Meeting Tenderizer

100+ Sold


To all consultants
Does this situation sound familiar? 

You Finally Get Your Meeting With an Important Prospect…
But! He has invited 4 of his staff people…
who inevitably argue with you and each other about your proposal

What Went Wrong?
You Neglected To StartBuy-in” Before Your Pitch!!

How Would You Like To:
Be Seen as “Action Oriented” by your Client AND
Count on Them Implementing YOUR Pitch Right Away?


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Amazon Video Profits – Espresso Machines

50+ Sold


So What’s So Great About Amazon Video Profits – Top Selling Espresso Machines?


For starters, I’ve added a call to action on every video so now there’s no need to edit the videos at all if you don’t want to. Does it get any easier? Here’s a preview of some of the slides

All the videos are Amazon top sellers and most have a ton of reviews so you can be sure they are going to be popular. You’ll also get a nice commission with these products as the price on some of the Espresso Machines are over $600!


There are a total of 15 videos and each video is around 1:10 in length. They already include a call to action so you don’t have to waste time adding your own text!

Here are all the videos:


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Smart Flip Business

100+ Sold


You have probably seen all these make money overnight wonders that promise to make you rich while you just have to hold your bag of chips in one hand and juggle the beer bottle in the other all the while flipping through umpteen channels on your TV.

It all sounds very good but then you try to evaluate for yourself whether you should jump into it or not and you wind up not being really able to make up your mind and probably don’t do much with it.

If you know that it works: You take action!

You are not lazy or stupid. I can’t really speak about you but for me, I am not that lazy and even though it sometimes takes some time until I “get” something, I am not stupid.

The one thing that prevents me from jumping into new things: I do not know for sure whether it would work or not.

Just think about it: If you know exactly what to expect and if you know it works,sure you do it! But usually you are sitting there and you’re not sure whether there is somebody just performing some make-believe stunt or is it something that really works.

I have picked a top seller on Flippa and I am going to take apart what he is doing in front of your eyes.

This is all about Flippa and a large part of it is a case study. But this is not about me or somebody that I even know. I have picked a random seller on Flippa and I am going to take apart what he is doing in front of your eyes. Well, not exactly random: That guy makes over $150k a year.

You can verify everything yourself. I am going to show you how this guy makes money and I am going to show you how you can do the same.

You are going to learn:


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Quick Product Creation

25+ Sold


“I Guarantee I Can Show You How to Create a High Quality Info Product in Less Than 48 minutes”

Inside you will get:

Part 1: Product Creation Overview. Creating Your Product (and outsourcing product creation)

Part 2: Where and How To Sell It (secret *hotspot*)

Part 3: 1 Minute Copy Class (More money) and supercharging your success

This is a simple step-by-step product creation series. That is delivered in a drip fed email format.

Part 1 delivered immediately to your inbox. Teaching you exact steps for product creation and how to outsource the process. Part 2 will be delivered the day after. Once you have actually created your product. This is a specially designed course to get you maximum results AND ensure you take action.


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Get Facebook Traffic And Backlinks


Hey There,

Clint here and I want to tell you a story. You see a little over two years ago I became involved in internet marketing. And like most people I started out learning how to build traffic to my site.

I purchased course after course, spending money on search engine marketing training. Or social media courses all with the end goal of building traffic to my site and making my millions.

The problem was that after buying everything from seven dollar WSO‘s to $2000 courses that guaranteed success I was no closer to understanding why my traffic wasn‘t going anywhere.

So I joined a little known mastermind program and I learned something really valuable. You see it wasn‘t that I wasn‘t taking action and implementing what I was learning. And it wasn‘t that all the techniques that I knew weren’t working. I was that I didn’t really have a plan.

You need a daily plan 

And understanding of how and why that plan works.

Ok with that being said, lets face it, there are tons and tons of courses on how to use Facebook to make money online. But the problem is that was

Most are simply an overview of things the site offers. Leaving you no better off than before you bought the course on knowing how to Leverage Facebook properly

I know you have heard all the Guru’s say it,

“Get on Facebook, Get A Facebook Page, Engage Your Fans”

..blah blah blah


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