Amanda Hocking

Kindle X: Video Proof, $8,300+

1000+ Sold


Here’s why everything in all those other Kindle WSOs is wrong:

Do you ever read success stories from people who self-publish on Kindle?

If so, you’ve almost definitely heard about the Kindle millionaire, Amanda Hocking,
who has made millions off her paranormal romance titles.

You might have also heard about John Locke, who has sold over a million copies
of his Kindle titles.

And then there’s Joe Konrath. Check out this screenshot from Joe Konrath’s blog:

I’m not at the point where I’m making $5,500 a day. I can’t even imagine. But
in March 2012, I made over $8,300 in Amazon book sales

I did it by doing EVERYTHING differently from how
all the WSOs and courses I had bought told me to. 


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