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Fellow warrior,

Sometimes the best ideas happen by accident

I needed to set an appointment with my doctor a few weeks ago but couldn’t remember his number, so like any good patient I went on his website hoping I could schedule my appointment there or at least find a number to call.

It took me 15 minutes to find their phone number on their ‘fancy but clearly useless’ website! He had an auto-responder email form on his home page, but to actually make the appointment I had to click on the tiny ‘contact us’ link at the very bottom of the page to get their office number.

I then had to spend another 10 minutes on hold before the secretary could even take my call (I must have called during her lunch).

And THEN 5 minutes for this incredibly rude secretary to find a time when both me and the doctor were available…

Over 45 minutes just to set an appointment with a doctor – with whom I am a regular patient!

If I hadn’t been seeing this doctor for years, I would never have scoured his site for their number and even then I would have hung up on that nasty secretary as soon as she put me on hold…


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