Curation Domination

1000+ Sold


[1K Sales in 12 hours!]Legally Steal the Gurus’ Content to Create Content That Your Audience AND The Search Engines Love?

No Way!

Easier than stealing cookies from Grandma!

Confession time: Matt Wiggins and I are thieves, and we are not apologizing for it.

We have learned how to *legally* steal content from authority sites in our niches and use it to create content our audiences loves and the search engines do too!

Just to be clear, when Matt and I “steal” this content, we are not plagiarizing it in any way. We follow accepted curation practices, which includes giving full credit to our sources.

We can teach you how to be a legal content thief just like us! 
But you might be asking yourself, “Why would I want to become a content thief? Isn’t that illegal or immoral?”


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