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Monday – July 14, 2014

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,
What’s the most common complaint of successful Internet Marketers? It’s trying to come up with “fresh content” every month for their websites!

Successful marketers have learned that website visitors love reading new, original content every month. And each time a visitor comes back to a website, they are more likely to buy something from that site.

Search engines love original content too because it makes them look great with their customers. Think about it: when you use a search engine to search for something, you don’t want to see a bunch of ads show up in the search results, right? Of course not! You’re looking for good information that will answer your questions.

When it comes to search engine traffic, Google is the 800 pound gorilla because it’s the most popular search engine used. When Google says they love original content and will rank a webpage higher that has original content, smart marketers sit up and pay attention.

There’s only one problem with creating new content every month to keep your search engine rankings high…

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