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Fellow Warriors,

My name is Jake (aka Bob Ross) and I’m here to offer you something that may change the entire way you think about offline marketing. There’s a massive untapped market right in YOUR local area right now that you can start taking advantage ofimmediately.

I’ve teamed with Greggorio (a fellow warrior/graphic designer) to bring you something I’ve been secretly hiding in my offline arsenal for a very long time. It’s so powerful that you’ll be spending the next few nights sleeplessly thinking about how you will be spending all this new cash.


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Bob Ross Direct Mail

100+ Sold


Fellow Warriors,

My name is Jake (aka bob ross) and just within the last month I’ve taken numerous warriors who knew ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about offline marketing to suddenly gaining dozens of clients within only a few short weeks.

How did they do it? By using direct mail in ways no one else has.

I am living proof of the successful power of creative direct mail and there are HUNDREDS and hundreds of Warriors RIGHT NOW who have dropped everything they’ve been doing in order to follow my easy and profitable direct mail strategies.

I’m going to show you exactly how to make some ridiculously large amounts of money in no time. This is literally the easiest AND most profitable offline marketing system PERIOD. 

Invaluable resources and FRESH, ORIGINAL, PROVEN MONEY MAKING SYSTEMS like this come along very rarely so you better get in while you can.


I swear within moments you are going to be planning to quit your job and focus on this 100%



Are you kidding me? Direct mail is responsible for over 50% of the advertising in the world. When you know how to use it, it will blow away ANY other marketing you’ve ever done. You just have to learn a few insider secrets, that’s IT.

My system doesn’t just teach you how to make boatloads of offline cash from your own dirt cheap campaigns, but I mostly focus on how to easily sell direct mail campaigns to hungry clients who will ENTHUSIASTICALLY PAY YOU THOUSAND AND THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS FOR YOUR SERVICES.

I will show the complete bulletproof methods to rapidly make…

THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of dollars stuffed into your bank account at lightning speed.


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