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“Done For You, Automated Client Getting!”

…our amazing software does it all!…

Hello Fellow Warrior!

Lee Cole and Adam Jacobs (AJ) here!

Get comfortable!

Turn off all distractions!

Unplug the phone…because…

AJ and I have revolutionized the selling of mobile websites!

Let me explain!

What’s the easiest way of selling mobile websites?

The easiest way to sell a mobile website is by showing a business owner what their non-mobile friendly website looks like on a smart phone versus what a mobile friendly website looks like.

As an example, the other day Lee was getting his hair cut in a new salon. The owner started talking to him, asking him what he did for a living…while he was bent over backwards getting shampooed! He pulled out his phone, showed her an example mobile website, showed her her business‘s website on his phone…Game over! Lee exited with a new hair cut and $1450 deposited into his PayPal account!

It’s that easy to sell mobile websites…almost!

That particular business owner was “ready, willing, and able”.

She was already frustrated with her lack of new clientele. She was willing to use new technology. And, she had the cash to pay Lee on the spot!

So…show and tell is the easiest way to sell mobile sites…but this doesn‘t mean you can just walk into any business and walk out with $1500 in your pocket!

The big problem, here: Most business decision makers are not ready, willing and able!

When selling mobile websites you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince!

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