Mining WSO Gold

50+ Sold


Thar’s Gold in Them Thar’ Hills!
There’s Gold Coin to be Had Running a WSO! Gotta’ Get Me Some!

“Yea!” “Yea!” you say……”heard it all before, tried it, didn’t work, got the T-shirt…..”

Or maybe…

You’ve got this fabulous idea for a product, would love to get it out into the WSO goldmine, yet you’re intimidated by all the dirt you’d have to sift through to make that happen.

Have no fear!

Professional marketers Ed Mercer, Martha Mayo and Ed Akehurst have compiled their WSO launching experience into:

Mining WSO Gold

Mining WSO Gold’s got your back – we’ll even fill your knapsack with the picks and shovels for the mining!

So, what do these picks and shovels look like? Can they really reveal the gold coins that lie within WSO land?

Imagine for a moment that you could take your idea for a product, turn it into a product, grab your WSO how-to knapsack and head out to mine WSO Gold!


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The Holy Grail of Google Plus

100+ Sold


Top Social Media Manager Reveals Her Secrets

Little-Known Marketer Leverages Her Time Using Free Tools and Rakes in Thousands of Dollars


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This product I would be proud to put my own name on, it is that good. The people behind the product are solid. The product is well put together, concise and easy to implement. This gets my coveted WD Award.
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Top notch product by a top notch team. This is a steal of a deal.

Hey Marketing Warriors,

Ed Akehurst and Martha Mayo are at it again………!

Along with our friend, Christine Roux, and her tech-savvy team who have been quietly using Google+ in ways that very few people have ever thought of.

She’s been listening to the mutterings of the populous snarling, “Oh, Google+? That’s not a ‘real’ platform. It’ll never have the power to do what I need it to do. I’m an Internet Marketer!”

God: Every time I try to talk to someone it’s “sorry this” and “forgive me that” and “I’m not worthy”… – from Monty Python’s The Holy Grail

These same people are struggling, trying to eek out some pennies here, some dollars there using various methods they’ve learned hither and yonder. They spend their precious moments going to dozens of different places to accomplish a long list of daily tasks when…..If they only could catch hold of the magical powers tucked away in the awesome goblet of

“The Holy Grail of Google+”

Take a sip of the magical elixir that is Google+ if:

– You’re weary of logging into dozens of places to do your social media management in your blog updates because Google+ will do all that for you – really,

– You’re ready to use Google+ as a great platform for businesses to have a presence

Christine has one site that makes her $70 a day on autopilot (last week it made almost $100 on one of the days.) That’s just ONE of her many sites.

Plus, she does websites for off-line businesses and manages marketing programs for them.

How does she so easily manage all those big moneymaking sites without stress or anxiety?

You guessed it! She sips daily from the goblet that is Google+!


“The Holy Grail of Google+”



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