Web 3.0: Semantic Search

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What Google Is Really Doing

Why They Are Doing It

and most importantly…

What You Should Be Doing To Maintain Relevancy In Google Search As It Evolves

I have a news flash for you.

Google doesn’t give a rip about webmasters or internet marketers!

The harder you try to game Google by trying to crack and circumvent the algorithm, the more likely it is that you will awake one day to find your sites in the search engine ranking toilet.

And there you go, slapped back to ground zero with thousands of hours of hard work virtually nullified and your income streams instantly cut off.

That’s exactly what happened with the Made for Adsense (MFA) site boom. For the most part it went bust.

Don’t blame Google. They don’t care about you. They never cared about you. Why? Because (news flash again…) you are not their customer.


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How to Make Your Own Free Blog Network

Step by Step Guide to Building Your Own FREE Blog Network!

Dear Warrior,

Have you ever wondered how some gurus set up a brand new site and within weeks they dominate their market on the search engines?

We all know that they use their deep pockets to – essentially – buy their way to the top of the search engines. They pay big bucks to very experienced SEO guys who do all the leg work for them. AND who – in the end – land their sites on top of major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

We would all do the same IF we had deep pockets, no? Since we do not have tens of thousands of dollars just laying around, we need to figure out exactly what these overpriced SEO guys know that we don’t know, and more importantly: what they do that and how we can do the same.

Having good connections with some of the top SEO guys and gals in our industry (and being a SEO professional myself), I can tell you that the biggest ranking factor in Google’s algorithm is backlinks.


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