commission on their next purchase.

Another thing to consider is that if the customer opts to return later or in a couple of days to make the purchase, you will still earn the commission. Keep in mind, it’s a lifetime commission link and not 120 days, as is common in the affiliate marketing industry.

Considerations When Running NutriProfits Offers

It’s always important to review the considerations of a program you will sign up for. Yes, it may be free, but we find that it’s valuable to know all of the fine print. It sets you up for success later down the line.

Here’s what you should consider:

  • Has a detailed dashboard that gives you everything you need to understand your analytics, including clicks, sales, conversions, and pay-out. If you are less analytically inclined, make sure to review everything on the dashboard for clarity.
  • When you do sign in for the first time, choose the right currency (EUR, USD, GBP, and PLN) and also your preferred withdrawal method (bank transfer, ePayments, or Paxum). Cross-check that everything is correct as payment will be made using these options.
  • While payments are made once a month on the 21st for the previous month, you must meet minimum earning levels. That usually means 100 EUR, 120 UD, 80 GBP, and PLN 400.

Final Thoughts on the Nutriprofits Affiliate Program

If you’re seasoned affiliate marketer, then you know precisely how beneficial it is to choose the right affiliate marketing products.

We always recommend that you look at a new product and test it out first before promoting it to your audience. It helps and will ensure you confidently promote the products.

Fortunately, NutriProfits does offer a wide range of products that are aimed at the healthy and beauty conscious buyer.

Additionally, you can benefit if your audience is repeat customers, where you can earn up to a 40% commission every time they make a purchase.

Always consider the timelines associated with payment and use the tracking dashboard to track and collate your information.

Please feel free to check them out if you’d love to find out more about NutriProfits Affiliate Program.

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Custom Keto Diet Review

Nowadays, you get overwhelmed with hundreds of diet fads, exercise routines and various products to aid people in losing weight as being overweight and obese has become a global problem. But with all the existing weight loss programs out there, how do you even know what works and what doesn’t? How about a customized program tailored just for you and your specific needs to reach the healthy and fit body you desire? Have a complete health transformation with Custom Keto Diet.

What is Custom Keto Diet?

As the name suggests, it is a carefully designed meal plan based on your unique needs which will enable your body to undergo a state of “ketosis” which is an effective way of losing weight without starving yourself. Yes, you can still eat savory food and you do not necessarily need to exercise to make it work.

Ketosis is a metabolic state which happens when your body burns fat for energy because your body does not have enough carbohydrates to burn. The ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet, depriving yourself of glucose which is the main source of energy of all cells in the body, thus the body uses fat as its primary fuel.

All you need is a customized Keto Meal Plan by Rachel Roberts which is a result of proven studies to correct 4 common diet myths that harm rather than help your health and your dream figure. These weight loss mistakes that most people do must stop such as not being in a calorie deficit, severe calorie restriction, believing that all calories are equal and following unrealistic and overly restrictive diet.

An 8-week Custom Keto Meal Plan is your solution. It is an affordable and personalized nutrition plan created just for you to permanently get rid of your body fats while eating a meal plan you can enjoy.

Who Created the Custom Keto Diet?

The Custom Keto Diet was designed by Rachel Roberts who chose to share this powerful and proven diet plan in achieving the body of your dreams. For years, she has developed custom keto plans together with leading nutritionists, personal trainers and chefs to create your ultimate, effective, convenient, enjoyable and affordable program.

She aims to help millions of people who are constantly trying to shed some pounds, following strict diet guidelines but are not seeing results. Her creation will help you to take charge of your health and figure.

How Does Custom Keto Diet Work?

It is an 8-week personalized plan which you can access after answering a few questions about yourself, your current situation, food preferences and goals. These are just basic information needed to customize your plan so you must answer them as honest and accurate as possible. Be mindful of inputting your email address and make sure it is correct and active because your meal plan will be sent there. After completing the data, your personalized plan will be created, and you will have access to it once you have entered your payment details. Once you receive your plan, you can start your journey to transformation.

Make sure to take charge of your health transformation, be willing to follow experts’ instructions and believe in the science-based dieting strategy that is Custom Keto Diet.


Based on the experience and expertise of industry leaders such as nutritionists, personal trainers and chefs to achieve an optimal progress.

– It is customized! Each person has specific needs and situation, thus a diet plan effective for some may not be the same for others. This is tailored according to your own ideal calorie and macro intake.

– Positive and proven results.

– No starvation! You can still enjoy the food you love as this will be based on your food preferences.

– Contains delicious meals from extensive research and testing by the top keto chefs.

– Meal plan contains a wide range of food variations making the program enjoyable.

– Easy, step-by-step instructions, you don’t need to be a food expert or have a cooking experience.

– Saves time. It has a downloadable grocery list that you don’t need to spend hours in the supermarket.

– It is an affordable program. Hiring weight loss experts will cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars without sure results.

– 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with this program.


– It can only be purchased and accessed online.

– Results vary from person to person.

– It takes discipline.

– You do your own cooking and food shopping.


Invest in yourself! It is high time that you take charge of your health and your figure with the Custom Keto Diet which is proven to show positive results as it is based on a combination of experience and Science.

Stop starving yourself or forcing yourself to enroll in a gym membership that you can’t follow through just to get rid of those unwanted fats. There is a much enjoyable way to do it without straining yourself. Choose a program you can do and prepare for your future transformation with a customized program just for you!

Early Affiliate Marketing Statistics with AffStat

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Back in the early 2000s, there was not a lot of data on affiliate marketing, and I wanted to know more about what was going on. So I decided to make my own report of statistics on the industry and registered on October 29, 2002.

Presenting at Affiliate Force 2003

The first report came out in the spring of 2003 and I gave a presentation on it at the Affiliate Force conference, which took place April 24-28, 2003 aboard the Carnival Imagination cruise ship.

At the time I was the Affiliate Manager, as well as the President of the US chapter of the Internet Affiliate Marketing Association.

It was during this cruise conference that Missy Ward and I presented together in a session for the first time. Affiliate Manager , as well as the President of the US

It was also the time the two of us became disenfranchised with Affiliate Force and the work we were doing to build it up. So we made plans to launch our own conference, which could have easily faded away as nonsense we spouted off about at one of the cruise bars.

But we got on the phone a couple of weeks later and was registered on May 19, 2003.

Less than six months later we had our first event, and there was never another Affiliate Force.

Over the years AffStat was folded into Affiliate Summit.

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e - commerce

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Should You Set Up Multiple Authors on a WordPress Site?

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Blogging and content creation, in general, is no joke. It’s actually a very demanding and time-consuming endeavor, especially if you do it by yourself.  A lot of things go into blogging, and contrary to popular belief it doesn’t just entail writing and posting blog posts, but also coming up with content ideas, maintaining the blog, and interacting with its visitors.

Out of everything we just mentioned, creating the content might be the hardest task among them all. Why? Well because not only does it require you to dedicate a generous amount of time into making it happen it also requires you to be innovative, creative, and a fairly decent writer. Unfortunately, even if you check all these boxes, your blog’s audience still might not be satisfied. 

No matter how good your writing skills are and how well-crafted your blog content is, if you created it on your own, it will share similarities with your earlier work and with time it won’t be as exciting and appealing to people as it once was. 

To get yourself out of this and other similar situations, you should start implementing a popular practice on your blog, a practice of having multiple authors as co-authors of your posts.


What does it mean to have multiple authors and how does your blog benefit from it?

Although most of you are already aware of this, we still have to point out that there is no rule which says that you have to be the sole author on your blog. Having other authors is not only normal, but it’s also expected from you if you want to strive in today’s blogging world.

The authors you have on your blog can be regulars that produce content for you in set intervals or can be casual contributors that you host 1-2 times or every once in a while. So basically, they can either be your employees or your guests. 

It’s important to note that not only can your blog have multiple authors, but your individual blog posts can too. Posts that have been written by multiple authors are special. These posts offer multiple perspectives/approaches to a single topic allowing you to give your readers a truly in-depth analysis of the topic from every possible angle. 

If the same topic was covered by just one author, his/her thoughts and opinions would only match the thoughts and opinions of one portion of your audience. On the other hand, a multi-author post can satisfy the preferences of the majority, sometimes even the entirety of your audience by having so much variety within it.

But the authors don’t always have to have differing opinions, they can actually share the same ones and then each elaborate them thorough their own dedicated section of an article.

Having articles like these will be a huge asset for your blog, but they are not the only benefit you will get once you start having multiple authors on your blog.

The other benefits include:

  • Growing your blog more rapidly because of the increased quantity of quality content you are publishing.
  • Having more time to dedicate to other aspects of your blog besides content creating.
  • Making your blog more professional and giving it more authority in the industry by introducing to it guest authors that are experts and established names in specific fields.
  • Expanding and diversifying the range of topics that are covered on your blog by having people from different areas of expertise produce content for you.
  • Having consistent volumes of content at all times thanks to a larger number of authors writing the content and also filling in for each other in times of absence and other unpredictable situations.
  • Enjoying more trust from your readers since 60% of them see multi-author blogs as more credible. As pointed out in various SEO reports, audiences want to see the face of the person they are writing or reading about–and are more likely to share or trust their content as a result of it.
  • Last but not least, being able to create an organized content schedule in advance so you only have to worry about publishing content on the days you do your scheduling.

How to credit multiple authors at the same time?

Crediting all the authors that contribute to your blog and its posts is extremely important not only because it’s what the authors want and deserve but also because it’s the only sure way to keep the authors satisfied and willing to work with you again, besides, of course, paying them for their work on time.

Considering the fact that multi-author blogs and posts are so popular, it comes as a surprise that by default WordPress doesn’t allow you to credit multiple authors at once. This can only be done with the help of plugins which specialize in author bio boxes and multi-author crediting.

One of the best plugins of this sort available on the market is called Simple Author Box. Using this plugin, the process of crediting your co-authors will be extremely straightforward.

Blog software

When crediting your authors your blog posts will be enriched with multiple responsive author boxes which will contain the name of the authors, their pictures, bios, and social media icons.

Depending on how you configure the settings of the Simple Author Box plugin, the author boxes will be added automatically, or you can do it manually yourself through inserting shortcodes and PHP code in instructed areas.

When choosing the authors that you want to credit you will have two options. The first option is to pick an existing WordPress user form a drop-down list. The second option is to create a co-author account but without having to create a WordPress account for that person first.

This is a great option and one that you will be using the majority of the time since you don’t want to give your co-authors/guest authors proper WordPress accounts that would also give them access to your site.


Creating the co-author account will not take more than a few minutes, and can be done directly through a pop-up window which will appear on the page of the specific post you want to credit the multiple authors on.

fairly decent writer

Compared to other plugins intended for the same purpose, Simple Author Box has made crediting multiple authors as simple as possible. That is why you should definitely take it into consideration when choosing a plugin that will help you complete this very important task.


We hope this article gave you a clear answer to the questions of why and how you can have multiple authors on your WordPress blog.

We know that some of you might be skeptical about it, and that is normal, a lot of people before you were as well. But one thing we can tell you for sure is, that once those people did go the multi-author route, they never went back.

Thanks for reading!

Free Software

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10 Minute Awakening Review

If you can create the life you want, would you do it? A life that manifests anything you want and can unlock your full potential by maximizing the power of your subconscious! Let the 10 Minute Awakening take you to a magical transformation that will change your life for the better.

What is 10 Minute Awakening?

It is a 3-week program that combines soundwave technology with guided meditation that attracts wealth and more and in the process, you create the life you desire. It unlocks your true potential and increases your positive energy which in turn synchronizes more positive energy eliminating your negative thought patterns and getting rid of the negativities in your life.

It uses the vibrational phenomenon where a positive attracts positive and a negative attracts negative. So, when the mind is in the heightened state or Theta state, your mind will be like an ocean of positive thoughts that builds and creates rather than destroy.

The sound waves combined with the meditation practiced by the monks in the Deep Himalayan mountains will stimulate your subconscious creating a state of enlightenment. Your positively charged mind will soon bring the things you most desire into your life.

Who Created the 10 Minute Awakening?

The 10 Minute Awakening was developed by Paul Thomas, a professional life coach, yoga practitioner and a strong believer of destiny, with the help of Jonathan who is a neuroscientist studying spirituality and their team of scientists, hypnotists and meditation experts.

Paul discovered this system after experiencing a series of unfortunate events on top of the challenges including financial difficulty that he encountered growing up. He even had a near death experience that led him to gaining an understanding about enlightenment and consciousness through Jonathan. He traveled to the Himalayan Mountains and learned to meditate like a seasoned monk, a true spiritual master.

Paul harnessed the power of his mind and easily brought abundance in his life.

How Does 10 Minute Awakening Work?

You can have anything that you want in your life if you follow the 3-week Program just by spending as little as 10 minutes per day for your true awakening. You will feel results as early as day 1. In the 1st week you will be guided to truly see the universe and focus on the life you want. You are expected to learn focus and calmness and there will be changes in your brain. Week 2 deals with rediscovering yourself. All the stress and the burden of life’s challenges will be fixed and you can rewrite your life anew. The magical transformation begins in week 3, your mind is rewired to think positively creating the life you desire.

Immense yourself to the sound and meditation guides to reach a heightened state and watch your life change before your eyes.


– It has a 60-day Money Back Guarantee. If for whatever reason, you don’t love your transformation, you will be given a full refund.

– It is easy to do and takes only 10 minutes. It does not have complicated steps or exercises.

– Compatible with all devices.

– Helps you get rid of negative feelings and stress.

– Guides you to your true potential and self-discovery.

– The author is credible and experienced. He has over 7 years of research and testing, healing people all over the world.

– This program has been tried and tested by the author himself.

The program comes with valuable bonuses: Melt Away Stress, The Flow State, Purify and Cleanse, Creative Sleep, the 10 Minute Awakening QuickStart Guide and an additional 2 Bonus Tracks for Calming Relaxation and Brain-Boosting Power in just a few minutes. These bonuses will aid you in your transformation.


– You will need an internet connection to access the product.

– The sound waves may not be for everybody.

– It is a digital product and can only be purchased online.


This is a tried and tested 3-week program to achieve a completely new life you want. It is a promising program that teaches you to meditate and reach an altered state of mind where positivity reigns.

It is very essential in life to remove all negative thoughts from your mind so that you can live positively, attracting positive vibrations in the process. When you live positively, you will discover how capable you are to reach for your dreams, and you will notice a significant change in yourself. You will gain more confidence and will doubt yourself less and less.

You can embark in a world full of happiness, potential and abundance. You can have a life of success and live a life of purpose. Embrace your new life along with the gifts that come with it, awaken to a life that you desire with the 10 Minute Awakening.

Authenticity Required: What Is Thought Leadership?

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Buzzwords are annoying aren’t they? Our industry is full of them. “Think outside the box,” “sysnergize,” “content is king,” “SEO is Dead,” “next-level,” Etc. But sometimes, no matter how annoying the buzzword, how overused, it’s still useful and important. Thought leadership is one of those words. You might be rolling your eyes already. I’d like you to stop mid-roll and listen for a moment. Thought leadership fulfills the demands of today’s audience more than ever. Both businesses and customers demand authenticity. They’re tired of being shilled by countless media moguls, politicians, and businessmen. They want to know that you not

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