Offliners! Our Amazing Software Does It All…Done For You Client Getting!

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“Done For You, Automated Client Getting!”

…our amazing software does it all!…

Hello Fellow Warrior!

Lee Cole and Adam Jacobs (AJ) here!

Get comfortable!

Turn off all distractions!

Unplug the phone…because…

AJ and I have revolutionized the selling of mobile websites!

Let me explain!

What’s the easiest way of selling mobile websites?

The easiest way to sell a mobile website is by showing a business owner what their non-mobile friendly website looks like on a smart phone versus what a mobile friendly website looks like.

As an example, the other day Lee was getting his hair cut in a new salon. The owner started talking to him, asking him what he did for a living…while he was bent over backwards getting shampooed! He pulled out his phone, showed her an example mobile website, showed her her business‘s website on his phone…Game over! Lee exited with a new hair cut and $1450 deposited into his PayPal account!

It’s that easy to sell mobile websites…almost!

That particular business owner was “ready, willing, and able”.

She was already frustrated with her lack of new clientele. She was willing to use new technology. And, she had the cash to pay Lee on the spot!

So…show and tell is the easiest way to sell mobile sites…but this doesn‘t mean you can just walk into any business and walk out with $1500 in your pocket!

The big problem, here: Most business decision makers are not ready, willing and able!

When selling mobile websites you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince!

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Offliners! How we use direct mail to sell mobile sites!

100+ Sold

“Offliners…Get started selling mobile websites, TODAY!”

“Radical, Direct Mail Method Banks $295 to $395 Per EZ Sale!”

Get started part-time…No cold calling required!

Hello Fellow Warrior!

Lee Cole and AJ, here! 

This is me…Lee… 

(We would show you AJ’s picture…but he won’t even use his own picture on his Facebook profile. The one he uses is his year old nephew!)

Now that you’ve at least put a face to a name, let’s talk about offline…and how you can start making real money at it!… 

We know you’re probably just as tired as we are of reading long intros to sales letters that fill up a lot of space and really tell you nothing about the product. So, let’s just assume we typed up some really wicked copy that basically says the following: 

  • We both struggled when we got started. We now have this stuff figured out…And…
  • We were going to go with some crazy cool design on this WSO page that would make you want to buy it…but we just went with basic text!

Now that we have that out of the way, all you really need to know is this: In the last year, we have coached numerous students to getting their 1st client. Last time we counted, we’ve had 23 students tell their boss to go jump in a lake! 

So, how have we been so successful in helping others quit their jobs and start very lucrative, full-time offline careers? 

We’ve identified two areas that are real stumbling blocks for virtually everyone…When getting started, most folks don’t know two big things…

  • What to Sell…and…
  • How to Get Paying Clients

Let’s talk about these two issues.

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100+ Sold – Money back guarantee



Hi Warriors!

Lee & AJ here.

V2!..What Is It?

It’s the culmination of months of one-on-one coaching, webinars, skype groups…all helping others build long-term, real offline businesses.

V2!…is composed of 5 step-by-step modules that you execute, one after the other, while you build a REAL offline business…the type of wildly profitable, fulfilling, and fun business that AJ and I both operate.

V2!…is more than a strategy…more than a planit’s an all encompassing system, that anyone can use, regardless of age, technical know-how, or experience to finally start to make real money with the Internet.

V2!…some might even refer to it as the final word, the perfect offline business building system.

V2!…It’s what AJ and I do in our own businesses, day in, day out.

V2!…your ticket to freedom…success…personal fulfillment.

Our V2! system is broken down into 5 field-tested modules.


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Offline Insiders

50+ Sold



Hi Warriors,

Lee and AJ Again. 

Got something to tell you that we’ve been keeping “on the DL”, if you know what I mean.

Over the last couple of months, we’ve been coaching a small group of offline business builders.

Basically, what we’ve done is take a bunch of guys and gals who had a desire to build a real offline business and help them put the pieces together.

Yeah, we know we’re like proud parents, but the results have been pretty amazing.


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Offline Cyber Strike

100+ Sold


Hi Warriors!

AJ & Lee again!

Look, let’s get real!

You’re here because you want to start an offline business and finally make the money you’ve always dreamed of, right?

You’ve probably bought WSO after WSO that’s promised to deliver hungry, easy to sell, credit card carrying business owners to your doorstep, but guess what…despite everything you’ve done to make these “systems” work, you either haven’t made a dime, or you’ve made very little.

This certainly isn’t what you dreamed…right?

You are tired of buying report after report that keeps telling you to either:

1) Go network with people
2) Walk into a business
3) Pick up the phone and call businesses
4) Email 1000 people just to get someone to respond
5) Pay to have stuff printed and shipped

How much easier would this whole offline consulting gig be if business owners just called you, and when they did they were 80% sold on you already?

You’re Not the Only One!

Cold calling…no way! Direct mail postcards? Well, how much did you spend? And…just how many real leads did you get out of that? One? None?

Stuff that does work?

Laser targeted direct mail using FedEx, like we taught in one of our previous WSO’s, but honestly unless you’re already making some good money that gets expensive…and there’s that pesky learning curve!



AJ & I honestly got tired of watching people fail…


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Offline Video Explosion

100+ Sold


Sold so many of these bad boys so fast, we melted down HostGator’s servers…for real…read the comments! 

Don’t Take It From Me and AJ, Read These Killer Reviews!


I just got done going through the manual and the material and I have to say that this is pure genius!

The videos are of exceptional quality and for those of you wondering if this can work for you all I can say is that if you can follow some very simple and well laid out instructions then this will work for you.

I have bought other products from Lee in the past and I think that this is his best one yet. Lee also gives you great support and when you sign up on his list he actually has you sign up gives you updates and support for the products that he sells as opposed to bombarding you with other WSO‘s on a daily basis like some other marketers on this forum do.

I’m going back in to get the OTO now. If you don’t buy this you may just find me taking over your city with my videos. I will be uploading all weekend.

This product ROCKS!

Thanks Lee,


Well! Maybe I’m the first one to get everything to download! YEAH for me!
Anyway, I’ve already read you OTO report! OMGosh!!! Wow! This will blow things over the top…(Wait… I should shut up… don’t really want a million others doing this.. it’s way to good!)

Never mind everyone… you won’t like it… it’s not worth the money.. save it for the next WSO… (hehehehe)

I appreciate that you gave those 2 great bonuses.. but I’d already purchased them … Oh well… if I’d only waited!

But I got to say they are both also really good. Been waiting for a chance to start my new offline business.. (reason I bought both of them!) and I’m finally doing it.. and this comes along to really give me a hugh BOOST!

But really… please don’t sell or give away alot of the OTO report… the videos ok… but PLEASE NOT the report!

Thanks guys, you’ve given me just what I really need to get things up and running… no more excuses…

CJ Lang

Hi Warriors!

Lee and AJ, again.

Question: What’s the single best way to go from zero to a 6-figure income with Internet marketing?

Answer: Offline marketing to bricks and mortar businesses!

Question: What holds virtually everyone back from doing this?

Answer: Getting clients!

Your #1 Offline Marketing Problem Solved!

There are actually two issues most folks have when trying to sell their services to businesses.


Problem 1: They don’t know what businesses to contact

Problem 2: They don’t know how to sell their services

We’ve solved both these problems with our new, video-based, passive marketing system…Offline Video Explosion!

In Offline Video Explosion, we show you, step-by-step, our proven method for getting business owners to pick up the phone and call you!


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