Learn how to get your books to page 1 on Kindle. :)

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How To Get Every Book You Have Onto The First Page Of Kindle…


“Can You Believe He Was Ranked #1 On Kindle For A SUPER Competitive Term… Within 45 Minutes Of Listing The Book!?!”
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Dear Warrior,

Do you want to learn how to get your Kindle books on Amazon’s first page? If so… I don’t blame you.

See… having a popular book on Kindle means:

  • You enjoy passive sales month in and month out (I’m talking anywhere from $100 – $5000/month per book…)
  • You get PAID to have people read your stuff and want to learn more about you…
  • You get to leverage one of the internet’s most popular sites to hand-deliver you traffic

But an unpopular book on Kindle… definitely not as awesome. And unfortunately…

If you do it wrong… you’ll waste time, effort, and make absolutely no sales. 

It can actually be quite painful.

See, Kindle for most people is a complete gamble (up until recently, me being no exception).

Rankings just seem like a matter of “luck”.

For the books you’re “lucky” on, the ones that “magically” got to the top of Kindle… they bring in sale after sale. You get to love watching the passive income coming in on autopilot

But the “non-lucky” ones? UGH. They sit there and do absolutely nothing. Nada.


Have you had to deal with any of this?
  • Have you struggled to either write or outsource a Kindle book which took you WEEKS to do only to get NO SALES from all that effort and expense?
  • Do your book sales make barely enough money to cover the investment you put into it?
  • Have you given up on the “Make Money From Kindle” dream because you’ve made little to no money?
  • Do you wish that the sales from one of your books would make enough to cover your measly car payment each month?
  • Are you sick of not being able to crack the Kindle “code” to get a flood of traffic to your book listing?

If so… you’re about to be VERY happy. 

See, I recently met a guy named Mario Deal who was able to create a formula to rank on page 1 of Kindle. In fact……

Every Single Person Who Used This Strategy Got To Page #1 In Days.

No kidding — a 100% success rate!

I am thoroughly convinced that this formula = GOLD.

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Adsense Cash BluePrint

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Step by Step, Easy to Follow Videos REVEAL my Exact “Battle Proven” System I Used to Make $8,417.76 with Simple Adsense Sites that each Make $50 – $250 per Month Using All “FREE Traffic” on Complete-AutoPilot!

And how YOU can start building your own cash sucking adsense sites that each make $50 – $250 per month by following my step by step Proven blueprint

Dear Fellow Warrior,

It`s Paul Nicholls here and I have a quick question for you

Are you tired of constantly building adsense sites that make next to nothing and feel like your Banging your head against a Brick Wall?

For a lot of people – thats the reality when trying to build profitable adsense sites 

But it doesn`t have to be ….

Let me share a little secret with you… 

I have put together a step by step video course which will teach you how to create profitable adsense sites that make between $50 – $200 per month and “even more” even if you have failed at adsense numerous times

How would you like to be able to have a system where you can crank out profitable adsense sites creating you a passive monthly income OR sell them for quick profits for a nice 4 figure sum?

Here`s a screen shot of a few adsense sites that I sold for a Whopping $7054.08 and another one for $500


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Amazon Niche Finder

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WSO OF THE DAYMarch 9, 2012
(Thanks Mike Lantz!)


Hey guys,Mike Tyler here again with an exclusive only to Warrior Forum Offer – Now targeting Amazon!

Did you know that Amazon is the king of the hills of a 1.2 BILLION Dollar Piewhich just few of us, underground whiz’s, are milking and eating for $500 to $1,000 every week? Would you like to take your bite of the evergreen pie? Now You Can!

Stay with me, because this slick tool is the last app you will ever need if you desire to milk the biggest dollar cow of all time, finding untapped low-competitive niches and turning them into autopilot cash generating robots.


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5 Step Social Traffic System

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A Simple 5 Step Process Puts Social Traffic On Autopilot

Use this for your own or affiliate products or charge offline customers $495 for their own social traffic system.

We all know that social media traffic is hotviral and highly sought afterOne Facebook post or one tweet with your product link in it can change your online future(That is if you can get one of the big celebrities, gurus or authority figures to do it.) It doesn’t matter if you are selling your own products, promoting affiliate products or helping offline businesses to get social traffic exposure.

The viral power of social media can change fortunes overnight. If you can link the implied credibility when it is promoted by someone who is seen as an expert or guru to your own product and services then you have awinning formula for leveraging social traffic.

Many leading experts and authority figures have tens of thousands of Facebook and Twitter followers and they are fast catching up with their Google+ and Pinterest numbers. Not to mention those LinkedIn users with thousands of connections in offline markets.

It is hard to argue the numbers but it is even harder to get access to those followers, friends and fans that make up the numbers.

It was almost by accident that I discovered a way to get access to highly targeted social traffic 3 months ago. What started off as an experiment for an offline customer turned out to be a great way of getting them in front of highly targeted prospects by leveraging the content and following of leading experts in their market.

This means that the experts or gurus not only provided content for their marketing, but they also promotedthe marketing efforts of this offline customer. They did that not because of the customer but rather topromote their self-interest and to some degree their egos. They like it when their names are in lights and they will tell the followers and fans of ways to find it. The caveat that we introduced into this was that we would sprinkle our own targeted URLs (squeeze pages) amongst the content that they provided to us free of charge.

As a student of Dan Kennedy, I understand the value of creating a consistent repeatable system that willcontinuously provide leads and prospects. Dan talks about avoiding “random acts of marketing” and tocreate a system that will consistently bring targeted and qualified prospects.

The challenge was really to figure out how to automate most of this as it proved to be highly effective way of attracting prospects in niche markets but it took a reasonable amount of time to maintain the systemWe figured out a way to automate almost everything and it only requires half an hour to an hour per week to fine tune messaging and loading new campaigns. During the first few weeks we recommend that you spend an extra hour or 2 to find more experts and authority figures that you can leverage for content and traffic.

The end result of all of this is:

The 5 Step Social Traffic System


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Facebook Viral Fanpage Builder for online and offline business

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Turn Your Facebook™ Page into a
Viral Marketing Machine

You can turn a basic Facebook page into a Fully Autopilot Viral Marketing Tool in 3 Easy Steps.


  • No Installation
  • No Script Uploading
  • No PHP Scripts Setup
  • No MySql Database

Would you like to Create an Autopilot Viral Fan page?

The Strategy given here will make your Facebook pages promoted automatically by itself.

Number of fans will be increased and people will start sharing the facebook page with thousands of like-minded people.

Your opt-in subscription list will go through the roof and exposure to your business will go up at an exponential rate.

The concept of Viral Fanpage

Basically, the Viral Fanpage I introduce here is an Interactive Facebook page. Interactive means, the page will interact or respond to users actions and display the results.

When somebody visits your Facebook page, he can win a Gift by answering a simple question. The gift can be any downloadable file – an Ebook, Report, MP3 Audio, Video, Software app, Coupon Code etc. To view the question, he has to click the ‘Like’ Button and become a fan. Once he becomes a fan, the questionnaire will be displayed immediately.


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Facebook Viral Fanpage Builder

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Turn Your Facebook™ Page into a
Viral Marketing Machine

You can turn a basic Facebook page into a Fully Autopilot Viral Marketing Tool in 3 Easy Steps.


  • No Installation
  • No Script Uploading
  • No PHP Scripts Setup
  • No MySql Database


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WP Cash Cow

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WSO OF THE DAY 01/26/12! 

Sick of making peanuts from your content and products?

Want a secure monthly paycheck that comes on autopilot each month? 

Then listen up, because I’m about to show you how to…

Turn ANY Wordpress Blog Into a $3,226.17 Per Week Income Stream… Using Only FREE Plugins!

Fellow Warrior:

Are you tired of…

  • Making peanuts from Adsense clicks?
  • Scraping pathetic commissions from greedy affiliate networks like Amazon?
  • Trying to beat people over the head to buy your eBooks?

Screw that. 

Did you know that you can easily be making a fat monthly income doing less work than you’re already doing now?

How? By creating membership websites.


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GPlus Super Circles

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My name is Jeremy Kennedy coming to you from the beautiful city of Bend, Oregon. You may have seen my previous WSO for my ebook Google+ Marketing Strategies.

I’m pleased to announce our new automatic, automagic social media network building software, GPlus Super Circles. This hot new release features powerful tools for growing your target audience and and managing your marketing campaigns on the fastest growing social media network on the planet, Google Plus.

The current feature set includes:

  • Automatic people following – Add tons of users to your circles on autopilot.
  • Keyword relevant lists – Search and add users based on your niche keywords.
  • Super simple circle management – Organize added followers into your selected circles and build multiple lists within each account.
  • Support for unlimited Google+ accounts – Manage all of your accounts in one place.
  • Blazin’ fast – Add up to 500 people per day per account.
  • Follower quality control – Keep high quality updated lists with follower management. Select the follow back time tolerance to automatically remove users who haven’t circled you back within a specified time frame.

How will our software benefit your marketing efforts?


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5 Minute Of Work+This Copy-Paste CPA Method=$15,000-$30,000 Per Month In Autopilot Income

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ATTENTION: If You Have Never Made A Dime Online,Look No Further…This Underground,Copy-Paste CPA System Will Put $500-$1,000 Per Day In Your Pocket,For Less Than 5 Minutes Of Work…

If You Can Just CopyPaste,You Can Make $500-$1,000(AND MORE) With This System,Over and Over Again,With Less Than 5 Minutes Of Work(Copy-Pasting)…No Other Skill Required.

If You Own A Computer and An Internet Connection,Absolutely Nothing Can Stop You From Making Money Now…This Method Is So Simple That Even A 12 Year Old Can Implement It Laughingly Easy

Dear Warrior,
Have you made any real money online yet?

Have You Been Able To Kick Out Your Boring Day Job That You Abhor So Much?

Have You Been Able To Travel All Around The World and Live The Life On Your Own Terms?

If Your Answers To These Questions Are In Negative,You Need To Read Every Word On This Page Very Carefully.

The Main Reason Behind Your Failure Is…

The most prominent reason is that most of the online moneymaking systems are SO COMPLICATED and need so much effort that a newbie feels ABSOLUTELY OVERWHELMED and quits before making any money.

A vicious circle follows and there starts an endless saga of failures and financial losses. 

I have spent the last 3 years online,trying and testing dozens of moneymaking methods and have found that more than 90% of the methods are SO COMPLICATED and need so much investment of time and money that a starting marketer with limited resources have absolutely no chance to succeed with them.


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Affiliate Trend Cash

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“Learn How To Use Our Super Sneaky
System To Make Boat Loads Of Affiliate
Commissions On Autopilot With Hot Trends
And Have It Running In 48 Hours Or Less”!


Fellow Warriors,

If you’ve been looking to make profits using a reliable system that works every time, with minimal one-time work, you’ve come to the right place.

If you have been banging your head against the heavy concrete wall called “Internet Marketing” trying to make money online, feeling like you’re running on a hamster wheel and just not getting the results your want…then this is definitely for you.


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