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Stealth Keyword Digger


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Selected WSO Of The DAY!!

Don’t MISS OUT On the Best Keywords in Your Niche!! 
New Software Uncovers Long Tail Keywords with High Search Volume at the Push of a Button
Amazing Software Saves You Hours of Research by Delivering Thousands of Long Tail Keywords from Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo and Amazon, And Then FILTERING THEM UP BY SEARCH VOLUME!!

If you’re searching for easy to rank for and extremely targeted long tail keywords that have a high search volume to build your sites around for affiliate marketing, AdSense or for your own products, then check this thread out because I’ve really got something for you…


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Facebook Sharpshooter

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Sick of RED *FLASHY* Headlines Like “This” ThatPROMISE you Thou$$$ands of BUCK$, Only to Deliver a Huge Dent in Your Wallet with a Slap ofConfusion?!?!?
Quit falling for the hype and fancy sales letters, I’m going to show you how a Facebook NEWBIE made over $16,824 in 31 days without spending a dime on FB ads…
That’s right!

ATTN: Anyone Who wants to BANK off ofFACEBOOK!

98% of the Facebook WSOs I have purchased have really left me feeling super confused and disappointed(familiar?). The majority of them told me to feed money into the FB ad system and test, track, and tweak until my heart stopped.

This wasn’t exactly my cup of tea and I always ended up losing gobs of cash into the FB ad system. The Facebook ad platform is a place where you can watch $300 vanish in 5 minutes if you don’t know what your doing. 

If your like me and you hate techie stuff, you probably lose your mind like me when it comes to figuring out how your CPM‘s and CPC’s are supposed to be and blah, blah, blah

If you have thousands of dollars to put up and lots of time and creativity, I believe the FB ad platform is a wonderful place to profit with CPA or affiliate marketing. The problem is 99% of you DO NOT have the money nor the time to commit to mastering the difficult requirements needed to profit with Facebook ads.

I blew through more than $2,000 trying to figure out the Facebook ad platform and how to monetize it with affiliate/CPA marketing. After almost losing my a$$, I took a step back and brainstormed other ways to capture the huge traffic of facebook and still be able to laser target just how FB ads allowed me to do.


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My Blog Monetizer

REVEALED: New Super WordPress Plugin Automates Monetization And Rapidly Increases Affiliate Revenue
What is My Blog Monetizer?

It’s no secret that more than 95% of all bloggers out there make pennies from affiliate marketing, while only a select few who are privileged enough to be in the “inner circle” are making thousands of dollars effortlessly..
A lot of secrets are highly guarded in the blogging “inner circle” – and My Blog Monetizer is at the top of that list!

My Blog Monetizer is a WordPress plugin developed to input lethal marketing powers into your WordPress blog and instantly double or triple your affiliate commissions with almost no effort on your part.
Many bloggers use Google Adsense to make money from their blogs so they are part of the 97% that are making pennies from blogging.


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Top 10 JV Affiliate List



It’s always amazing to me how people can simply send an email to their list and sell a ton of copies of the product they’re promoting. It especially amazes me when they can sell enough copies to become a top 10 JV affiliate.

Becoming a top 10 JV affiliate can get you noticed by some of the biggest marketers around. If you can help others sell their products, they will help you promote your products in return.

I contacted some top affiliate experts and asked them “How Does Somebody Become A Top Affiliate and How Can They Get To This Level As Soon As Possible?”


Aidan Booth

I first met Aidan Booth in Brian Johnson’s Halloween Super Affiliate and I watched this man bring in over $20,000 in Halloween Costume sales. As a matter of fact, Aidan Boot did better than Brian Johnson in 2010. Since then, Aidan has made a ton of money as an affiliate and landed himself in the top 10 as one of the top sellers for Steve Clayton’s and Tim Godfrey’s latest release “The Blueprint Project.”

Brian Johnson was so impressed by Aidan Booth that Brian decided to work with Aidan and create their newest course “Rank and Pillage.”

Brian G. Johnson

Brian G. Johnson has released some of the best courses out there today. The first Internet marketing product I bought was Revenue Domains Exposed by Brian Johnson. I didn’t know the first thing about affiliate marketing, but I began taking action and began following Brian’s advice. Within a few months I was making hundreds of dollars a month by building niche websites. Thanks to Brian Johnson I began making $2,000 a month in affiliate commissions and continue to make money from some of the sites I built years

Brian has been a top 10 affiliate several times when promoting internet marketing products. I had the chance to interview him and ask him: “how can somebody become a top 10 JV affiliate and how can they get to this level as soon as possible?”

John Thornhill

John Thornhill has released some amazing products such as Auto Article Profits, Auction Profit Stream, and Affiliate Promo Formula that shows you a step-by-step technique to promoting products to your email list. Affiliate Promo Formula is definitely an amazing course that has put good money in my pocket when it comes to promoting products for others.
John Thornhill has been a top 10 JV affiliate several times when promoting products. The question I had for him was “how can somebody become a top 10 JV affiliate and how can they get to this level as soon as possible?”

Sarah Staar

Sarah Staar was a top 10 JV affiliate for The Blueprint Project and has also trained several people on how to make money online. She’s created some excellent products such as Money Makers TV and $1,000 in 3 Days. I had the opportunity to ask Sarah “how can somebody become a top 10 JV affiliate and how can they get to this level as soon as possible?”

Jay Boyer

I first discovered Jay Boyer when Brian Johnson promoted his product Internet Marketing From Scratch in 2010. I was so surprised on how this person I never heard of had someone like Brian Johnson promote for him. I purchased his course and listened to the interviews over and over again. I then contacted Jay Boyer to find out who he was and what he was up to.
Fast forward one year later. Jay Boyer now makes over $20,000 monthly by promoting his own products and other products too. Recently Jay was a top 10 JV affiliate for Brian Johnson’s latest product Rank and Pillage.
I had the chance to do a webinar with him and ask him a ton of questions. The one question that I asked him was “how can somebody become a top 10 JV affiliate and how can they get to this level as soon as possible?”


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Affiliate Marketing PLR Articles

Copy & Paste Your Way to Becoming an Instant Affiliate Marketing Expert

Hi Warriors!

Everyone knows that Affiliate Marketing is huge. New people are looking for ways to make money every day and want direction to learn how to get started with affiliate marketing. They are worried about losing their jobs and not having enough money to pay their bills. They are looking for a marketing expert to show them how to make money with affiliate marketing.

This is where you come in! You can easily position yourself as an Expert Affiliate Marketer by using these PLR articles on your blog

Use this Pack to become an Expert Affiliate Marketer, Gain Credibility and Get hundreds of new marketers lining up for your advice!

Here’s How!

  • Combine articles into a report and sell or give away to build your list & position yourself as an expert
  • Turn your blog into a membership site and teach a weekly course
  • Turn into pod casts
  • Create simple PowerPoint videos with a voice over
  • Create a newsletter
  • Rewrite and post to doc sharing sites, post on your blog first
  • Add graphics and turn into an ebook
  • Take key points from the articles and drip feed as your autoresponder series
  • Take snippets and post on other people’s blogs as comments


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Affiliate Cash System X



Explosive insider affiliate secrets to unlock the door to fast online profits no matter what niche you’re in, even if you are total newbie.

“How To Quickly and Easily Generate Christmas Cash Using Ninja Affiliate Marketing Tactics That Top Affiliates Are Afraid To Share With You… Guaranteed to Work!”

Dear Warrior,

How would you like to quickly and easily explode your affiliate profits? Because that’s what I’m about to show you today!

The problem is most affiliate marketers struggle year after year with the hope that one day they’ll make some money…the sad truth is one day will never come.

People get into affiliate marketing for very different reasons: lifestyle, income, freedom.

But unfortunately most affiliate marketers are doomed to fail from the beginning… which is sad considering I have already laid out a proven step-by-step plan.

“No Matter What Niche You’re In (Or Hope To Be In) You Can Succeed With Affiliate Cash System X.”

It doesn’t matter if you are a total beginner in affiliate marketing, or any niche for that matter. There’s a secret technique that all the A-list players use for fast affiliate profits. In fact, I’m sure you’ve already seen this technique in action. You may even be buying this because of it.

Affiliate marketing is the world’s most powerful form of online marketing. Every major online business is connected to affiliate marketing…and making a sizable amount of income can be easy once you master it.

Right now you’re about to learn the method that will push your profits into high gear. Your profits can explode when using these common sense affiliate marketing techniques.

Affiliate Cash System X Can Help You Prosper In Any Niche, Online Or Off-line.”

Plus, I’m going to back this with my 100% no-nonsense money back guarantee. The only reason I can offer this guarantee is because I know this system works. So no matter what, you’re covered.

Just take the Affiliate Cash System X for a test drive at my risk.


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