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Offline Cyber Strike

100+ Sold


Hi Warriors!

AJ & Lee again!

Look, let’s get real!

You’re here because you want to start an offline business and finally make the money you’ve always dreamed of, right?

You’ve probably bought WSO after WSO that’s promised to deliver hungry, easy to sell, credit card carrying business owners to your doorstep, but guess what…despite everything you’ve done to make these “systems” work, you either haven’t made a dime, or you’ve made very little.

This certainly isn’t what you dreamed…right?

You are tired of buying report after report that keeps telling you to either:

1) Go network with people
2) Walk into a business
3) Pick up the phone and call businesses
4) Email 1000 people just to get someone to respond
5) Pay to have stuff printed and shipped

How much easier would this whole offline consulting gig be if business owners just called you, and when they did they were 80% sold on you already?

You’re Not the Only One!

Cold calling…no way! Direct mail postcards? Well, how much did you spend? And…just how many real leads did you get out of that? One? None?

Stuff that does work?

Laser targeted direct mail using FedEx, like we taught in one of our previous WSO’s, but honestly unless you’re already making some good money that gets expensive…and there’s that pesky learning curve!



AJ & I honestly got tired of watching people fail…


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