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Kinstant Formatter – instantly format Kindle books WITHOUT the headache!

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“FINALLY: A Done-For-You Kindle Formatting Tool So You Can Focus On Bringing In Passive Income!”

Dear Friend:

You probably know how much money you can make from Kindle books.
Put simply, it ROCKS.

I haphazardly put a (quality) book up there a few months ago that’s netting $2k/month in passive sales. Not all of my books are like that, but they’re definitely racking up a very nice passive income.

Here’s the thing: Amazon will either always be #1 or they’ll spend millions of dollars trying. So publishing on the Kindle makes sense. There’s tons of traffic to capitalize on.

But let’s be honest – you probably know all of this.

If you’re like many people, it could be the formatting that’s holding you back.

I’m almost afraid to ask, but.. have you tried formatting your Kindle books yet?

Kindle Formatting Is EXCRUCIATING!

Here are just some of the issues with it:

  • You have to read through pages of 50-cent word language to understand how to even get started…
  • If you DON’T read everything, you will do it WRONG…
  • When you do it wrong, people will leave you HORRIBLE REVIEWS that impact your sales. And trust me…
People Are Not Afraid To Leave You
Horrible Reviews If Your Formatting Is Off.


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