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PPC Without Adwords :: PPC To Email Submits WSO

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Hello Fellow Warriors,

If you’re seeking some flashy gimmick method that will produce a ton of money overnight with no effort on your part, click away from this now, that’s not what this is about. I’ve been doing this a long time and anytime I see screenshots, (from who knows where or they’re completely faked), I run the other way. Most know me as an anti-hype type of guy. That’s exactly what I am. I don’t think I would have survived as long as I have online if I subscribed to the “ridiculous headline combined with screenshot” method of selling things.

I’ve been a member since I launched my PPC Coach Training site back in September of 2007. In fact my first WSO was the launch of that site. It’s been over 4.5 years now since that first WSO and my site is STILL going strong.

One of the things I’ve encountered from having a site that is that 4.5 years old and established, is some people saying my content is outdated. Instead of arguing with people about how 99% of my methods and techniques are evergreen, I decided to give everyone what they want. That is updated content and is part of my ongoing effort to update every existing method I show on my site.

This Is Volume 1 In My “PPC Without Adwords” Series for Affiliate Marketers.

This guide is 31 pages of step by step training showing you exactly how to promote email submit offers from any CPA network without using Google Adwords, MSN Adcenter, Facebook Ads or even 7search. I do like all those ppc platforms and I do still use them all to this day but it’s nice to show people places they may not have even heard of before too.

This guide is for newbies who have never ran a PPC campaign before in their life and may not even know what an “email submit” is. My assumption in writing this guide was that the reader knows nothing. That doesn’t mean a veteran CPA marketer can’t benefit from it, they can as I put a couple golden nuggets in there for them too. BUT my target is people who are new to PPC marketing or new to CPA marketing or have struggled with both in the past.

It’s EASY if you know what you’re doing and have a plan…


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Amazon Video Profits – The Ultimate Collection

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HURRY: This Will Sell Out Fast… Only 300 Copies Available!


Dear Warriors,
most of you probably know me from previous versions of Amazon Video Profits. I wanted to help you start this year off with a bang so I’ve created a one-time release featuring – “Amazon Video Profits The Ultimate Collection”.


I work hard so you don’t have to!


How would you like to have all of your video content, product reviews and graphics done for you? “How is that possible?” you ask. Well, I’ve been working hard over the Christmas break to come up with the Ultimate collection of Amazon video reviews on some of the hottest selling products for you to use on your own websites or to edit and upload to video distribution sites like YouTube. They also come with review articles for you to use as content on your own blogs.


This is as close to a business in a box as it comes.


The problem many affiliate marketers have is they just don’t have the time or know-how to get content created. Writing a single article can take up to half an hour, let alone trying to create good quality videos. Not only do you need to have the right software, you need to know how to use it. And even if you know how, it’s still a time consuming process. 


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Affiliate Cash System X



Explosive insider affiliate secrets to unlock the door to fast online profits no matter what niche you’re in, even if you are total newbie.

“How To Quickly and Easily Generate Christmas Cash Using Ninja Affiliate Marketing Tactics That Top Affiliates Are Afraid To Share With You… Guaranteed to Work!”

Dear Warrior,

How would you like to quickly and easily explode your affiliate profits? Because that’s what I’m about to show you today!

The problem is most affiliate marketers struggle year after year with the hope that one day they’ll make some money…the sad truth is one day will never come.

People get into affiliate marketing for very different reasons: lifestyle, income, freedom.

But unfortunately most affiliate marketers are doomed to fail from the beginning… which is sad considering I have already laid out a proven step-by-step plan.

“No Matter What Niche You’re In (Or Hope To Be In) You Can Succeed With Affiliate Cash System X.”

It doesn’t matter if you are a total beginner in affiliate marketing, or any niche for that matter. There’s a secret technique that all the A-list players use for fast affiliate profits. In fact, I’m sure you’ve already seen this technique in action. You may even be buying this because of it.

Affiliate marketing is the world’s most powerful form of online marketing. Every major online business is connected to affiliate marketing…and making a sizable amount of income can be easy once you master it.

Right now you’re about to learn the method that will push your profits into high gear. Your profits can explode when using these common sense affiliate marketing techniques.

Affiliate Cash System X Can Help You Prosper In Any Niche, Online Or Off-line.”

Plus, I’m going to back this with my 100% no-nonsense money back guarantee. The only reason I can offer this guarantee is because I know this system works. So no matter what, you’re covered.

Just take the Affiliate Cash System X for a test drive at my risk.


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