Listbuilding Skyrocket Your Opt-in Rate By 500%

Joe the affiliate marketer stands on the streetcorner. The winter wind is blowing and the snow whips around. Joes threadbare clothes are woefully insufficient. Joes shivering rattles the pencils in his tin cup that he is selling for 5cents a piece. Poor Joe! How did it come to this?

Joes list wasn’t buying what Joe was promoting, that’s how. The products were tired. The list was tired of them. Joe needs a better list. Joe had heard about Generation Plugin a few months ago, but didn’t sign up. Now here he stands, selling pencils from a cup to feed his four-no, FIVE children! All of whom are ill and hungry!

Don’t be Joe! Come to and get THE most powerful list building tool you are going to see all year! Don’t delay, your four (or possibly five) children are depending on you!

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