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WP Affiliate Ultimate

100+ Sold. I bought it.


EDIT – WP Affiliate Ultimate is selling faster than expected, the price is still increasing and by the end of today i will be putting up the price to $17.

Currently you can buy the product for “multi site use” including client sites.. but i will be closing the thread to relaunch under different site licenses which will be more expensive. So for now get in while you can.

“POWERFUL WordPress Plugin that allows you to Track, Cloak, NO FOLLOW & Convert ANY Keyword in your WordPress Blog into Affiliate Links AUTOMATICALLY…

Did you know that 90% of affiliate sales comes from “Affiliate Text Links Within Blog Content”?


Did you know that visitors to your site automatically turn a blind eye to flashy banners according to a scientifically proven heat map?
Did you know that you are losing revenue for every blog page that you do not have an affiliate link on?

If you give me 3 short minutes of your time I will show you how to turn your blogs into “POWERFUL Cash Printing Machines” without writing a single line of HTML


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