Offline Client Flood

50+ Sold



This method really can provide more leads than you can handle if you are not prepared. Be Careful!

Hey Warriors,

I’m going to be straight to the point. This WSO was done by request of quite a few Warriors that wanted more info on a comment in another WSO.

This is the Hidden in Plain Sight Method to get more Offline Clients than you can handle.

I am pulling this in 7 days…sink or swim!

Now, most people go about getting Offline Clients in a couple of ways.

Either, they go after prospects one at a time (which is the slow, hard way IMHO) or they do some free work for a referral source that has a ‘list’ of potential clients.

Now, neither of these is right or wrong, but the latter is closer to being the most optimal way to go about it.

The problem is that most marketers often approach companies like Attorneys, Accountants, etc., and try to sell them on referring their clients in exchange for some free service.


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