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5 Step Social Traffic System

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A Simple 5 Step Process Puts Social Traffic On Autopilot

Use this for your own or affiliate products or charge offline customers $495 for their own social traffic system.

We all know that social media traffic is hotviral and highly sought afterOne Facebook post or one tweet with your product link in it can change your online future(That is if you can get one of the big celebrities, gurus or authority figures to do it.) It doesn’t matter if you are selling your own products, promoting affiliate products or helping offline businesses to get social traffic exposure.

The viral power of social media can change fortunes overnight. If you can link the implied credibility when it is promoted by someone who is seen as an expert or guru to your own product and services then you have awinning formula for leveraging social traffic.

Many leading experts and authority figures have tens of thousands of Facebook and Twitter followers and they are fast catching up with their Google+ and Pinterest numbers. Not to mention those LinkedIn users with thousands of connections in offline markets.

It is hard to argue the numbers but it is even harder to get access to those followers, friends and fans that make up the numbers.

It was almost by accident that I discovered a way to get access to highly targeted social traffic 3 months ago. What started off as an experiment for an offline customer turned out to be a great way of getting them in front of highly targeted prospects by leveraging the content and following of leading experts in their market.

This means that the experts or gurus not only provided content for their marketing, but they also promotedthe marketing efforts of this offline customer. They did that not because of the customer but rather topromote their self-interest and to some degree their egos. They like it when their names are in lights and they will tell the followers and fans of ways to find it. The caveat that we introduced into this was that we would sprinkle our own targeted URLs (squeeze pages) amongst the content that they provided to us free of charge.

As a student of Dan Kennedy, I understand the value of creating a consistent repeatable system that willcontinuously provide leads and prospects. Dan talks about avoiding “random acts of marketing” and tocreate a system that will consistently bring targeted and qualified prospects.

The challenge was really to figure out how to automate most of this as it proved to be highly effective way of attracting prospects in niche markets but it took a reasonable amount of time to maintain the systemWe figured out a way to automate almost everything and it only requires half an hour to an hour per week to fine tune messaging and loading new campaigns. During the first few weeks we recommend that you spend an extra hour or 2 to find more experts and authority figures that you can leverage for content and traffic.

The end result of all of this is:

The 5 Step Social Traffic System


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