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From: William Murray
Re:Wordpress Supremacy

Dear Fellow Warrior,

Your just a few moments away from legally swiping my Hyper-Active list for your Wordpress to give your SEO a BIG boost! Forget about spending endless hours searching Google for a Hyper-Active List, I’ve done that for you! With over 100 Websites researched, 7,600 URLs gathered, all the duplicates stripped out and the remaining URLs fully manually tested!

I’ve done all the ditch digging grunt work for you! and I’m going to let you access my personal Hyper-Active Wordpress Ping List!

Why waste your precious time researching when I’ve done it all for you? This is THE MOST up-to-date active Wordpress Ping List out there period!

In addition to my Ping List which will boost your SEO on your Wordpress site, I’m going to give you FULL LIFE-TIME access to my Wordpress Supremacy Membership Site, where I’ll share with you my personal strategies for setting up, backing up, optimize, securing Wordpress in a blink of an eye and much, much more!

WARNING – This is a dime sale meaning the price keeps going up till we cap out, and I want you to be one of the first one’s through the door…so there’s no time to waste.


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