Colleen Slaters Kindle Treasure Chest

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Fact: “No Matter What Anyone Tells You – People WILL Judge A Book By Its Cover!”

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Dear Kindle Publisher,

If you want to increase your chance of Kindle publishing success and want to save a stack of time and money outsourcing your Kindle Covers then this wso is FOR YOU!

You and I both know that the Kindle marketplace is one of the fastest growing markets online right now.

IT‘S OFFICIAL – Kindle Books Are Now OUTSELLING Paperbacks On Amazon.

The Kindle marketplace is exploding and people worldwide are publishing ebooks for the Kindle and building a great passive monthly income online.
To become successful in the Kindle marketplace you need to have the right kind of cover.

See, even though you don’t need a long sales letter to promote your Kindle books you get ONE SHOT at getting the attention of Kindle readers.
Nothing will make you lose sales quicker than a LOW QUALITY Kindle cover.

If your Kindle cover is shoddy they won’t even bother reading what your book is about. They’ll just scroll right past you to the next best eye catching cover.

But With The Kindle Treasure Chest You’ll Be Able To Create Kindle Covers In A Flash With Just A Few Mouse Clicks.

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