PLR to Email Marketing Blueprint



After testing and tracking down the results of 9.2 million emails blasted out in the past 2 months… my research is yours to ‘steal’… (oh, and with Private Label Rights too!)

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From Edmund Loh
RE: PLR To Email Marketing Book ‘With A Twist

Thanks for taking the time to check out my latest Private Label Rights special deal. I understand that you’re probably a busy person so I’ll keep this short and straight to the point.

I had just written a book (not outsourced) that is the result from blasting out 9.2 million emails in the past 2 months! Coupled with other researches I’ve bought in and double tested alongside my own discoveries, I’ve learned:

* Email open rate boosters and killers

* Link Clickthrough Rate (CTR) boosters and killers

* And I’m also zealous about sequential autoresponders as part of generating passive income and leads, which is why I have products created 3-4 years ago still selling today!

That Said… This Is NOT A Generic Email Marketing Guide!

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